Aye! now we see it, And there's the coaches following, we shall meet About the bridge. Would that this day were over ! I wonder whose turn's next !


God above knows ! When youth is summond what must age expect ! God make us ready Gregory! when it comes.



The sober eve with purple bright
Sheds o'er the hills her tranquil light

In many a lingering ray ;
The radiance trembles on the deep,
Where rises rough thy rugged steep,

Old Michael, from the sea.

Around thy base in azure pride,
Flows the silver-crested tide,

In gently winding waves ;
The zephyr creeps thy cliffs around,
Thy cliffs, with whispering ivy crown'd,

And murmurs in thy caves.

Majestic steep! Ah yet I love
With many a lingering step to rove

Thy ivied rocks among :
Thy ivied, wave-beat rocks recall
The former pleasures of my soul,
When life was gay



Enthusiasm, Nature's child,
Here sung to me her wood-songs wild,

All warm with native fire;
I felt her soul-awakening flame,
It bade my bosom burn for fame,

It bade me strike the lyre.

Soft as the morning sheds her light
Thro' the dark azure of the night

Along the tranquil sea,
So soft the bright-eyed Fancy shed
Her rapturing dreams around my head,

And drove my cares away.

When the white moon with glory crown'd The azure of the sky around,

Her silver radiance shed; When shone the waves with trembling light, And slept the lustre palely-bright,

Upon thy tower-clad head.

Then BEAUTY bade my pleasures flow,
Then Beauty bade my bosom glow

With mild and gentle fire !
Then mirth, and cheerfulness, and love,


soul were wont to move, And thrill'd upon my lyre.

But when the Dæmon of the deep
Howl'd around thy rocky steep,

And bade the tempests rise,
Bade the white foaming billows roar,
And murmuring dash the rocky shore,

And mingle with the skies ;

Ah, then my soul was rais'd on high, And felt the glow of ecstacy,

With great emotions fillid; Thus joy and terror reign'd by turns, And now with Love the bosom burns,

And now by FBAR is chilled.

Thus to the sweetest dreams resign'd, The fairy FANCY ruled my mind,

And shone upon my youth; But now to awful reason given, I leave her dear ideal heaven,

To hear the voice of TRUTH.

She claims

best, my


song, She leads a brighter maid along

Who bids the mounting soul assume
Immortal Wisdom's eagle plume,

And penetrating eye.

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