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University of Kansas. 2 courses, 10 hours....... Nominal limit 10 hours; $15 per year for residents; No; except for Latin and Yes; out of school per- No limit.

no stated limit.

$20 for nonresidents; history; 1 part-time sons enrolled without
$4 per credit hour for history and for Eng credit.
less than 4 hours.

lish and education.
Kansas State Agri- Recommended not more 10 hours.....

. Vocational courses $3 Yes; in considerable part. Yes; but largely sepa No limit.
cultural College... than 2.

for residents. Credit

rated in vocational,
courses $10 per year

credit, and noncredit
for residents, $15 for


Kansas State Nór- | 2 courses...
8 hours; 12 by permis- $15 for 8 hours per year A few special readers.... Yes...

No limit.
mal School

sion special committee. or $4 per credit hour.

Nonresidents $20.
State Manual Train. 10 hours, but not more 10 hours.......... . $10 for 4 hours for resi-


No limit.
ing Normal School. than 2 courses.

dents. $15 for non-
residents, $2 for each

additional hour.
Fort Hays Normal Recommended not more "Not expected” to com- $10 for 4 hours' course, $2 No; except 1 or 2 special Yes..

Director states not to
than 2. Additional plete more than 10. for each additional readers for a number

exceed total.
courses by special per-

hour. Nonresidents of subjects. mission only.

$15 for 4 hours.


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University of Kansas........ 60 in liberal arts and

school of education.
4 of work for degree in 1
engineering. Credit
not allowed 1 year and
30 hours satisfied in

Kansas State Agricultural College. No limit, except that 1

year's residence is re-
quired before gradua- :

Kansas State Normal School...... 60 hours..

Only with approval of Accept students' word 8 assignments, 6 hours' Catalogue so states.

dean of liberal arts for subject to transcript study per assignment.
incompleted courses. when demanded for
Dean of engineering either high-school or
allows new enroll college correspondence
ments when impossi study.
ble to carry full course

in residence.
Yes; with consent of In general, to be satisfied. 8 assignments........... Special announcement

states that they must

be satisfied.
Yes; but only in lieu of Checked only for college 8 assignments.. Yes; with a few excep-
equal number of hours credit.

in residence work.
Yes; in the spring; but Not checked except on 15 to 20 meetings for
residence work re occasion,

double periods for &
duced correspond-

5-hour credit course.

Yes; if students desire 8 assignments..



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1 Correspondence and extension courses combined.

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University of Kansas.......

2 courses; 3 when student

has full time to devote.
Kansas State Agricultural College..... Recommended not to exceed

2 courses.
Kansas State Normal School... 2 courses...

60 in liberal arts and

school of education. No limit.

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No regulation......... $5 for 2-hour course.......... No......
No limit announced...... $2.50 per semester-hour credit No...
8 hours required; 12 by per- $5 to $6 for 2-hour course.... No......

mission of a special com !

2 hours, $6; 3 hours, $8; 4

hours, $10; 5 hours, $12. $10 for 4 hours' credit..



State Manual Training Normal School. 10 hours; 2 courses. Fort Hays Normal School ............ 4 semester hours............




Number of

toward life

Frequency of visits by


Entrance requirements.


class group.

Observance of prerequisites.

Length of time per credit.

University of Kansas....

Usually 1 per week.......... Same as for residence classes. 15.......

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Prerequisites may be waived 15 class meetings of 2 hours
by instructor if he con- each for 2-hour credit
siders applicant qualified courses.
to pursue course to advan-

Held rigidly for those who 1 credit for 6 meetings of 2

secure credit. Others ad hours each.
mitted to same class with-

out credit.
Catalogue specifies rigid

holdings. Careful inquiry
failed to reveal operation
of rule.

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15....... Yes........

9 faculty visits and 32 assignments for 4-hour course.

1 Classes which contain students who have not met entrance requirements as well as those who have.

. Correspondence and extension courses combined.


