Acts and Resolutions Passed at the ... Session of the General Assembly of the State of Iowa

A.H. Palmer, Printer, 1872

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Side 3 - ... notice of the application, by publication in some newspaper published in the county ; and if there are none such, then by advertisements posted up in three of the principal public places in the county.
Side 31 - All such railway property shall be taxable upon said assessment at the same rates, by the same officers and for the same purposes, as the property of individuals within such city, town, township, school, road and lesser taxation districts, respectively.
Side 110 - Upon filing the annual statement, twenty dollars; For each certificate of authority, and certified copy thereof, two dollars; For every copy of any paper filed in the department, the sum of twenty cents per folio, and for affixing the official seal to such copy, and certifying the same, one dollar; For valuing policies of life insurance companies...
Side 80 - ... shall extend over the territory occupied by such works, and all reservoirs, streams, trenches, pipes and drains, used in and necessary for the construction, maintenance and operation of the same, and over the stream or source from which the water is taken, for five miles above the point from which it is taken ; and to enact all ordinances and regulations necessary to carry the power herein conferred into effect
Side 69 - No sale, contract, or lease wherein the transfer of title or ownership of personal property is made to depend upon any condition, shall be valid against any creditor or purchaser of the vendee, or lessee in actual possession, obtained in pursuance thereof, without notice, unless the same be in writing, executed by the vendor or lessor, acknowledged and recorded the same as chattel mortgages.
Side 35 - ... be authorized and empowered to levy, assess and collect from its members such sums of money, by rates of stated dues, fines, interest on loans advanced, and premiums bid by members for the right of precedence in taking loans...
Side 88 - ... provided, also that in case the remains of any person so delivered or received shall be subsequently claimed by any surviving relative or friend they shall be given up to said relative or friend for interment.
Side 110 - State or country any taxes, fines, penalties, licenses, fees, deposits of money or of securities, or other obligations or prohibitions are imposed on insurance companies of this State doing business in such other State or country, or upon their agents therein, in excess of such taxes, fines, penalties, licenses, fees, deposits of money or of securities, or other obligations or prohibitions...
Side 87 - If a majority of the votes cast at such election shall be in favor of...
Side 122 - That either party may appeal from the decision of the district court to the supreme court of the state, and the money so deposited shall remain in the hands of the county judge...

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