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A Tale of a Tref

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The Schoolmistress of Cerdyn

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An Expensive Misconception.

Should Wales have a Capital..

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In Llywelyn's Country

Ystrad - wy and Ewyas

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Along the Welsh Coast

Among the Mountains (Supplement)
Welsh Holiday Resorts,
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HE Intermediate Education Act be hoped that, before long, the system of (Wales) was passed in 1889. Then education contemplated by the Act will be came the attempt of each county in full working order in each Welsh county.

at framing its scheme, and getting I am arranging to get an account of the it recognized by the Education Department struggle in each county from those who and by the House of Lords. Unfortunately seem to me to be best able to give reliable educationalists in Wales were not quite of information. Each article will be suppleone mind about the Act or about the best mented, if necessary, in succeeding numbers method of utilizing it. In dealing with the untiļ the second volume of WALES will be

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YSTRAD MEURIG SCHOOL. old schools, much religious animosity was of standard authority on the rise of our aroused, and it is greatly to be regretted intermediate schools. that we have not yet seen the end of it. In Cardiganshire, so far, no intermediate The House of Lords exercised its power in school has been established ; while in the excluding some of the older endowed adjacent county of Merioneth there are schools from the new intermediate system, five well equipped schools doing vigorous and I know of one place where an attempt work. But Cardiganshire has so honoured is made at setting up a denominational a name in the history of Welsh education school as a rival to the established inter- that I felt the history of its intermediate mediate one. It is, however, devoutly to scheme ought to come first. Its schools

have been numerous and famous,*

ELECTED BY THE LORD PRESIDENT OF Ystrad Meurig, Llanfihangel, Aberystwyth,


The Ven. Archdeacon Edmondes, Principal of St. Lampeter, Llangeitho, Neuadd Lwyd,

David's College, Lampeter. Castell Hywel, and others, had a reputation Col. H. D. Evans, Lord Lieutenant of Cardiganfar beyond the limits of their county.

shire. Cardiganshire had, in St. David's College, On the resignation of Principal Edmondes, a miniature Oxford and the first degree the Principal of the University College of conferring body in Wales. It had also the

Wales was appointed to take his place. University College of Wales, the representative and the expression of popular desire When the history of each county for education in Wales. So let us begin scheme has been written, the characteristic with the county of Edward Richard and differences will be pointed out. One Davies Castell Hywel, of John Evans and characteristic of the intermediate education' Dr. Phillips.

system of Ceredigion is the great power I have been fortunate enough to get the given to local managers. They, not the chairman of the Cardiganshire Joint Edu- head master or head mistress, appoint all cation Committee to write the history of the assistant masters and mistresses. the committee in that county.

They, not the county managers, decide The Joint Education Committee for upon the question of religious teaching. Cardiganshire was constituted as follows, Ceredigion is characterised by a strong

feeling of local and individual independELECTED BY THE COUNTY COUNCIL.

ence, as well as by its keen interest in

education. We shall see, as each county Rev. Llywelyn Edwards, M.A., Ardwyn, Chair

historian tells his tale, what the characterMorgan Evans, J.P., Oakford, Llanarth.

istics of other counties are in forming a Alderman Peter Jones, Aberystwyth.

system of education.




AT the start it pretty clearly special visit to the place. The net result understood by the Joint Education of these visits and of various consultations Committee that they should follow the was that the Joint Committee decided that principle of havingas few schools as possible, five schools should be established,-one at and those, or one of them at least, large Aberystwyth, one at Aberaeron, one at and strong. But it will be seen how Cardigan,-a joint school for Cardiganshire circumstances made it unavoidable to get in and Pembrokeshire, -and one at Llandysul the county four or five schools under the for parts of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenscheme, besides two, if not three, belonging shire, and one at Tregaron. This latter has to the Church of England and under the not as yet been sanctioned by the Comcontrol of churchmen. It may yet be found missioners. that another set of circumstances will An attempt was made by the Joint actually diminish the number of schools, Committee to come to terms with the and that not more than two or three will authorities of St. David's College, Lampeter, survive.

with regard to the College School. The With the view of arriving at a knowledge dealings connected with this attempt led to of the needs of the county, the committee difficulties between the Joint Committee visited Aberystwyth, Aberaeron, New and the Commissioners; and ultimately to Quay, Lampeter, Cardigan, and Tregaron. the mutilation of the scheme by the House A deputation from Llandysul met the of Lords. In a committee meeting held at committee at Aberystwyth, and made such Lampeter, September 12th, 1890, proa good case and evinced such zeal that a

posals were submitted by the authorities school was granted that district without a of St. David's College concerning the

College School ; and Archdeacon Edmondes They have an excellent historian in D. Samuel, M.A., who is writing exhaustive articles on them for Cymru.

stated that some of the conditions laid

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