crutch in his hand; but I promise you, he footed it well: also the girl was to be commended, for shę answered the music handsomely.

As for Mr, DESPONDENCY the music was not much to him: he was for feeding rather than dancing ; for that he was almost starved. So CHRISTIANA gave him some of her bottle of spirits, for present relief, and then prepared him something to eat; and in a little time the old gentleman came to himself, and began to be finely revived,

Now I saw in my dream, when all these things were finished, Mr. GREAT-HEART took the head of giant Despair, and set it upon a pole by the highway-side, right over against the pillar that Christian erected for a caution to pilgrims that came after, to take heed of entering into his grounds.

Then he writ under it, upon a marble stone, these verses following:

• This is the head of him, whose name only,
In former time, did pilgrims terrify.
His castle's down, and DIFFIDENCE, his wife,
Brave master GREAT-HEART has bereft of life.
GREAT-HEART for them also the man has play'de
Who hereof doubts, if he'll but cast his eye
Up hither, may his scruples satisfy.
This head also, when doubting cripples dance,
Doth shew from fears they have deliverance,

When those men had thus bravely showed them, selves against DOUBTING-CASTLE, and had slain giant DESPAIR, they went forward, and went on till



they came to the DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS, where CHRISTIAN and HOPEFUL refreshed themselves with the varieties of the place. They also acquainted themselves with the shepherds there, who welcomed them, as they had done CHRISTIAN before, unto the DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS,

Now the shepherds seeing so great a train folloiv Mr. GREAT-HEART, (for with him they were well acquainted,) they said unto him, “Good Sir, you I have got a goodly company here; pray where did you

find all these?'

GR.-H. First, here is CHRISTIANA and her train,

Her sons, and her sons' wives, who, like the wain,
Keep by the pole, and do by compass steer
From sin to grace, else they had not been here.
Next, here's old Honest come on pilgrimage;
READY-TO-HALT too, who, I dare engage,
True-hearted is, and so is FEEBLE-MIND,
Who willing was not to be left behind.
Despondence, good man, is coming after,
And so also is MUCH-AFRAID his daughter.
May we have entertainment here, or must

We further go? Let's know whereon to trust. Then said the shepherds, This is a comfortable company; you are welcome to us, for we have for the feeble, as for the strong: our Prince has an eye to what is done to the least of these!: therefore infirmity must not be a block to our entertainment. So they had them to the palace-doors, and then said unto them, • Come in, Mr. FEEBLE-MIND; come in, Mr. ( READY-TO-HALT; come in, Mr. DESPONDENCY,

I Matt. XXV. 40


CHARITY, where they showed them a man that had a bundle of cloth lying before him, out of which he cut coats and garments for the poor that stood about him; yet his bundle or roll of cloth was never the less. Then said they, What should this be? This is, said the shepherds, to show you, that he that has a heart to give of his labour to the poor, shall never want where withal.“ He that watereth, shall be watered himself.” And the cake, that the widow gave to the prophet, did not cause that she had ever the less in her bàrrel.

They had them also to the place, where they saw one Fool, and one WANT-WIT, washing of an EthiOPIAN, with an intention to make him white; but the more they washed him, the blacker he was. Then they asked the shepherds, what that should mean? So they told them, saying, Thus shall it be with the vile person ; all means used to get such a one a good name, shall in conclusion tend but to make him more abominable. Thus it was with the Pharisees, and so it shall be with all hypocrites.

Then said MERCY, the wife of MATTHEW, to CHRISTIANA her mother, I would, if it might be, see the hole in the hill, or that commonly called the BY-Way to hell. So her mother brake her mind to the shepherds'. Then they went to the door; (it was on the side of an hill ;) and they opened it, and bid Mercy hearken awhile. So she hearkened, and heard one saying, ' Cursed be my father, for holding of my

feet back from the way of peace and life:' And another said, “O that I had been torn in pieces, before I had,

- P.i. p. 150.

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