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cap 9 O let the wicked's malice end;

but stablish stedfastly The righteous : for the righteous God

the hearts and reins doth try. f 10 In God, who saves th' upright in heart,

is my defence and stay. m 11 God just men judgeth, God is wroth

with ill men ev'ry day. 12 If he do not return again,

then he his sword will whet;
His bow he hath already bent,

and hath it ready set:
13 He also hath for him prepar'd

the instruments of death;
Against the persecutors he

his shafts ordained hath. mp 14 Behold, he with iniquity

doth travail, as in birth;
A mischief he conceived hath,

and falsehood shall bring forth.
15 He made a pit, and digg'd it deep,

another there to take;
But he is fall'n into the ditch

which he himself did make.
16 Upon his own head his mischief

shall be returned home;
His vi'lent dealing also down
on his own pate shall come.

17 According to his righteousness

the Lord I'll magnify;
And will sing praise unto the name

of God that is most high.
8 Westminster; Sawley.
f 1 How excellent in all the earth,

Lord, our Lord, is thy name!
Who hast thy glory far advanc'd

above the starry frame.
2 From infants and from sucklings'

mouth thou didest strength ordain, For thyfoes' cause, that so thou


th' avenging foe restrain. m 3 When I look up unto the heav'ns,

which thine own fingers fram'd, Unto the moon, and to the stars,

which were by thee ordain'd:
4 Then say I, mp What is man, that he

remember'd is by thee?
Or what the son of man, that thou

so kind to him should'st be? m 5 For thou a little lower hast

him than the angels made; With glory and with dignity

thou crowned hast his head.



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13-20, Rest; Acortinim. Chant 265.

6 Of thy hands' works thou mad'st him m 7 God shall endure for aye; he doth all under's feet didst lay; [lord,

for judgment set his throne; 7 All sheep and oxen, yea, and beasts 8 In righteousness to judge the world, that in the field do stray ;

justice to give each one. 8 Fowls of the air, fish of the sea,

9 God also will a refuge be

for those that are oppress'd; all that pass through the same. 1 9 How excellent in all the earth,

f A refuge will he be in times Lord, our Lord, is thy name!

of trouble to distress'd.

m 10 And they that know thy name, in the 9 Ver. 1-12, Stroudwater.

their confidence will place:

For thou hast not forsaken them 1 1 LORD, thee I'll praise with all my

that truly seek thy face. thy wonders all proclaim. [heart, $110 sing ye praises to the Lord 2 In thee, Most High, I'll greatly joy,

that dwells in Sion hill; and sing unto thy name.

And all the nations among 3 When back my foes were turn'd, they

his deeds record ye still. and perish'd at thy sight: [fell, m 12 When he enquireth after blood, 4 For thou maintain'dst my right and

he then rememb'reth them: cause;

The humble folk he not forgets
on throne sat'st judging right.

that call upon his name.
5 The heathen thou rebuked hast, mp 13 Lord, pity me; behold the grief
the wicked overthrown;

which I from foes sustain;
Thou hast put out their names,


Ev’n thou, who from the gates of death may never more be known. [they

dost raise me up again; * 6 0 en'my! now destructions have mf 14 That I, in Sion's daughters' gates, an end perpetual:

may all thy praise advance; Thou cities raz'd, perish'd with them And that I may rejoice always is their memorial.

in thy deliverance.

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m 15 The heathen are sunk in the pit

which they themselves prepar'd; And in the net which they have hid

their own feet fast are snar'd. 16 The Lord is by the judgment known

which he himself hath wrought: The sinners' hands do make the snares

wherewith themselves are caught. p 17 They who are wicked into hell

each one shall turned be; And all the nations that forget

to seek the Lord most high.
m 18 For they that needy are shall not

forgotten be alway;
The expectation of the poor

shall not be lost for aye.
mf 19 Arise, Lord, let not man prevail;

judge heathen in thy sight: 20 That they may know themselves but

the nations, Lord, affright. [men,

2 The wicked in his loftiness

doth persecute the poor:
In these devices they have fram'd

let them be taken sure.
3 The wicked of his heart's desire

doth talk with boasting great;
He blesseth him that's covetous,

whom yet the Lord doth hate.
4 The wicked, through his pride of face,

on God he doth not call;
And in the counsels of his heart

the Lord is not at all.
5 His ways they always grievous are;

thy judgments from his sight
Removed are: at all his foes

he puffeth with despite,
6 Within his heart he thus hath said,

I shall not moved be;
And no adversity at all

shall ever coine to me. m 7 His mouth with cursing, fraud, deceit,

is fill'd abundantly;
And underneath his tongue there is

mischief and vanity.
8 He closely sits in villages;

he slays the innocent:
Against the poor that pass him by

his cruel eyes are bent.

