ing universally pleased with this this much concerning the constitucare of their interefts, about which tion of Poland, and the views of these two great powers have con the several powers, who interest descended to be so anxious. Mary. themselves in the affairs of that amongst them love to encourage a country, as the object of the greatnumber of foreign candidates, that eit political importance, which is they may profit of the money they at present in agitation, and the fpend, and that the importance of most likely, if any thing can do it, their votes may be enhanced. Se to disturb the tranquility of the veral are also of opinion, that they north. are likely to be better governed by A calm and benign peace seems a foreign prince, than by one of now to brood over the rest of Eutheir own natives. They think rope ; and every nation is intent they have taken such precautions, on healing the wounds it has reas must prevent any foreign prince ceived in the late war. To the whom they may ele&t from in- north, Russia has amicably settled fringing on their liberty ; and in with the king of Denmark, whatother particulars his government ever was in dispute concerning the may be more just and equal, as be- duchy of Holstein. ing less engaged in the family To the south, the king of Sardiffenfions and civil factions with- dinia, who, by the quietest and most in the nation. Nay, they are not effectual methods, filently increafes certain, that a great Polish lord, his powerand consideration, has obwith a vaft dependency and a large tained a confirmation and territory in the midst of the coun- guarantee of that part of try, and able to raise and maintain the treaty of Aix la Cha

June. an army even from his own private pelle, which establishes his reverfunds, might not, on the throne, fionary title to Placentia, on failure prove more dangerous to their con- of the male line of the infant Don ftitution than any foreigner. Philip ; or in case that prince or

On the other hand, the pride of his issue Mould succeed to the the Polish nobility is more fatter crowns of his family. In the mean ed by being governed by one of time, the king of France has entheir own body. A prince who gaged to pay him an annuity equicommands despotically in an here- valent to the revenues of the terditary country, where he maintains ritory in question, and has stipua large standing army, or any lated ro remit immediately the caprince too closely conne&ted with pital sum of those revenues, on such a sovereign, may, they appre- condition of repayment, whenever hend, prove much a more danger- the king of Sardinia enters into ous enemy to the Polish liberty, poffeffion of them. In this manthan one of their own citizens ner a subject of dispute, which raised to be their supreme ma- might otherwise embroil Italy, is giftrate, who can never materially happily settled. hurt them, unless the body of the We cannot conclude our acnation should be inclined to co count of the events of this year operate with him.

without observing that the Corsi We thought it neceffary to say cans still continue that struggle for

Toth of

their liberties, which they have so tory over the Genoese.

18th of long and so resolutely maintained, General Matra attack against all the efforts of their an ed, them in their ina

July. cient masters, who have sometimes trenchments, at

a place called been supported by the most power- Furiani ; but was repulsed with ful allies. They have poffeffed the loss of almost his whole themselves of much the greatest army.

The bravery and persepart of the island, and begin, at verance of this small but gallant length, to assume the face of an nation, if not oppressed by the established and independent com- weight of some capital power, monwealth. They coin money; will, in all probability, foon ac they have settled 'councils and re- complish the compleat acquisition gular troops; and what, in an in- of its freedom, which every people fant state, may be called a navy. deserves to enjoy, who know its Under their patriot leader, Paoli, value fo well as to risque eytry they obtained a considerable vic- thing to obtain it.

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JANUARY. tion about eighteen millions, or better than fifty pounds a man.

But TIS: majeity, in the calling it no more than fifty, and sup

morning, made, at the posing only two hundred thousand chapel-royal, the usual cffering of othem discharged, the faving by the gold, myrrh, and fraskincenie. But peace must be ten millions a year, there was no ball, or hazard play- net to speak of the accession of ing at court, in the evening: wealth, from the great numbers of

By an abstract of his majesty's them now employed in agriculture, forces in one of the yearly lifts, manufactures, and commercial nathe number of men employed by vigation, and which may be realonland and sea in the year 1762, ably estimated at half that fum; fo being the last of the war, appears that the certain difference in our fato have been as follows:

vour, in point of wealth only, by 4 Troops of horse and

a peace, cannot be rated at less grenadier guards 715

than fifteen millions sterling per 5 Regiments of horse

1556 annum. 3 Ditto of dragoon guards 1540 As to the loss of men by the war, zi Ditro of dragoons

9764 that of the seamen and marines alone 3 Ditto of foot guards 6645 has been calculated, as follows. 126 Ditto foot

124021. The number of failors i Ditto artillery


and marines employ 184893 i Ditto of Irith ditto

ed this war were 33 Ditto of militia


Killed in

gagements and

1512 135 Companies of marines 18335 by accidents 33 Independent companies 3334 Dead of diseases 23 Companies of invalids 1219

and mifling


184893 7 Royal dock regiments 5000 Sailors now reSailors employed in the

maining, part


of whom are Hanoverians, Held

discharged fans, &c.


