Recommended to the Advocates for the SLAVE-TRADE.

Rare music! I would rather hear cat-courtship
Under my bed-room window in the night,
Than this scraped cat-gut's screak. Rare dancing too !
Alas poor Bruin ! How he foots the pole
And waddles round it with unwieldy steps
Swaying from side to side !—The dancing master
Hath had as profitless a pupil in thee
As when he would have tortured my poor toes
To minuet grace, and made them move like clock-work
In musical obedience. Bruin! Bruin !
Thou art but a clumsy biped !--and the mob
With noisy merriment mock his heavy pace,
And laugh to see him led by the nose,--themselves.
Led by the nose, embruted, and in the eye
Of Reason from their Natures purposes
As miserably perverted.


Now could I sonnetize thy piteous plight,
And prove how much my sympathetic heart
Even for the miseries of a beast can feel,
In fourteen lines of sensibility.
But we are told all things were made for man,
And I'll be sworn there's not a fellow here
Who would not swear 'twere hanging blasphemy
To doubt that truth. Therefore as thou wert born
Bruin ! for man, and man makes nothing of thee
In any other way, most logically
It follows, that thou must be born to dance,
That that great snout of thine was form’d on purpose
To hold a ring, and that thy fat was given thee
Only to make pomatum !

To demur
Were heresy. And politicians say,
(Wise men who in the scale of reason give
No foolish feelings weight,) that thou art here
Far happier than thy brother bears who roam
O'er trackless snows for food ; that being born
Inferiour to thy leader, unto him
Rightly belongs dominion; that the compact
Was made between ye, when thy clumsy feet
First fell into the snare, and he gave up

His right to kill, conditioning thy life Should thenceforth be his property :-besides, 'Tis wholesome for thy morals to be brought From savage

climes into a civilized state, Into the decencies of Christendom. Bear! Bear! it passes in the Parliament For excellent logic this ! what if we say How barbarously man abuses power, Talk of thy baiting, it will be replied, Thy welfare is thy owner's interest, But wert thou baited it would injure thee, Therefore thou art not baited. For seven years Hear it o Heaven, and give ear o Earth! For seven long years this precious syllogism Has baffled justice and humanity!


I stood beneath the castle wall

And mark'd the ivy bower, That fragrant in its autumn bloom

Wreathed round the mouldering tower.

The plant insinuates its roots

To rend the ruined wall,
And yet with close and treacherous arms

Suspends awhile its fall.

I mus'd upon its antient strength

Its hastening dissolution,
And thought upon the Ivy friends

Who prop our Constitution.



Fergusius 3. perüt veneno ab uxore dato. Alii seribunt cum uxor sæpe exprobrasset ei matrimonii contemptum et pellicum greges, neque quicquam profecisset, tandem noctu dormientem ab eâ strangulatum. Quæstione de morte ejus habitâ, cum amicorum plurimi insimularentur, nec quis. quam ne in gravissimis quidem tormentis quicquam fateretur, mulier, alioqui ferox, tot innoxiorum capitum miserta, in medium processit, ac e superiore loco cædem a se factam confessa, ne ad ludibrium superesset, pectus cultro transfodit: quod ejus factum varie pro cujusque ingenio est acceptum, ac perinde sermonibus celebratum.


SCENE the Palace Court. The Queen speaking from the


Cease-cease your torments ! spare

the sufferers ! Scotchmen, not theirs the deed ;-the crime was mine, Mine is the glory.

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