natural history of the animals, from Portsmouth, by the Rippon vegetables, and foffils of Great man of war from the Havanna. Britain, illuitrated with drawings Lord Warkworth, eldeft from nature, one volume of which fon to the earl of Nor

15th. has already appeared. - A most thumberland, was chosen mem. commendat de method of provid- ber for Wetminster, in the room ing for their poor, not only with- of lord viscount Pulteney, deout expence to themselves or the ceafed, without oppofitio... On public, but by a pursuit fo very this occafion, the guard placed pleafing in itself, and which, be over a large quantity of beer profides, cannot fail of proving cu vided for the entertainment of the rious, and may, in many respects, populace, getting drunk, stove the turn out extremely uleful.

caiks, and in the struggle to get at 8th.

The prince of Orange hav- them, a quarrel broke out between

ing entered into the 16th a party of failors, and another of year of his age, he next day took Irish chairmen ; when the former his feat in the affembly of the getting the better drove the others ftates general, and of the council out of the field, and destroyed all of state, after taking the usual the chairs they could meet with, oath of secrecv.

except one, having on it these The earl of Sutherland was elect- words “ This belongs to Englih ed one of the sixteen peers for chairmen.” The sailors assembled Scotland, in the room of the late again with equal success the 17th, marquis of Tweedale. At the elec- when a party of the guards was tion Henry, lord Borthwick, gave obliged to interfere, and put an in a proteft, fetting forth the judg- end to the dispute. ment of the house of peers, by The orders for performwhich the title and dignity was ing quarentine were in forcadjudged to his lordship, as line- ed by the king and council, on acally defcended of the first lord count of the appearance of the Borthwick; and defiring that the plague in Bosnia, Servia, &c. judgment might be recorded in the Search being made by

zoth. minutes of that day's election ; the peace' officers at the and that, as his ancestor, Wil. houses of ill fame about Tower-hill, liam lord Borthwick, 'was nobili- several women of the town, and tated in the year 1424., as ap

some failors, were taken, and next peared from ancient hiltory, and morning carried before the justices the public records both of Scot- for examination ; but intelligence land and England, he, as the oldest being given to their shipmates, a lord baron, might be first called in large body of them assemble:, and the roll, and have his precedence threatened the justices if they should accordingly.

proceed to commitment. The A hive of bees fwarmed at a juftices applied for a guard to the house in Kentish Town.

commanding officer at the Tower, Five waggon loads of money, and a few mufqueteers been sent

, escorted by a party of foldiers, they were found insufficient to inwere lately brought to the bank timidate the sailors, whose nam




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bers increasing, a second and third The high-bailiff.
reinforcement was demanded, and The grenadier guards.
an engagement would certainly Knights marshal men two and
have ensued, had it not been for two.
the address of a sea officer, who,

The king's trumpets.
by fair words, called off two The serjeant trumpeter, bearing
thirds of the failors, just as the his mace.
word was given to the soldiers to Pursuivants and heralds, two
fire upon them; and dexterously and two.
conducting them to Tower-hill, Norroy king at arms, having, on
there left them to disperse of them- each side, a serjeant at arms with
felves, which they accordingly did.
Upon this; the failors that remain Garter, principal king at armis.
ed, being thereby weakened, pre A troop of horse guards.
sently withdrew, and the justices

At Charing-cross peace was proproceeded to business, and made claimed a second time. out the mittimus of eight of the

From thence they proceeded to ftreet-walkers ; but in the after- Temple-bar, where the oficers of noon: of the same day,, as they were Westminster retired; and within the going to Bridewell under a guard gate, the lord mayor, aldermen, of a serjeant and twelve men, they and Theriffs performed the usual were rescued in Chiswell-street by ceremony at their entrance into the a fresh party of sailors, who carri- city, and joined the proceflion. ed them off in triumph, after one Then proclamation was made man had" been fot in the groin, a third time at the end of Chanceryand another wounded in the lane. Then at the end of Woodfoot.

ftreet in Cheapfide, where the 22d.

The peace was proclaim- cross formerly stood.

ed, purfuant to his majesty's And the fifth and last time at the warrant signed for that purpose. Royal-Exchange, during 'change The ceremony of which was as time. follows:

The collection for the

22d. At ten o'clock the officers of Magdalen charity, at the arms assembled at St. James's gate, church and feast, amounted to 565l. properly apparelled, on horseback; The princess dowager of Wales when proclamation of his majesty's has given 100l. for the colleges of declaration of peace was- made, Philadelphia and New-York. with the usual solemnity.

In the course of fome late des From thence they marched to bates at the India house, it apCharing-cross in the following peared that, with the acquifitions order, viz.

made by the company during the Guards to clear the way.

late war, their income now amounts . Constables and beadles, two and to between 6 and 700,000l. per two, bare headed with staves. The high constable.