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9 He, lion-like, lurks in his den;

he waits the poor to take;
And when he draws him in his net,

his prey he doth him make.
10 Himself he humbleth very low,

he croucheth down withal,
That so a multitude of poor

inay by his strong ones fall.
11 He thus hath said within his heart,

The Lord hath quite forgot;
He hides his countenance, and he

for ever sees it not.
nj 12 O Lord, do thou arise; O God,

lift up thine hand on high: Put not the meek afflicted ones

out of thy memory. mp 13 Why is it that the wicked man

thus doth the Lord despise ? Because that God will it require

he in his heart denies. p 14 Thou hast it seen; c for their mischief

and spite thou wilt repay :
The poor commits himself to thee;

thou art the orphan's stay.
15 The arm break of the wicked man,

and of the evil one;
Do thou seek out his wickedness,

until thou findest none.

f 16 The Lord is king through ages all,

ev'n to eternity;
The heathen people from his land

are perish'd utterly.
m 17 O Lord, of those that humble are

thou the desire didst hear; Thou wilt prepare their heart, and thou

to hear wilt bend thine ear; mf 18 To judge the fatherless, and those

that are oppressed sore; That man, that is but



earth, may them oppress no more. 11 St. Nicholas, Chant 237. mf 1 I in the Lord do put my trust;

how is it then that ye

Say to my soul, mp Flee, as a bird, mp unto your mountain high? 2 For, lo, the wicked bend their bow,

their shafts on string they fit, That those who upright are in heart

they privily may hit. m 3 If the foundations be destroy'd,

what hath the righteous done? mf 4 God in his holy temple is,

in heaven is his throne:
His eyes do see,

his eyelids try
5 men's sons. The just he proves:

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10 (Ps. cxlv. 17-21, sec. ver.) EVENING HYMN.—L.M. THOMAS TALLIS. 1585.

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тр But his soul hates the wicked man, m 6 The words of God are words most pure; and him that vi'lence loves.

they be like silver try'd 6 Snares, fire and brimstone, furious

In earthen furnace, seven times on sinners he shall rain: [storms,

that hath been purify'd. This, as the portion of their cup,

7 Lord, thou shalt them preserve and doth unto them pertain.

for ever from this race. [keep § 7 Because the Lord most righteous doth mp 8 On each side walk the wicked, when in righteousness delight;

vile men are high in place.
And with a pleasant countenance
beholdeth the upright.


Martyrs; St. Kilda. Chant 260.

p 1 How long wilt thou forget me, Lord ? 12 Dundee ; Coleshill. Chant 260.

shall it for ever be ? mp 1 HELP, Lord, because the godly man

O how long shall it be that thou doth daily fade away;

wilt hide thy face from me? And from among the sons of men

2 How long take counsel in my soul, the faithful do decay.

still sad in heart, shall I? 2 Unto his neighbour ev'ry one

How long exalted over me
doth utter vanity:

shall be mine enemy?
They with a double heart do speak, mp 3 O Lord my God, consider well,
and lips of flattery.

and answer to me make: mf 3 God shall cut off all flatt'ring lips,

Mine eyes enlighten, lest the sleep tongues that speak proudly thus,

of death me overtake: m 4 We'll with our tongue prevail, our lips mp 4 Lest that mine enemy should say, are ours: who's lord o'er us?

P Against him I prevailid; mf 5 For poor oppress'd, and for the sighs

And those that trouble me rejoice, of needy, rise will I,

when I am mov'd and fail'd. Saith God, and him in safety set m 5 But I have all my confidence from such as him defy.

thy mercy set upon;



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