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They who believe that they have Truth ask no favour, save that of being heard : they
dare the judgment of Mankind : refused Co-operation, they invoke Opposition, for
Opposition is their Opportunity.





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The next volume, new series, will be printed in new type which has been used but once, and that to print a special volume upon a subject which was a species of consecration of the letter,

The Reasoner will then somewhat resemble, typographically, the Cause of the People ; and, in other respects, approximate to what Mr. Linton and myself sought to realise in that journal.

Continuous efforts, like prolonged campaigns, have vicissitudes. When readers enough could not be found to sustain one journal in efficiency, the establishment of other papers somewhat kindred must embarrass, for a time, such as already existed. This injury, which we have sustained, might be repaired by extra individual exertion to cover temporary losses; but, having earnestly engaged in some desirable studies in which the progress is contingent opon uninterrupted application, it is necessary that the remainder of my time (now devoted to the Reasoner) be not merely contingently, but certainly remunerative. That typographical variation in the next series, which is consistent with opinions before avowed, will also conduce to this end.

With the improvement in type we have endeavoured to attain to a larger page, and to increase our sixteen to twenty-four, but found it impossible. We trust a future of efficiency, beyond anything that has yet been manifested in these pages, lies before us. We have laid a permanent foundation in principles. We have cast, or recast, our own rules of advocacy. This framework of bone and nerve we desire to see wear somewhat more the semblance of flesh and blood, and animated with life and motion. In these times, from being a paper of theory, the Reasoner should become a paper of action. In the dearth of popular purpose which reigns throughout the press, a band of writers who should concert together what part of the citadel of oppression they would attack, might organise assaults and make inroads on the enemy to which the present desultory skirmishing of our newspaper press would but seem diversions. In the next series we will make such approximations to this efficiency as are possible with

Some applications of our theories have, for some time, been naturally asked at our hands by the most practical of our friends. Hitherto we have worked among ourselves : we work next more in the world.

G. J. H.

our means.

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