The society for the encourage. The officers of the high bailif ment of arts,, &c. have given 100 of Westminster,

guineas to Mr. Stansfield of Bing



ley, for the model of a faw mill of of Mr. William Hazeland frorna his inventing, which will work his wife Mary Whalley, to enable either by wind or water.

him to marry again, and for other His majesty went to the purposes. And also to several bills 24th. house of peers, and gave the for inclofing lands, repairing roads , royal asent to the following bills;viz. and to several naturalization and

A bill to enable John earl of private bills. Sandwich, Robert Nugent, and A labouring man at Ollington Richard Rigby, Esqrs. to take the in Nottinghamshire, upwards of oaths in Great Britain, to qualify 80, was committed to goal for them for their offices in Ireland, &c. having a child by his own grand

The bill for the better regula- daughter of 17. tion of his majesty's marine forces, The vast increase of buildings while on fhore.

and inhabitants in this great metroThe bill to indemnify persons polis is evident by the importation who have omitted to qualify them- of coals into the port of London felves for offices and employments, in the year 1762, amounting to &c.

570,774 chaldrons and one vat; The bill to rectify mifakes in which is near double what it was naming commissioners for putting fifty years ago. in execution the land tax of last Every possible ftep is taken to session, &c.

put the civil power of the city and The bill to regulate the price liberty of Westminster on a most reand aflize of bread; and to punish spectable footing. The magiftracy persons who shall adulterate meal, thereof have lately obtained a new Aour, or bread, so far as relates to and convenient court-houfe, for that part of Great Britain called the transaction of public business, Scotland.

situate in King-ftreet, Westminster, The bill to amend an act for now known by the name of the the due making of bread in that Westminster Guild-hall. part of GreatBritain called England. At the Admiralty feffion

The bill for punishing mutiny at the Old Bailey, captain and desertion, and for the better Lancelot Bolton, master of the payment of the army and their Vereneek merchantman, was tried quarters.

for the supposed murder of Thomas The bill to enable fuch officers, Morgan, on board the faid ship, mariners, and soldiers, as have about 200 leagues from Cape Clear, been in the land or sea service, or in Ireland, in beating him several in the marines, fince the 22d year times with a rattan, and forcing of his late majesty's reign, to ex- him aloft, where he fell from the ercise trades.

mizen-top-fail yard upon the main The bill for paying and cloathing braces, &c. but it appearing on of the militia for one year. the trial, that the deceased, who

The bill for granting annuities, had contracted an illnefs on the to satisfy certain navy, victualling, coast of Guinea, was never called and transport bills, and ordnance upon to do any duty, but what the debentures, &c.

safety of the whole crew renderThe bill to dissolve the marriage ed absolutely necessary, that the




master always behaved with the The bill to prevent occasional greatest humanity to him, and that freemen voting at elections of memthe two witnesses were influenced bers for cities, towns, and boby spite or malice, the captain was roughs. acquitted, and the two witnesses The bill for granting 5000l. to committed for wilful and corrupt Mr. John Harrison, on his disperjury, of which they were con- covering the principles of the victed at the following sessions. inftrument invented by him for

M. D’Eon de Beaumont, measuring the time at sea. fecretary to the embassy

The bill to continue the duties, from France, returned this day to and inlarge the powers granted by London, and was received by the a late act, for repairing Scarboduke de Nivernois as knight of the rough pier. And also to several royal military order of St. Louis, bills for inclofing and dividing his most christian majesty having lands, and repairing roads. invested him with that order when Being Maundy Thursday, his he presented to him the ratifications majesty's alms were distributed of the definitive treaty of peace in Whitehall chapel to twentyfrom England. His majesty like- fix poor men and women, in the wise remitted to the count de Viri, manner following to each three the Sardinian ambassador at this ells of holland, a piece of woolcourt, a portrait of his majefty, len cloth, a pair of hoes, a pair of enriched with diamonds, with a stockings, twenty shillings in a fuperb fuit of tapestry hangings of purse, two pences and three-pences, the Gobelins, and a rich carpet a loaf, and a platter of fish. of the Savonerie, by way of ac Much damage has been done knowledgment for his having made within this month or five weeks the first overtures of the peace. past, at sea by violent winds, and These presents are estimated at in the low lands by heavy rains. 50,coo crowns.

In particular, the Admiral Pococke, His majesty went to the a transport of 600 tons, from the house of honse of peers,

Havanna, was lost near Dartmouth, and

gave the royal afsent to the fol and all the crew and passengers lowing bills, viz.

perished, amongst whom were the The bill for laying additional crews of two transports that, duties on wines, cyder, and perry,

foundered at fea, and several land and to raise 3,500,0001. by an

officers. nuities and lotteries for the service The subjects for Dr. Wilson's of the present year, to be charged annual prizes at Oxford are, this on the said duties,

year, The bill for better securing the For the Latin oration ; duties on inalt.

-Nunquam libertas gratior extat The bill to enable the governors Quam fub Rege ,pio. of Greenwich hofpital to make For the English oration ; provision for seamen decrepid and Que domus tam ftabilis, que tam worn out in his majesty's service, firma civitas eft, quæ non odiis atthat cannot be admitted into the que dissidiis funditus tollit everti ! said hospital.

And the subjects of those given VOL. VI.




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