Exploring American History: From Colonial Times to 1877

Tom Lansford, Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Marshall Cavendish, 2007 - 1232 sider
Americans are fond of describing their country as a young nation. Though there is much in that description that is true, it should not obscure the richness and variety of the nations pasta past that provides the indispensable key to understanding the nations present. This completely new reference set examines in detail the formative stages of Americas essential past from European settlement of the Western Hemisphere and the displacement of indigenous peoples to the birth of the United States and its astonishing growth, in both population and territory, from a modest confederation of thirteen independent states.

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Triangle Trade
Tubman Harriet
Uncle Toms Cabin
Union Pacific Railroad
Van Buren Martin
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Washington George
Webster Daniel

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Thomas E. Woods Jr. was born on August 1, 1972. He holds a BA degree in history from Harvard and his masters and PhD from Columbia University. He served as a history department faculty member at Suffolk County Community College in N.Y. until 2006 then moved on to resident scholar and senior faculty member of Ludwig Von Misses Institute in Alabama. He is a N.Y. Times bestselling author of 10 books such as Meltdown: A Free Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, The Economy Tanked and Government Bailout Will Make Things Worse and Nullification: How to resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. He has also written for several scholarly periodicals such as Historical Review and Investors Daily. He won the $50, 000 first prize in the Templeton Enterprise Awards for 2006 for his book The Church and The Market. He has been the associate editor for the Latin Mass magazine for 11 years. He has also appeared on MSNBC's Scarborough County and Bloomberg Television.

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