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the Queen a list of witnesses, 177.
Speech on the Queen's petition for a

specification of the criminal acts


I mia
ged against her, 181. 1 Urges the
priety of permitting the Queen's coun- Galway, perpetration of a most malig-
sel to proceed with her defence in the nant outrage at Clonfert, in the county
manner they desire, 203. Expresses of, on an officer's party of the 49th
his delight at the issue of the proceed-regiment, by a body of armed pes-
ings against her Majesty, 236

santry, II. 348
Exchequer, the Chancellor of the, oppo- Gas lights, prices of shares in, II. 438.

the civil expenditure, I. 43. Reply to of, 1. 3. General view of his age, ib.
Mr Hume on the revenues of Gibral- Its changes unequalled in greatness,
tar, 44. Moves the question of the ci- I. 4. Famous for giving a represen-
vil list, 152... Opens the Budget, 65. tative legislature to Britain, constitu-
Plans for the year's expenditure, ib. ting the admiration and wonder of the
Mode of providing the charges of the world, ib.-For the decline of aristo-
loan, 69.7 Reply to Lord Milton, 96. cratic influence, ib.-For the promi-

nence of virtue and crime in Europe,

I. 5—For important changes in the
to allotg" P.11: il 41

new world, ib.-For the subjectiun of

the most splendid empires of Asia to a
Finances, I. 192 Navy estimates, 'ib." company of merchants, 6-For the

Army i estimates. 62. Ordnance esti- internal enjoyment of tranquillity in
mates, 64. Budget, 65. Sinking fund, Britain, ib.For improvement in
67. Consolidated fund, 70. Scots Ba- science, and the production of manu-
ron of Exchequer, 'ib.

factures,' 17-For extent of foreign
Finlay, Mr Kirkman, presents a petition trade, ib.-For the advancement of

from Glasgow to the House of Com- agriculture, 8–For literary and intel-
mons on the subject of commerce, 1.95 ·lectual exertions, ib.-For the general
Fires, a dreadful one at Oxford, II. 289. diffusion of knowledge, ib.-For Bri-

Strand, London, 292. Chatham, 318. tish elevation in the system of Europe,
Hereford College, 396. Drury-Lane, 9. Public character of, 10. Private
360. Assembly rooms, Bath, 379 ditto, 12. Description of his person
Fletcher or Franklin, particulars respect- and manners, 15. Notice of his state,
ing, II. 367 and 364;

II. 288. Particulars of his death, 295.
France, meeting of the Legislative Cham- Previous notices of the state of his

bers, I. 238. State of affairs and par- health, 302.' Funeral, 305
ties, ib. Debates respecting the elec- George IV. the accession of, 1. 16. In-
tion of Gregoire, 239. Motion of the in timates the dissolution of Parliament,
minister of finance, 241. Petitions 23. Speech at the dissolution of, 36.
against altering the law of elections. Opens the new Parliament by a spech
242. Report of the committee, ib. Tu- from the throne, 38. Message to
mult in the Chamber of Deputies, ib. the legislature, respecting the Queen,
Debates in the Chamber of Peers, 243. 119. Further particulars respecting
Assassination of the Duke of Berri, ib. his accession to the throue, II. 297.
Law for restraining individual liberty, to Subscribes the oath relating to the se-
246. Law on the press, 249. Debates security of the church of Scotland, 999.
on the law of elections, 254. Violent Proclaimed in London, 300. Procla-
disturbances, 259. Modification of the mation by, touching his coronation,
law of elections passed, 262. More 337. Proclamation adjourning the so-
disturbances, ib. Finances, 263. Ri. lemnity of, 348
sing of the Chambers, 264. Military Germany, organization of the Diet, Y.
conspiracy, ib. Birth of a son to the * 309. Its powers, ib. Commercial
Duchess of Berri, 265.'.

congress, 309. Act of Union, 310.
Gillespie, the Rev. William, placed under

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arrest for praying for the Queen, II. Hardie and Baird found guilty of high

* votreason, IL. 2239 Condemned, 224.
Glasgow, rebellion stalks with


front Execution of, 354 10 froits!!
at, 1. 20. Destined theatre on which Harrowby, Earl of, speech in favour of
hostilities were to commence, 21. Ar- the report of the secret committee re-
ies in, II

. 288. Apprehension of a proves of the divoree clause in the Bill
"large party of radicals, 316. Distur- of Pains and Penalties, 232

bances, ib. Proclamation by the ma- Heckmondwike, barbarous joutrage at,
gistrates, 324, Reward offered for II. 315. ubissl 514 , 1.41

discovering the authors or printers of Hereford College, fire at, II. 336
to the revolutionary address placarded on Hesse Darmstadt, state of affairs in, I.

all the public places of, ib. 60,000 J. 311. t., Grand Duke's scheme of the
persons struck work, ib. Appearances new constitution, ibo Resistance by
of quiet returning to, 333. Alarming, the people, ib. Grand Duke yields to
affray between the 13th regiment of all the points in question,1312 Har-
foot and the police and inhabitants, monious proceedings of the Chambers,

ibe Session closes under the most fa-
Gooch, Mr, seconds Mr H. Sumner's vourable auspices, 313. Finances, ib.

motion on agricultural distress, I.,80 Hobhouse's, Mr, speech, eagerly decla-
Gravgemoor, the insurgents at, throw ring his support of reform as reform,
down their arms and fly, I. 20.

