“ Ib. the whate in the barnes, & the barley, presed att xviijli.

“ Ib. the heye & the pease, ottes & the strawe, presed att iijli. vis. viijd.

" Ib. ix swyne presed att xxvis. viijd.
“ Ib. the bees & powltrye presed att vs.

“ Ib. carte & carte geres, & plogh & plogh geres with harrowes, presed att xli.

Ib. the wodd in the yarde, & the batten in the roffe, presed att, xxxs.

“ Ib. the wheate in the fylde, presed att vili. xiijs. iiijd. “ Sum totalis, lxxvijl. xjs. xd.

No. V.

« To all & singuler noble & gentilmen of what estate or degree bearing arms to whom these psents shall come Willm Dethick als Garter principal king of arms sendeth greetings. Know yee that whereas by the authoritie priyilege & custome pertaining to my said office of principal king of arms from the Quenes most exc. mate and her highnes most noble & verteous progenitors I am to take general notice and to make publique demonstracon & testimonie of all causes of arms & matters of gentrie through out all her mates kingdomes and dominions, principaletes, isles, & provinces To thend that As some by there auncyent names families kindreds & descents have & enjoy sunderie enseignes & [cotes] of arms, so other for there valiant feats magnanimitie vertue degnites & desserts maye have such marks & tokens of honor & worthinesse, whereby there name & good fame shal be [known] & divulged and there children & posteritie in all vertue & service of there prynce & contrie [encouraged] Being therfore solicited & by credible report informed that John Shakespeare of Stratford upon Avon in the countie of Warwick, whose antecessors were for there valeant & faithfull services advaunced & rewarded of the most prudent prince king Henry the Seventh of famous memorie, sithence whiche time they have continewed at those parts in good reputation & credit ; [and that the said John having maryed Mary, daughter and one of the heyres of Robert Arden of Wilmecote, in the same countie, gent.] In consideration whereof and for encouragement of his posteretie I have therefore assigned graunted and by these have confirmed this shield or cote of arms, viz Gould, on a bend sable & a Speare of the first, the point steeled, proper ; and his crest or cognizance, a faulcon, his wings displayd, argent standing on a wrethe of his coullors supporting a speare gould steele as aforesaid, sett uppon a helmet with mantells & tassells as hath been accustomed & more playnly appereth depicted in this margent &c &c 3

parent and late

At the office of Arms London the xxth daye of october in the xxxixth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth &c AR 1596."

“ The xxxixth year,” &c. is a mistake; it should be the xxxviiith year: for the 20th of October, 1596, was in the 38th of Elizabeth. And so it stands in the other draft.

In the copy numbered 24, in the passage with which we are principally concerned, an interlineation directs us instead of—" whose parents and late antecessors for their faithful and valiant services," &c. to read~" whose grandfather for his faithful and valiant services,” &c.

The following grant made in 1599, is found in a book marked R 21 (formerly G. 13) p. 347.

“ To all and singuler noble and gentlemen of all estats and degrees, bearing arms, to whom these presents shall come, William Dethick, Garter, Principall King of Arms of England, and William Camden, alias Clarencieuix, King of Arms for the south, east, and west parts of this realme, sendethe greeting. Know ye, that in all nations and kingdoms the record and remembraunce of the valeant facts and vertuous dispositions of worthie men have been made knowne and divulged by certeyne shields

