Loca Patriciana:: An Identification of Localities, Chiefly in Leinster, Visited by Saint Patrick and His Assistant Missionaries; and of Some Contemporary Kings and Chieftans. : With an Essay on the Three Patricks, Palladius, Sen Patrick, and Patrick Mac Calphurn, Apostles of Ireland in the Fifth Century

M.H. Gill & Son, 50, Up. Sackville-street. E. Ponsonby, 116, Grafton-street., 1879 - 494 sider

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Side 428 - The whole island (says an ingenious traveller of those times) is filled, or rather defiled, by men who fly from the light. They call themselves Monks, or solitaries, because they choose to live alone, without any witnesses of their actions. They fear the gifts of fortune, from the apprehension of losing them ; and, lest they should be miserable, they embrace a life of voluntary wretchedness. How absurd is their choice ! how perverse their understanding ! to dread the evils, without being able to...
Side 108 - Deprecamur te, domine, in omni misericordia tua, ut auferatur furor tuus et ira tua a ciuitate ista et de domo sancta tua, quoniam peccauimus. Alleluia.
Side 240 - Chuailgne in full ; and they said that they knew of it but fragments only. Senchan then spoke to his pupils to know which of them would go into the countries of Leilia to learn the Tain, which the Sai had taken 'eastwards
Side 296 - Bruinseach Gael, virgin, daughter of Crimthann of Magh Trca;" Jind in the "Table of the Martyrology," p. 369, occursthe gloss, " S. Burienna, a virgin of Ireland, is venerated in a town bearing her name in England, on the 29th of May. Is she this Bruinseach?
Side 34 - Trias Thaumaturg.," p. 13, cap. xxiv.) records that Palladius " left in that church his books, which he had got from Pope Celestine, and the box containing the relics of the Blessed Peter and Paul and other Saints, and the tablets on which he used to write, which, in the Scottish tongue, are called from his name PALL-ERE,' that is, the burden of Palladius, and are held in veneration.
Side 321 - Coisfinn,2 of Disert Garadh, in the north of Osraighe, ie, of Magh-Garadh in Ui-Fairchellaigh, and of CillGabhra, in Sliabh Mairge. It is said that the book-satchels of Erinn, and the gospels, and the lesson-books of the students, fell from their racks on the night of Lon-garadh's death, so that no person should ever understand them as Lon-garadh used to understand them.
Side 409 - ... Barbier, Dictionnaire des Anonymes, &c. vol. ii. 133, vol. iii. 125, 126; Biographie Lyonnaise, 16.) GB AUDRADUS, who always assumed the appellation of Modicus, was chorepiscopus or rural bishop of Sens, under the Archbishop of Sens, Wenilon, and not a bishop, as stated erroneously by Oudin. He was born at the close of the eighth or beginning of the ninth century.
Side 437 - I, Patrick, a sinner, the rudest and the least of all the faithful, and most contemptible to very many...
Side 469 - ... ministers of the Word, have delivered unto them ; but by reason of the very great difficulty of the narrative and the diverse opinions and numerous doubts of very many persons, have never arrived at any one certain track of history ; therefore (if I be not mistaken, according to this proverb of our countrymen, Like boys...

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