Oklahoma, State board of education, 13.

Teacher-training institutions, 91-95.
Oregon, board of higher curricula, 15.

Teachers, preparation, 62-66. See also Normal
Population of Kansas, 1-2.

schools; vocational training in normal schools,
Regulatory and police work, 106-109.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps, establishment and Teachers' certificates, 59-62.
activities, 111-112.

Texas, university board, 14.
St. Margaret's Hospital, good clinical material, Tigert, J. J., letter of transmittal, v; letter to the

State board of administration, vi.
Salaries of professors, 111-117.

Trust funds, 129–131.
School population, 2–3.

Unaccredited high schools. See High schools (un-
Secondary education, 2-3. See also High schools. accredited).
Smith-Hughes Act. See Vocational teachers. University and agricultural college, functions, 36-
South Dakota, State board of education, 16–17.

Standards for governing boards, 22-23.

University of Kansas, architectural instruction,
State board of administration, establishment, 11-29. 42-45; correspondence study, 155-156; engineering
State board of education, certificates issued, 62. 40-42; extension classes, 157; graduate study and
State boards of education. See under names of research, 101–106; home economics, 52-55; journal-

ism, 48–49; liberal arts and sciences, 55-58; music
State Manual Training Normal School, 74-85; cor- instruction, 45-48; number of courses, 147; number

respondence study, 155–156; extension classes, 157; of degrees granted, 148; number of members of
number of courses, 147; number of members of faculty, 151; number of students, 144; science of
faculty, 151; size of classes, 148,

education, 50-52; size of classes, 148; vocations of
state universities and colleges, comparison of aver- graduates, 149.
age salaries, 115.

Vocational teachers, training in normal schools,
State university, establishment, 4-6.

Students, admission, 30-35; grades of, 113; Kansas Washington, joint board of higher curricula, 14–16.

State Agricultural College, 144; residence, 3-4; West Virginia, State board of control, 12.
total number in colleges and universities, 4;
l'niversity of Kansas, 111


walt c. 2 1923:no.40*
379.73 Ueb
United States. Office of Education.

3 1951 000 864 538 S

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