Accounting at institutional business offices, 125-126.
Accredited high schools. See High schools,

Agricultural college and university, functions, 36-58.
Agricultural education, 87-90, 106-111.
Agricultural extension work, 102.
American Council on Education, standard regarding

admission to college, 33.
Appropriations to educational institutions, 153.
Architecture, instruction, University of Kansas, 42-

Association of Land-Grant Colleges, report on

experiment station organization and policy, 108–

Buildings and equipment, 117–118.
Business manager, functions and duties, 122–132.
Business offices at educational institutions, 123-124,
Classes, size, 148.
Colleges and universities, privately controlled,

enrollment and graduates, 152.
Correspondence and extension work, 96-102.
Correspondence study, 155-156.
Courses of instructions, 147.
Credit hours, 147.
Degrees, number granted, 148.
Education, instruction, University of Kansas, 50-


Elementary and secondary education, 2-3.
Elementary schools, enrollment, 3.
Engineering, University of Kansas, 40-42.
Enrollment, elementary schools, 3; high schools, 3,

142–143; normal schools, 145-146.
Expenditures, 154.
Experiment station, Kansas State Agricultural

College, 9-10.
Experiment station organization, 108-109.
Extension and correspondence work, 96-102.
Extension classes, 157.
Faculties, number of members, 151.
Financial organization, 122-132; recommendations,

Financial reports, 126, 128-129.
Financial support, 114.
Florida, central board of control, 12-13.
Fort Hays Normal School, 73–74, 147; correspond-

ence study, 155-156; extension classes, 157; number

of members of faculty, 151; size of classes, 148.
General background, 1-10.
Georgia, University of, board of trustees and public

funds, 17.
Graduate study and research, University of Kansas,

Graduates, enrolled in privately controlled colleges

and universities, 152; vocations, University of

Kansas, 149.
Hays Normal School, 87; students from unaccredited

high schools, 34.

High schools, attendance, 142; enrollment, 3; gradu-

ates, 143; per cent of population 14 to 18 years of
age enrolled, 142; per cent of total school enroll-

ment, 142.
High schools (accredited), entrance deficiencies of

graduates, 31-34.
High schools (unaccredited), students at Hays Nor-
mal School, 34; graduates at Pittsburg Normal
School, 34; students at Kansas State Normal

School, 34-35.
History of the establishment of higher institutions,

Home economics, extension work, 102; University

of Kansas, 52-55.
Hospital, university, policy as to support, 137.
Idaho, State board of education, 18.
Illiteracy, 2-3.
Income, 154.
Industries of Kansas, 1-2.
Investment, higher education, 119-121.
Iowa, State board of education, 15-16, 30.
Journalism, instruction at University of Kansas,

48–49; instruction at various universities and
land-grant colleges in the United States, 49–50.
Kansas board of education, analysis of law estab-

lishing, 23-29.
Kansas State Agricultural College, correspondence

study, 155-156; establishment, 6-9; expenditures
for agricultural and home economics extension,
154; extension classes, 157; number of courses,
147; number of degrees granted, 148; number of
members of faculty, 151; number of students, 144;

size of classes, 148; vocations of graduates, 150.
Kansas State Normal School, 66, 87-88; correspond-

ence study, 155-156; extension classes, 157; num-
ber of courses offered, 147; number of members of
faculty, 151; size of classes, 148; students from un-

accredited high schools, 34-35.
Kansas University Medical School, 103–140.
Klein, A.J., on class extension work, 98.
Liberal arts and sciences, instruction, University of

Kansas, 55-58.
Lyon, E. P., report on medical school of the Uni.

versity of Kansas, 133-140.
Manhattan, school of agriculture, 109-111.
Manual and industrial training, 74-85.
Medical schools, 103-104, 133–140.
Mill tax urged, support of higher institutions, 118-

Minnesota, State board of control, 12.
Montana, State board of education, 17-18.
Music, instruction, University of Kansas, 45-48.
National University Extension Association, resolu-

tions on extension credit courses, 98.
Normal school (State), establishment, 9-10.
Normal schools, 72-95; curricula, 67-70; dissipation

of teacher-training functions, 70-72; enrollment,
145-146; establishment of additional, 66.

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