Extraft from an unfinished poem ont



Mild blows the Zephyr o'er the ocean dark
The Zephyr wafting the grey twilight clouds
Across the waves to drink the solar rays
And blush with purple.

By the orient gleam
Whitening the foam of the blue wave that breaks
Around his granite feet; but dimly seen
Majestic Michael rises. He whose brow
Is crown'd with castles, and whose rocky sides
Are clad with dusky ivy. He whose base
Beat by the storms of ages

stands unmoved
Amidst the wreck of things, the change of time.
That base encircled by the azure waves
Was once with verdure clad'; the tow'ring oaks
There waved their branches green, the sacred oaks
Whose awful shades among, the Druids stray'd
To cut the hallow'd miseltoe, and hold
High converse with their Gods.

On yon rough craig
Where the wild Tamarisk whistles to the sea blast
The Druid's harp was heard, swept by the breeze
To softest music, or to grander tones
Awakened by the awful master's hand.
Those tones shall sound no more! The rushing waves,
Raised from the vast Atlantic have o'erwhelm'd
The sacred groves. And deep the Druids lie
In the dark mist-clad sea of former time.
Ages had pass'd away, the stony altar
Was white with moss, when on its rugged base
Dire Superstition raised the gothic fane
And monks and priests existed.

On the sea
The sunbeams tremble : and the purple light
Illumes the dark Bolerium* seat of storms.
High are his granite rocks. His frowning brow
Hangs o'er the smiling ocean.

In his caves
The Atlantic breezes murmur. In his caves
Where sleep the haggard Spirits of the storm
Wild dreary are the shistinet rocks around

* The Land's End in Cornwall.

+ The granite in Cornwall, is generally found incumbent on primitive shistus. This is the case in many of the cliffs at

Encircled by the wave, where to the breeze
The haggard Cormorant shrieks. And far beyond
Where the great ocean mingles with the sky
Are seen the cloud-like Islands* grey in mists.

i Thy awful height Bolerium is not loved

By busy Man, and no one wanders there
Save He who follows Nature : He who seeks
Amidst thy craigs and storm-beat rocks to find
The marks of changes teaching the great laws
That raised the globe from Chaos. Or He whose soul
Is warm with fire poetic, He who feels
When Nature smiles in beauty, or sublime
Rises in majesty. He who can stand
Unaw'd upon thy summit clad in tempests
And view with raptured mind the roaring deep
Rise o'er thy foam-clad base, while the black cloud
Bursts with the fire of Heaven.

He whose heart
Is warm with love and mercy, He whose eye
Drops the bright tear when anxious Fancy paints

the Land's End. The upper stratum is composed of granite, the lower with the surrounding rocks of Shistus.

* The Islands of Scilly,

Upon his mind the image of the Maid,
The blue-eyed Maid who died beneath thy surge.


dark cliff* o'ershadows the blue main THEORA died amidst the stormy waves, And on its feet the sea-dews wash'd her corpse And the wild breath of storms shook her black locks. Young was Theora, bluer was her eye Than the bright azure of the moonlight night, Fair was her cheek as is the ocean cloud Red with the morning ray.

Anidst the groves And greens and nodding rocks that overhang The grey Killarney, passed her morning days Bright with the beams of joy.

To Solitude To Nature and to God she gave her youth. Hence were her passions tuned to harmony. Her azure eye oft glistened with the tear Of sensibility, and her soft cheek Glow'd with the blush of rapture. Hence she loved To wander midst the green wood silvered o'er By the bright moonbeam. Hence she loved the rocks

* A Rock near the Land's End, called the Irish Lady.

Crown'd with the nodding ivy: and the lake
Fair with the purple morning, and the sea
Expansive mingling with the arched sky.
Kindled by genius in her bosom glowed
The sacred fire of freedom. Hence she scorn'd
The narrow laws of custom that controul
Her feeble sex. Great in her energies
She roamed the fields of Nature, scann'd the laws
That move the ruling atoms, changing still,
Still rising into life. Her eagle eye
Piercing the blue immensity of space
Held converse with the lucid sons of Heaven
The day-stars of creation, or pursued
The dusky planets rolling round the sun
And drinking in his radiance, light and life.
Such was the Maiden ! such was she who fled
Her native shores.

Dark in the midnight cloud
When the wild blast upon its pinions bore
The dying shrieks of Erin's injured sons,*

* The Irish Lady was shipwrecked at the Land's End about the time of the massacre of the Irish Protestants by the Catholics, in the reign of Charles the First.

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