I. 101.
Granville, Lord, seconds the address to Holland's, Lord, speech on the opening
the King on the opening of the new of Parliament, I. On the motion
Parliament, I. 39.

for the secret committee relating to the
Greenock, disturbances at, II. 327 Queen, 122. Strongly censures the
Grey's, Earl, motion for open investiga- conduct of ministers, 168. Speech
1. tion in the matter of the Queen, I. shewing precedents for granting a full

158. Speech on the report of the se- statement of the charges and list of
cret committee, 167, Reply to Lord witnesses to the accused party and also
Harrowby, 168. Speech on the Queen's to the house, 176, Supports the mo-
second petition, 169, Puts some ques- tion for granting a list of witnesses to
tions to Lord Liverpool, 171. Propo- the Queen, 180 Speech on the mo-
sal for giving the Queen a copy of the tion for granting a specification of the
charges, and a list of the witnesses criminal acts charged against, and the
against her, 176. Speech on the Bill places where committed, by the Queen,
of Pains and Penalties, 190. On the 182
course to be pursued in defence of the Hume, Mr, introduces the subject of the
Queen, 208. In defence of the Queen, Queen into the House of Commons, I.
223. Repels, with indignation, an 28. Motion for a return of the ex-
imputation of the Earl of Lauderdale, penditure, 43. Motion respecting the
233. Vehement invective against the revenues of Gibraltar, 44.1 Speech on
conduct of ministers towards her Ma- the army estimates, 621,
jesty, 236

Hunt and nine others, trial of, for their
Grosvenor, Earl, Speech on the opening concern in the proceedings at Man-'
of Parliament, 1. 40

chester, II. 131. Guilty, 150. Moves
Guards, the third, temporary feeling of for a new trial, 151. Is denied, 153.

insubordination in the first battalion Imprisoned, 154. Um
of, II. 342

Huskisson, Mr, speech on the civil list,

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Hamilton, Lord A., his motion relative to

the Scots Court of Exchequer, I. 70. Iuminations for the Queen at London,
Speech relative to Mr Wilberforce's mo- II. 361. Partial one at Edinburgh,
tion, 150


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Improvements and establishments, II.

462. Regent's canal opened for busi-
ness, ib. Deseription of, ib. New Jeffrey, Mr, installed Rector of the Uni
improvements east of Carlton-House, versity of Glasgow, II. 365. His speech
463. Foundation-stone of a literary on the occasion, ib.
institution laid at Bristol, ib. Com-
munication connecting the Gloucester
and Berkley canal with the Thames,

and Severn and Stroudwater canals
opened, ib. Fitzwilliam Museum at Kent, death of the Duke of, I. 16. Par.
Cambridge, ib. New, observatory at ticulars respecting, II. 296. Funeral,
Cambridge proposed, ib. First stone
of a free national school laid at Pan- Kenyon's, Lord, motion for delaying the
cras, ib. Iron bridge opened over the nomination of the secret committee, I.
river Chalmer, ib. Isle of Wight in-
stitution completed, 463. Proposed King's, Lord, amusing speech on the Bill
institution at Lancaster for the reform of Pains and Penalties, I. 233
of discharged criminals, ib. New Kinloch, George, Esq. outlawed, and his
market to be, erected at Liverpool, goods and gear escheated for his Ma-
464. Cumberland and Westmoreland jesty's use, II, 293. Amount of bis
joined by a new cast-iron bridge, ib. annual income, 294. Gone to the con-
Two new churches about to be erected

tinent, ib.
at Wakefield, ib. Foundation-stone Knatchbull, Sir E. seconds the address to
of the jail of Jedburgh, and bridewell the King, in the House of Commons,
for the county of Roxburgh laid, ib. on the opening of Parliament, I. 89
Increasing splendour of the Edinburgh

