ORDER: There having been an Associate Justice of this court appointed since the adjournment of the last term,

It is ordered, That the following allotment be made of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of this court among the circuits agreeably to the act of Congress in such case made and provided, and that such allotment be entered of record, viz:

For the First Circuit, OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES,

Associate Justice. For the Second Circuit, Louis D. BRANDEIS, Associate

Justice. For the Third Circuit, MAHLON PITNEY, Associate

Justice. For the Fourth Circuit, EDWARD D. WHITE, Chief

Justice. For the Fifth Circuit, J. C. McREYNOLDS, Associate

Justice. For the Sixth Circuit, WILLIAM R. Day, Associate

Justice. For the Seventh Circuit, JOHN H. CLARKE, Associate

Justice. For the Eighth Circuit, WILLIS VAN DEVANTER, Asso

ciate Justice. For the Ninth Circuit, JOSEPH MCKENNA, Associate

Justice. October 30, 1916.

1 For next previous allotment see 241 U. S., p. iv.



Co. v.

Aaron, Mongrain v.

614 Adams, Revenue Agent, First National Bank of Gulfport v.

625 Adams State Bank v. State of Illinois

658 Adler, Seaman v.

621, 655 Admiralty Rules

671 Alaska Packers Assn., Hedenskoy v.

652 Allen v. Philadelphia Co.

633 American Engineering Co., New York Sanitary Utilization Co. v.

640 American Express Co., Singer v.

632 American Liquid Fireproofing Co., Midland Linseed

610 American Socialist Society v. United States

637 American Tel. & Tel. Co. v. State Roads Comm. of Maryland

662 Ammerman v. United States

650 Ana Maria Sugar Co. v. Quinones

245 Anaconda Copper Mining Co., Geddes v.

590 Apple, Smith v.

636 Arbib v. United States

643 Arizona, State of, ex rel. Burgoon, Treasurer, Watts v. 648 Arkansas, State of, Hicks v.

630 Arkansas, State of, Moore v.

630 Arndstein v. McCarthy, U. S. Marshal .


71, 379 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry., Fitch, Cornell &

618 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry., McDougall

, Admx., v.

629 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry., Waymire, Admx.,

651 Atlantic Coast Elec. Ry. v. Board of Public Utility Commrs.


Co. v.





394 666

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653 653 612 634



Board of Public Utility Commrs., Western Union

Tel. Co. v.
Board of Review, Cook County, Wabash R. R. v. .
Board of Trustees, Regina Public School Dist. No. 4,

Saskatchewan, Spitzer v.
Boehner v. United States
Bond v. Walters
Borst, Putnam, Widow, v.
Boston, Cape Cod & New York Canal Co. v. Chad-

wick & Co..
Boston, Cape Cod & New York Canal Co., Northern

Coal Co. v. .
Boston, Cape Cod & New York Canal Co., White

Oak Transp. Co. v.
Bothwell v. United States
Boyle, U. S. Marshal, Rowe v.
Bracht v. San Antonio & Aransas Pass Ry.
Breakey, Dimmitt v.
Brewer v. Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.
Briggs v. United Shoe Machinery Corp.
Britt, United Zinc & Chemical Co. v.
Bruckman, Roberts Cone Mfg. Co. v.
Brunswig, Bush, Receiver, v.
Bryne v. Martell, Admx.
Bullock, Judge, v. State of Florida ex rel. Railroad

Comm. of Florida
Burgoon, Treasurer, State of Arizona ex rel., Watts v.

., .
Bush, Receiver, v. Brunswig
Butt, alias Wong Sing, United States v.

623 231 656 489 641 647 653 627 649 660 665

513 648 660 38

California Industrial Accident Comm., Payne, as
Agent, v.

655 Cardiff, Lewiston Milling Co. v.

646 Cargill, Assessor, v. United States ex rel. Pierce 663 Carlisle Packing Co. v. Sandanger

628 Casey v. Eikland

652 Castle et al., Trustees, v. Castle

628, 667



625 644


654 32

113 633 664 648 639 665

662 642

C. C. Whitnack Produce Co., Chicago & North West

ern Ry. v.
Central R. R. Co. of New Jersey v. Knorr
Central Union Trust Co., Trustee, v. Garvan, Alien

Property Custodian
Chadwick & Co., Boston, Cape Cod & New York

Canal Co. v.
Chain Belt Co., New York Scaffolding Co. v.
Chamberlain, Treasurer, Underwood Typewriter Co.

Chan, Lim, v. White, Commr. of Immigration
Chanslor-Canfield Midway Oil Co. v. United States
Chapin-Sacks Mfg. Co. v. Hendler Creamery Co..
Charley Toy v. United States
Chelsea Lighterage Co., Clmt., McCole v.
Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. v. State Roads

Comm. of Maryland
Chicago, City of, Empire Voting Mach. Co. v.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. v. Des Moines

Union Ry.
Chicago & North Western Ry. v. Whitnack Produce

Chichagoff Mining Co. v. Tuppela
Ching, Henry, v. United States
Christensen, National Brake & Elec. Co. v.
Ciafirdini v. United States
Clark County National Bank v. Commonwealth of

Clinton Mining & Mineral Co. v. Beacom
C. L. Merrick Co., Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste.

Marie Ry. v.
Coca-Cola Co. v. Koke Co. of America
Cochran et al., Exrs., v. United States
Colby, Secy. of State, Mecartney v.
Commissioners, Road Improvement Dist. No. 2,

Lafayette County v. St. Louis Southwestern


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625 648 630 425 634

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376 143 387 647



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