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bre de privato sigillo & de dat &c.

No. VIII. The following list of the Bailiffs of Stratford from the time their first charter was granted to the year 1615, is formed from the various ancient documents in the chamber of Stratford : 1553. Thomas Gilbert, the first 1566. William Tyler. Bailif.

1567. Ralph Cawdrey. 1554. William Whatley, elect- 1568. John Shakspeare.

ed in Sep' for the en- 1569. Robert Salisbury.
suing year.

1570 John Sadler. 1555. John Burbadge.

1571. Adrian Quiney. 1556. Ralph Cawdrey, alias 1572. Roger Sadler. Coke.

1573. Lewis ap Williams. 1557. Francis Harbadge. 1574. Humphrey Plymley. 1558. Robert Perrot.

1575. Richard Hill. 1559. Adrian Quiney,

1576. John Wheler, 1560. Roger Sadler.

1577. William Tyler. 1561. Lewis ap Williams. 1578. Thomas Barber. 1562. Humphrey Plymley. 1579. Nicholas Barnehurst. 1563. George Whatley. 1580. Robert Salisbury. 1564. Richard Hill.

1581. Ralph Cawdrey. 1565. John Wheler.

1582. Adrian Quiney.

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1583. George Whateley. 1601. Richard Quiney died in 1584. Richard Hill.

office. John Gibbes, 1585. William Tyler.

suffectus. 1586. Thomas Barber.

1602. Daniel Baker. 1587. Robert Salisbury. 1603. Frances Smyth, senior. 1588. William Wilson. 1604. John Smyth. 1589. Thomas Rogers.

1605. William Wyett. 1590. William Parsons. 1606. John Gybbes. 1591. John Gibbes.

1607. Henry Walker. 1592. Richard Quiney.

1608. Francis Smyth, Jun". 1593. Henry Wilson.

1609. Henry Wilson. 1594. Thomas Barber.

1610. William Walford. 1595. Thomas Rogers.

1611. William Parsons. 1596. Abraham Sturley. 1612. John Sadler. 1597. John Gibbes.

1613. Daniel Baker. 1598. John Smythe.

1614. Francis Smyth, Sen'. 1599. John Sadler.

1615. Julius Shaw. 1600. Henry Wilson.

No. 1X. “ Ultimo die ffebruary Anno regni regis Edw.sexti septimo pro Bullivo et Burgensibus burgi de Stratford super Avon, in com. Warr.

“ The kinges Maiesties pleasure is that the Borough of Stratforde vpon Avon in the County of Warr. shalbe Incorporated by the name of the Baylif and Burgesses of the Borough of Stratford vpon Avon.

“ Also his highnes pleasure is that the Almes house in the said Borough shall Continue and be maynteyned for ever, and that there shalbe alwaye kepte there xxiij poore men and women, and that the saide Baylife and Burgesses shall distribute and paye wekely to every of the said poore folke, iijd.

“ Also that there shalbe one grammer Scole for ever to be kept in the said Borough for the good educacion and brynginge vp of the youth And that the Scolemaster of the said Scole shall haue for his Wages and Stipende xxl. by yeare, whiche Scolemaster shall from tyme to tyme be

Appointed and Assigned by the high Myghtie prynce, John Duke of Northumberland and his heyres and assignes, Lordes of the said Boroughe.

“ Also that there shalbe kept- wekelie in the said Borough one markett every Thursdaye through the yeare. And also two ffayres there yerelie, the one on the ffeast of the Exaltacion of the holy Crosse [Sep. 14] and the evyn and morrow of the same feast, And the other one [on] the ffeast of the Invention of the holy Crosse [May 3] and the morrowe of the same ffeaste, And that the said Bayliff and Burgesses shall have the profits and Revenues of the said markett and ffayres, Also that there shalbe kept every xv daies in the said Borough [before the Bailif for the time, being a court of record to hear and determine all personal actions of debt, accompt, trespass and defence, arising within the jurisdiction of the said borough] soe that the same excede not the some of one hundred shillings. And that the said Bayliffe and Burgesses shall take the profitts of the said Courtes. Also his highnes further pleasure is, that the said Baylif and Burgesses shall have a licence to purchase landes tenements and heredytaments to the Clere yerelie value of two hundred marks.

“ Also because the parishe of Stratford vpon Avon is a grate parishe havinge the number of fifteen hundred people to receyve the Communion, and is in Circuyte xiiij Myles at the leaste, there shall be A Vicare endowed in the said Borough, whiche shall serve the cure in the parishe Churche there, and hee to haue for his wages xxl. yerelie to be paid by the handes of the said Baylyf and Burgesses; and that the same Vicare shalbe presented and appointed by the said Duke of Northumberland his grace, and his heyres and Assignes Lordes of the said Borough; and that there shalbe one other preste or Chapplayne to be assistaunt to serve in the saide Churche who shall haue for his stipende yerelie xl.

“And in Consideracion of all whiche premisses the · Kinges Maiestie is pleased and Contented to giue and

graunte to the said Baylyf and Burgesses all the landes,

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