College Museum, ib.
Ings, James, Brunt, Thomas, Tidd, Ro-

bert, and Davidson, William, trial of,
for high treason. Sentenced to die, Lambton, Mr, his explanatory speech, I.
.131. Sentence executed, ib.
Ireland, two curious anecdotes concern- Lausdowne's, the Marquis of, épeech on

ing the distressed state of, II. 341 the proposed dissolution of Parliament,
Italy. State of Naples, I, 293, Discon- 1. 25. On the opening of the new Par-

tent organized among the secret socie- liament, 40. On the existing committ-
ties, 294., Account of the Carbonari, cial restrictions, 41. Motion relative
ib. Insurrection at Naples, 296. Ra- to commerce, 86. Opposes the motion
pidly spreads, ib. King forced to ac- for a secret committee on the papers Te-
cept the Spanish Constitution, 297. lative to the Queen, 121. Speech in
Troubles in Sicily, 298. General Pepe's favour of granting the Queen a list of
expedition, ib. Convention at Palermo, witnesses, 179
ib. Neapolitans tyrannize over the Si- Lauderdale, Earl of, speech condemning
cilians, 299. Meeting of Parliament, the House of Commons in their mode
300. King's speech, 301. Finances, of passing the votes of money, on the
ib. Measures with regard to Sicily, ib. accession of George IV. for transacting
Views and measures of Austria, 302. public business, I. 31. Motion on pre-
Of Russia, ib. Congress at Troppau, cedents, 177. Propositions respecting
304. Invitation of the Holy Alliance the Queen's defence, 202. Objerts to
to the King of Naples, 305. Prepara. the clause for divorcing the Queen, 231.
tions for war, ib. King sets out for Imputation on Earl Grey, 233
Laybach, 307

beverentes it Leopold, Prince, visits the Queen, II.
۱۲ ! PS . , , , , , 91,

herry}in. to 10,1 Lewis, Mr, his speech on the state of
di soliberalireg bus iut nagriculture, I. 83(2, Bang!"

di non

List of addresses to the Queen, IL-356,

and 360


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List of new publications, II. 465. Births, ply to Lord Lauderdale, 31. Opposes

499. Marriages, 504. Deaths, 510 the bill against the convicted boroughs,
Literary Fund, celebration of the anni- 35. Reply to the Marquis of Lans-
su versary of, II. 336

downe on the existing commercial re-
Institutions, prices of shares in, 'strictions, , 42. Speech on the subject
II. 438

of British commerce, 90. Speech sta-
Intelligence, II. 451. Plan of ting his reasons for recommending the
the Royal Society of Literature, ib. consideration of the papers in the

Institutions in Wales for the promo- Green Bag to a committee, 122. Mo-
»ition of ancient literature, poetry, and tion for the nomination of, 136. Re-
music, 452. Prose essays in English, ply to Earl Grey, 160. Defends the

453. Number of the members of the. conduct of ministers, 168.' Opposition
Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, to the Queen's petition, 161. Intro-
1 453. Number of Schools on the Sys- duces the Bill of Pains and Penalties,
tem of Bell and Lancaster, 453. A col- 169. Reply to Earl Grey, 172. Mo-
lection of single poems and ballads, pub- tion for fixing the time for the second
lished at about a half-penny or one reading of the bill against the Queen,
penny each, sold at the immense price * 176. Refuses to grant a list of witnesses,
of eight hundred and thirty-seven

Reply to Lord Holland, 177.
pounds sterling, 453. Plan for deter- Speech in opposition to the motion for
mining the weights and measure of all granting to the Queen a list of wit.

trading countries, 453. Schools in nesses, 180. Denies the propriety of
w: France, 454. Theatres in France, ib. grating the Queen's demand, 182.

Les Annules des Lagides, recommended Speech relative to the Queen's defence,
as one of the most important works that 204. Speech in favour of the Bill of
have appeared on ancient history, 455. Pains and Penalties, 227. On the sub-
Notice respecting the work entitled, ject of divorce, 232. Moves the throw-
Jus Criminnle Hungaricum, ib. No- ing out the bill, 235
tices of the Universities of Leipsic and London, the Bishop of, defends the di-
1 Jena, ib. Publication at Vienna of a vorce clause in the Bill of Pains and

work entitled Calliope, ib. Geographic Penalties, I. 231
!cal Society at Vienna, ib. Manuscript London, outrages in, respecting not illu-

of Homer's Iliad, ib. Discovery of the minating for the Queen's arrival, II.
lost books, De Republica of Cicero, 456. 341. Address from the city of, to the
Publication of the Chronicle of Euse- Queeni, 313. Livery of ditto, 344. Il-
bius, ib. Discoveries of manuscripts or

lumination in celebration of the aban-
.. fragments of Cicero's works, ib. School donment of the Bill of Pains and Pe-

on the plan of mutual instruction at nalties against the Queen, 361
Palermo, 457. Formidable number of Lushington, Dr, specch on libel against
journals published in Spain since the the Queen, I. 185. Speech in closing
revolution, ib. Flourishing state of the case for the defence of the Queen,
the universities in Sweden, 458. Num-
ber of works in the Royal Library of
Copenhagen, ib. Literature of Greece,
ib. Dictionary of the Greek language

publishing at Constantinople, 460. Li-
terature in Russia, ib. Improvements Macdonald's, Mr, speech on the proposed
in letters and arts in Egypt, 461.' In- dissolution of Parliament, I. 27
scription on Pompey's Pillar complete- Mackintosh, Sir James, his speech on the
ly deciphered, ib. Mr Morrison's suc- 1 Admiralty droits, I. 19
cess in the printing of his Chinese Dic- Mackcoul, James, against the Paisley
tionary, ib. Literary and thriving state Union Company, II. 279. Verdict in
of New South Wales, ib.

