“ Stamped with wild foot, where Autumn waved his pride “Her powerless Gods and passive states defied “Passive too long till Insult's maddening sting “ Transpierced the bosom of the Spartan King. Then just Revenge and Honor breathing high, Lift every breast and flash from every eye: Then willing matrons give their youth to bleed, The plighted virgin prompts her lover's speed;

Through waste dispeopled realms till Silence reigns, "And slighted Ceres flies the sorrowing plains !

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“ Yet what avails that, armed in Virtue's cause,
“ Valour's strong arm the sword of Justice draws ;
“ That Grecia's galleys, o'er the darkened main,
“Her thronging nations waft, and hero-train ?
“That fiery youth combines with wily age,
" And Nestor's counsels guide Pelides' rage ?
“-Too long, thou darling of the Muse, in vain

Thy prowess thundered o'er Scamander's plain-
“ With Fate in vain maternal fondness strove,
“ In vain the Goddess seeks the throne of Jove ;
“ In suppliant woe outspreads her softened charms
~ And sheaths her boy in heavenly tempered arms.
“Lo ! coward Fraud conspires his early doom,


unshaken turrets mock his tomb,

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“ Each mightiest comrade lays his helmet low, “And falling Troy inflicts the deadlier blow.

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“ Twice with a whirlwind's rage, the Eastern world

Against the shores of shrinking Greece is hurled. “ -Swoln with the Despot's scorn of humankind,

By power obdurate and from flattery blind, " While boundless empires bend the adoring knee, Shall yon insulting corner dare be free? “ Darius cries, convokes his gorgeous bands,

Equips his navies, and exhausts his lands. “ His courtier-bards preluding praises breathe, " And for his brows entwine the victor's wreathe “ -Those reeking brows, thou baffled tyrant, hide!

Rise, silken satraps, soothe his wounded pride; “ Freedom's keen spear has gored his vaunting hosts, “ And Havoc scares them to his slave-trod coasts.

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“ With grim delight the Power of carnage mounts “His scythed car, his gaudy vi&tims counts, “O'er rugged steeps, smooth plains, and plashy meads, “ His spreading swarms as furious Xerxes leads; “ And bids his banners, to the skies displayed, “ O'er Earth and Ocean wave terrific shade,

“-Then shares the haughtier son the sire's disgrace, “ And crowns with greener palms the hated race. “ The rock unmoved of SPARTA'S SAVIOUR-BAND “ Checks the rude storm on Malea's narrow strand. “ Poised on broad pennon o'er Plataea's plain

Thy genius, Greece, surveys the countless slain ; “ Then lifts his wreathed front, and smites his shield, And calls his heroes to the foreign field. “ —No hero heard; no patriot-chieftain rose To roll swift vengeance o'er his country's foes : « Her torch aloft infuriate Discord shakes, “ Strains her red eye, and rouses all her snakes“ The hostile banner kindred nations rear : “ In vain joint honour binds; joint toils endear : “ Each in a sister's blood embrues her hands, “ Nor prudence checks; nor nature's cry withstands. “ Far round her venomed breath the Fury spreads, And rears a direr crest of hydra-heads.

" What bright effulgence from the unclosing sky
« With sudden radiance strikes the downcast eye?
“ And hark ! with mutter'd curses Discord flies,
• Scared Peace returns, and guilty Rancour dies.
“ He comes ! the youth deputed from above !
“Rejoins the severed bands of Grecian love.

“ With pious arms appeases yon sad ghosts " Whose pale troops linger on her mourning coasts. “ The new Pelides Persia's pride o'erwhelms, “ And Asia owns him thro' her thousand realms. “ Bards of my country! wake the slumbering lyre, “ And wing the song with his own Homer's fire ; “ Behold! his brighteyed dawn of martial days « Of old renown transcends the noontide blaze!".

Thus stream’d the strains, till high imperial towers
Spring from the bosom of enclasping bowers.
Then to the clamour of barbaric tongues
Yield the glad symphony and choral songs ;
With zeal impetuous as they hail from far
The trophied phalanx and the conqueror's car-
Still from its crowded gates the city-train
Pours struggling forth, and deluges the plain :
With wildly devious eye at first they gaze
Where streamers chequer o'er the martial blaze į
And joy and wonder mix their throbbing tides
At length the tumult of the soul subsides.
Then with collected thought and steadier glance
They mark the leaders of the war advance,
With reverent awe survey the sons of fame,
While busy murmurs buz each honour'd name.


But nearer now the car imperial draws Hushed expectation holds her stillest pause, And while the world's young


passes by
The pageant kindles hope's prophetic eye:
Fair mid the sunny plain of future years
The glittering fabric of his fame appears.
In bright gradation loftier splendours rise
Till the proud summit pierce his kindred skies.




Page 160 line 1, for The read Tho'

163 last line, for have read has.
186 line 7, for rovest read roved'st.
285 line 9, for move the ruling atoms,

read rule the moving atoms.
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