3 No mention of impaling these arms with those of Arden.

of arms and tokens of chevalrie; the grant and testimonie whereof apperteyneth unto us, by vertue of our offices from the Quenes most Exc. Majestie, and her Highenes most noble and victorious progenitors: wherefore being solicited, and by credible report informed, that John Shakspeare, now of Stratford upon Avon, in the counte of Warwick, gent. whose parent and great grandfather, late antecessor, for his faithefull and approved service to the late most prudent prince, king Henry VII. of famous memorie, was advaunced and rewarded with lands and tenements, geven to him in those parts of Warwickshere, where they have continwed by some descents in good reputacion and credit; and for that the said John Shakspeare having maryed the daughter and one of the heyrs of Robert Arden of Wellingcote, in the said countie, and also produced this his auncient cote of arms, heretofore assigned to him whilest he was her Majesties officer and baylefe of that towne; In consideration of the premisses, and for the encouragement of his posteritte, unto whom suche blazon of arms and achevements of inheritance from theyre said mother, by the auncyent custome and lawes of arms, maye lawfully descend ; We the said Garter and Clarencieux have assigned, graunted, and by these presents exemplefied unto the said John Shakspeare, and to his posteritie, that shield and cote of arms, viz. In a field of gould upon a bend sables a speare of the first, the poynt upward, hedded argent; and for his crest or cognisance, A falcon with his wyngs displayed, standing on a wrethe of his coullers, supporting a speare armed hedded, or steeled sylver, fyxed uppon a helmet with mantell and tassells, as more playnely 'maye appeare depected on this margent; and we have likewise uppon on other escucheon impaled the same with the auncyent arms of the said Arden of Wellingcote ; signifieng therby, that it maye and shalbe lawfull for the said John Shakspeare, gent. to beare and use the same shield of arms, single or impaled, as aforsaid, dvring his naturall lyffe; and that it shalbe lawfull for his children, yssue, and posteryte, (lawfully begotten,) to beare, use, and quarter, and show forth the same, with theyre dewe differences, in all lawfull warlyke facts and civile use or exercises, according to the lawes of arms, and custome that to gentlemen belongethe, without let or interuption of any person or persons, for use or bearing the same. In wyttnesse and testemonye whereof we have subscrebed our names, and fastened the seals of our offices, geven at the Office of Arms, London, the day of in the xlii yere of the reigne of our most gratious Sovraigne lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, quene of Ingland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. 1599.”

In this grant it appears that the words which I have had occasion so particularly to consider, stood originally “ whose parent and antecessor,” for which were next substituted “whose parent and late antecessor;” and afterwards, “whose great grandfather” was adopted. Accordingly, Mr. Anstis, when he copied this instrument for Mr. Pope, in 1523, thus exhibited it. But the former draught (No. 24), we see, was right—"whose grandfather,” &c. The cause of this error has been pointed out already. See Section II, p. 28.

No. VI. SECUNDA PARS patentium de anno regni Regis Henrici

Septimi decimo septimo.

DE CONCESSIONE ARDERN, m. 30. R. omib; ad quos &c. satım Sciatis qd in considera@e boni & veri Švicij quod dilčus Sviens nř Roštus Ardern unus garcionū came ñre ante hec tempora noß impendit ac durante vita sua impendere intendit Dedimo & concessimo eidem Rodto officiū custodis parvi parci nfi de Aldercar Hệnd & gaudend dēm officiū dão Svienti nfo p se vel pejus deputatū sufficientē durante beneptito nro cum vadijs &

4 Between 17 Nov. 1599, and 25 March, 1599–1600,

feodis eidem officio debitis & consuetis Hēnd & annuatim pcipienđ in modo & forma ante hec tempora usitat ad Pminos ibidem usuales simul cum omimođ pficuis còmoditatib; & advantagijs eidem officio quovismodo ptineñ seu spectañ In cujus &c. T. R. apud West m xxij die Februarij.

P bře de privato sigillo & de dat &c.

De CONCESSIONE ARDERN, m. 35. R. omibz ad quos &c. satım Sciatis qd nos de gra nia spali ac in consideracoe boni & veri Svicij quod dilčus Sviens ni Roßtus Ardern unus garcionū came nie noň impendit ac durante vita sua impendere intendit Dedimo & concessim cidem Rošto officia ballivi đnij nội de Codnore & custodis parci nii ibidem Hēnđ & occupand eadem officia p se vel p sufficientem deputatum suū sive sufficientes deputatos suos durante beneptito nro cum vadijs feodis pficuis comoditatibu & advantagijs eisdem officijs debitis & consuetis Hēnd & annuatim pcipiend in modo & forma ante hec tempora usitat In cujus &c. T.R. apud Westm ix die Septembr.

P bře de privato sigillo & de dat &c. PRIMA PARS pateñ de anno regni Regis Henrici Septimi

vicesimo tertio, m. 12.

D'custod' comiss' ARDERN. R. omibz ad quos &c. salutem. Sciatis nos in consideracoe Vi & fidelis suicij qd dilčus & fidelis Šviens ni Robtus Ardern pantea impendit & durante vita sua impendere intendit concessisse tradidisse & ad firmam dimisisse eidem Roßto mahiū de Yoxsall in coñ Staff cum ptin' necnon cum omibz alijs pficuis & comoditatibz quibuscunq, eidem mahio ptiñ sive spectañ unacum pficuis viš franciples dõi mahij vidett finib3 pquis ptitis & amciamentis (eozdem wardis maritagijs relevijs boscis advoca@ib3 ecctiaz bonis & catallis feloñ aut fugitis & thesauf invent omino exceptis ac noð & heredibz nfis reservat) Hēnd tenend & occupand VOL. II.

2 N

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