favour of the Bank, 287. Guilt of, ib.
Liverpool, Lord, speech respecting the Trial and condemnation, ib. Dies in
dissolution of Parliament, 1. 24. Remo

prison, ib.

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try, ib. d. di

Marriages, list of, II. 604

Parker, Mr, and Brown, Sarah, the hora
Milton, Lord, on inquiry into the agri- rible murder of, II. 319
cultural distress, 1. 83. Approves of Parliament, meeting of, at the death of
the petition from the merchants of Lon Geo. IV., I. 23. King's message, ib.
don on the subject of Commerce, 'I. Votes of money proposed in the House
95. Motion for repeal of the tax on fo- of Commons, 27. Debates on, ito
reign wool, T. 96 111!


Passed, 30. Serious diseussion in the
Miscellaneous concerns, the prices of House of Lords on, ib. Lord Laudera
shares in, I. 438 inity

dale's motion, 31, Motion against
Montrose, the Duke of, declares his con- Grampound, &c. 32 Debates, on, ib.

viction of the Queen's guilt, I. 236 Passed, 34. Bill 2gainst Grampound,
Morley's gambling-house, circumstances &c., opposed in the House of Lords, ib.
concerning, II. 340'

Disposed of by adjournment, 35. Dis

solution of Parliament by commission,
IV? N.*') ????
in Y!!!!!

ib. Meeting of the new. Re-election
) of

of a Speaker in the House of Commors,
Navy estimates, 1. 59 limitesDJI

37. Formal opening, 38. King's
Netherlands, state of the finances, I. 313. Speech, ib. Address voted in the House

Budget, ib. Close of the Session, ib. of Lords, 40. In the House of Com.
Reassemble at Brussels, ib. Discus- mons, 41. Civil list, 13. Mr Hume's
sions on the Budget, ib. Stagnation of motion, ib. Negatived, 44. Motion rem
Flemish manufactures, 314. Exhibi- specting the revenues of Gibraltar, ib.
tion of the products of national indus- Voted, ib. Motion on the Admiraity

droits, 45. Discussion ou, ib. ega.
Nesbett, trial of, for the murder of Nr tived, 52." Question of the civil list

Parker and his housekeeper, 'II. 254. brought fully under the consideration
Guilty, 259. Sentenced to death, ib. of the House, 52, Debate on, ib.
Execution of, 349. Declaration premi Agreed to, 57. Nayy estimates, 59.
vious to his trial, 351

Motion for inquiry into the military
New publications, list of, II. 4654 expenditure, ib. Committee of supply,
Nottingham election, contest at, II: '322 62. Army estimates, ib. Ordnance

estimates, 64. Budget, with ways and

means, 65. Debates on, 69. Jotion

respecting the Court of Excheguer,

Scotland, '70. Debates on, 73. Vegale
October the 39th, the Queen declines re- tived by only a majority of 12, 77, IO-
ceiving any more' addresses after, II. tion relative to agricultural distress, 19.

Debates on, ib. Carried, 85. Alotion
Opening of the new Parliament, I. 37 for limitation on, ib. Carric), 86. Jo-
Ordnance estimates, I. 64

tion in the House of Lords for

a com-
mittee of inquiry into the commerce of
Great Britain, 86. Agreed to, 93. Dise,

cussion on, in the Ilouse of Commons,
Paisley, threatened insurrection at, J. 20. ib. Motion for repealing the tax on fo-

Continued agitation at, II. 288. Ra- reign wool, 96. Negatived, ib. Jo-
dical address circulated at, 326. Radi- tion for the disfranchisement of Grams,
cal meetings and disturbances, ib. Mi-" pound, ib. Debates, ib. Delayed, 102.
litary practising, ib. Tranquillity ap- Alien Bill, "ib. Debates on, 103. Car-
parently restored, 333

ried, 105. Leave given to bring in a
Palmer, Lord, opposes Lord Castlereagh's bill respecting the national education

motion for adjournment of the House of of the poor, ib. Motion relative to the
Commons, I. 164

Welsh judicature, 110. Lord Castle-
Palmerston's, Lord, reply to Colonel Da- reagh's amendment, 112. Amendment

vies, on the military expenditure, 1. 61. carried, ib. King's message respecting
Moves the army estimates, 62

the Queen, 119. Green Bag laid on the

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