south of the nave two flying buttressses are finished, and the stone. work for a third has been prepared.

Important work has also been carried out on the great west window, which is 54 ft. 4 in. in height, 25 ft. 4 in, in breadth, and contains 958 superficial feet of glass. This grand specimen of Late Decorated work was glazed by Archbishop Melton in 1338; and though, owing to wanton damage and injudicious restoration, the glass is but a wreck of the original, the window is still one of the sights of England, and its effect will be greatly enhanced by the careful treat ment which it has just received. The mullions and tracery have been restored, and the outer glazing has been replaced by a complete skin of clear “crown glass,” which greatly increases the brilliancy and beauty of the mediævalwork.

SELBY ABBEY CHURCH. The sad disaster which has befallen this noble building will be deeply regretted by all archæologists. The great Benedictine Abbey of Selby was founded by William the Conqueror in A.D. 1069, the church being dedicated to St. Mary and St. Germanus ; and the house was raised to the dignity of a Mitred Abbey by Pope Alexander II. King Henry I is said to have been born at Selby.

The church is of exceptional length and contains some fine Norman work : the west front is mainly Early English, and the Choir is specially mentioned by Parker as one of the finest examples of Decorated work that the country possesses.

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ARCHÆOLOGICAL NOTES. - Excavations at Holm Cultram Abbey, Cumber-

land.— The Roman Military Station at Newstead, near Melrose. — The

Roman Antiquities Committee for Yorkshire.- Discovery of a Roman
Pavement at Colchester.--Explorations on Lansdown, near Bath.— The
Inspectorship of Ancient Monuments.—The Walls of Berwick



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Notes on Whitehall and the Strand :

Somerset blouse, 1777 (Plate)

Earthworks of the Moated Mound Type (Thirteen Plates)
The Roman Wall Pilgrimage of June, 1906 :

Aesica--West Gate (Plate)
Explorations of Lansdown, near Bath :

Bronze Mosaic Brooch and Cap of Pilaster (Plate)...


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