The widows left, fuppofing onProvincial militia, and ly a fourth part of the men independent compa married, must be about 33805; and nies in North Ame ; if each married man left only one rica

child, the number of orphans must

be 67610. 'Total 337196 Those countries, no doubt, if The service of whom coit the na- that were any comfort, which were






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the immediate theatre of the war, being in liquor, could not disenof lay in the way of the troops tangle himself. employed in it, suffered much more. Several human bones of a very

On the 17th of October last a gigantic fize, were lately dug up terrible fire happened at Archan- in the chancel of the church of gel, in Ruffia, which consumed Ewelm, near the duchess of Sufthe tar ware-houses, containing folk's tomb. 300,000 barrels, befides reducing Ended the sessions at the other building to alhes.

Old Bailey, at which, one A large quantity of silver mo for murder, two for a highway ney, of the coin of Edward I. robbery, one for sheep-ftealing, and II, has lately been discovered one for stealing a gelding, one for among the rocks in Ramshaw moor stealing a silver tankard, one for in Northumberland.

burglary, and one for house-breakOn the examination of a ser- ing, received sentence of death ; vant maid, lately committed for (of which number, the murderer robbing her mistress, it appearcd, and three others were soon after that the worked hard all day, and executed); one to be transported at night, when the family went to for fourteen, and fifteen for seven bed, walked the streets in her mis- years ; three to be whipped, and tress's belt cloaths as a common three branded. prostitute : and about four in the Among the lesser criminals was morning let herself in, went to John Cox for stealing 6 lb. of bed, and rose at the usual time to sugar off the keys; but it appearher work.

ing that at the time he committed About four in the morn the fact he was in great distress, 15th.

ing, a meteor was seen to the with a wife and five children all northward of Reading, of an uncom

down in the small

pox, mon length and quick ferpentine before of good character, the jury motion ; it seemed to descend to not only recommended him to merwards the earth, and before it dif- cy, but set on foot a liberal colappeared, it was so luminous, that lection for him and his family, the smallest object on the ground

Was celebrated at court,

18th. it sone on could be distinguished as her majesty's birth-day, as well as at noon-day.

in order to give people in trade A printfeller in the Strand was the better opportunity of benefittried on a bill of indictment, pre. ing by the great expence usual'on ferred against him by the Refor- these occasions. mation Society at Westminster, for Lord viscount Townshend has selling obscene prints, and was by opened a charity-school, at his the bench of justices fined 5 l, and own expence, at Raynham, in 10 give security for his good be- Norfolk, near Kaynan-caftle, his haviour for three years.

lord fhip's feat, for cloathing and A man was found in Fleet Ditch educating thirty boys and twenty standing upright and frozen to girls, the latter to be brought up death. He had, it feems, unfor- to spinning. tunately mifiaken his way in the Several


26th. night, and flipt into the mud; and were taken out of a neit in

[E] 2

a wood

and was



a woad near Newbiker in Çum, without oppressing the people, to berland ;, and in a garden of, a, 300,000 l. sterling. The election gentleman near Worcester, a ling is in the chapter, consisting of fixty net's nest was discovered, in which canons, the hen was found fitting on five They write from Pontypool in eggs ; circumstances very uncom- Yorkshire, that the live stock of mon during so rigorous a season. many farmers in that country has

A printed paper was dis- been preserved by grinding goss or

persed in the taverns, coffee. furz, which grows in plenty upon houses, &c. complaining of the ma- most heaths, and giving it to horses nagers of the theatres refusing ad- and horned cattle, for whom it mittance at the end of the third act is said to be excellent food. of a play for half price: and at The great frost, which Drury-lane theatre, in the evening, fet in the latter end of laft 29th. upon drawing up of the curtain, month, and of which we accordthe two actors, who began the ingly took proper notice in our play, were interrupted. Upon this last volume, began to break by ? Mr. Garrick came on the stage and gentle thaw, which, notwithstandattempted to speak; but an uproar ing, being accompanied by very immediately began; and the ladies heavy rains, did great damage in withdrawing, the benches were all the low grounds throughout torn up, the glass lustres were the greatest part of England. broke and thrown upon the stage, The workmen, employed in puland a total confusion ensued, which ling down $t. Nicholas church in prevented the play from going on; Bristol, have discovered feveral boand about nine the house was clear- dies buried in the walls; one seemed, the money being returned. ed a young person, wrapped in The damage was, however, re- muslin, part of which remained paired, by, next night, when the still fresh. managers thought proper to fub By a letter from Edinburgh of mit, and promise not to employ the 15th inftant, there is advice, one of the actors, who refused to that some days before the river, alk pardon on his knees for fome- commonly called the North-water, thing the audience alledged against near Brechin, all of a sudden dried him, while he lay under their dif- up, and continued fo, from fix in pleasure.

the morning till twelve at noon, Died at Liege, John when the water again returned, and ***- Theodore of Bavaria, bishop began to flow, as usual, of that see, and brother to the late The total returns of the effective emperor Charles VII and the late numbers of officers, men, servants, elector of Cologue. He was born women and horses, the Britih Sept. 3• 1703 ; elected bishop of troops confilt of, on their march Ratisbon in July 1719, of Frey- through Holland for England, are hingen in 1727, of Liege in Jan. 687 officers, 16,445 men, 506 fer1745, and created a cardinal, Jan. vants, 1,666 women, , and, 7,39 :17, 1746; so that by his death horses. three bishopricks are vacant. The The convention with the Statesrevenues of Liege may be raised, general, relating to their paffage



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