the street door, which her lady shiping it, Taid he was put out apprer: used to have brought to her every tice by that charity, and zo l. by night.

Mr. Bosanquet. His majesty, as soon as he was A person was fined by the made acquainted, with this cata court of King's Bench two strophe, fent the young ladies a hundred pounds, for bribery at the handsome present, ordered a house laft electtion for Evelham, and to be taken and furnished for them committed to prison for three at his expence, and not only con- months, and till the fine is paid. tinued to them the pension settled Some days ago a fish, of an un, on the mother, but made an addi common kind, was killed by the tion to it,

the fishermen in King Road, BriWhen the house came down, the stol. Its length was about four flames went out, in a manner, of feet nine inches, its mouth a foot themselves, being deprived of fuel in length, with several rows of by strong party walls.

small teeth ; between the fins are On this occasion, many methods two Aabby substances, fomewhat of preventing, and escaping from, like lion's paws ; its skin is of a fire, have been published, which dark colour, has no scales. It is the reader will find in our former supposed to be a species of the fes volumes, especially in our Chroni- lion. cle for last year, except the two

Sir Charles Afgill, as

12th. following:

Locum Teñens, six other First, fire alarms, for giving the aldermen, the recorder, two sheperson in whose room they are im- riffs, chamberlain, and town clerk, mediate information of fire in

any waited his majesty with part of the houfe, and of the parti- the city's address on the peace. cular part where it breaks out. They were hisled, going and com

Secondly, the leaving, where ing, by great numbers of people ; there is no danger of servants and as they passed by St. Bride's breaking locks, the key of the church, in their way to St. James's street door in a place where it may


great bell began to toll, and be readily come at, and securing then a dumb peal ftruck up, which nothing but the key of a small continued a considerable time; lock on the fame door, which they were treated in the same manthough fufficient to hinder any ner at their return by Bow bells. thing from pafing in or out of the It being customary with house at improper hours, may, not- the kings of England to withstanding, be easily forced, knight the Venetian ambassadors should there be an absolute neces. sent to congratulate them on their fity for fo 'doing.

acceffion to the throne, M. QueAt the rehearsal and feast of the rini was this day knighted by fons of the clergy 11791. 6d. was his majefty at their audience of collected, of which money ico leave. M. Morosini had been guineas' were given" by ad- knighted by his late majesty. miral Pocock, 100 1. by John


A gentleman of MonThornton, Efq; one of the stewards, mouthshire was fined two so l. by a gentleman, who, at giv






hundred pounds by the court of the same time the tide suddenly King's Bench, for challenging a funk about a foot, and as suddenly knight of the thire to fight him;

rose a foot and a half. and is, besides, to find security for His excellency the duke

22d. five years to keep the peace.

de Nivernois set out for The foundation stone of France, and next day embarked at 18th.

new bridge over the Dover. Some time before, his Tweed, for the building of which grace visited the university of Oxthe parliament lately granted four ford, when that learned body conthousand pounds, was laid by the ferred upon him the honorary deright honourable Alexander, Earl gree of doctor of the civil law. At of Hume, in presence of the his audience of leave his majesty trustees appointed for that pur- made him a present of his picture pole. It is called the Union richly set with diamonds. bridge, and his lordship, prayed The Quakers waited up

25th, fiability to the work, that it might on his majesty with their remain a monument of real union address on the peace. between the two people to the The chevalier d'Eon, resident latest pofterity.

from France, has presented to his The margrave of Anspach, late- majesty Mef. de la Condamnine, ly arrived in London, was intro- Camus, and de la Lande, members duced to his majesty:

of the royal academy of sciences Near four hundred merchants of aţ Paris, who lately arrived here this city, in a hundred and thirty- by order of the French king, and three coaches and chariots, went in at the nomination of that academy, proceffion from the King's Arms to affift at the report which the roytavern in Cornhill to St. James's, al society of London is to make of and presented to his majesty a most theclock invented by Mr. Harrison, dutiful address of congratulation for facilitating the finding of the lonpeace.

gitude at sea, Ended the feffions at the Some old houses in Bunhill211.

Old Bailey, when seven for row fell down lately; by which 3 ust. foot-pad robberies ; two for sheep- accident several persons lost their stealing; and a boy aged fifteen, lives, A little before threeothers fell against whom there were four down in White Friars; and a poor capital indi&ments for shoplifting, child accidentally going by to received sentence of death; and school, was buried under the ruins. twenty-three to be transported A plan for the better distribution

Of those sen- of justice has been settled by the tenced to die, five were foon acting justices in the neighbourafter executed, among whom was hood of London. The business the boy of fifteen, whose youth is formed into divisions; and two excited great compassion in the justices are to fit every day in a spectators.

place appointed in each division, This and the day following the from eleven till two, to hear and de floods occafioned by excesive rains, termine complaints, to wit, for in the neighbourhood of Nantz, rosé the Tower hamlets at the court thirty-five feet in two hours; at house ; for Finsbury divifion at


on the

for seven years.





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379 10

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80 15 9

Hick's-hall; and for Holborn and plunder, &c. the first distribution, Upper Westminster, &c. somewhere amouuting to 516,1851. 3 s. was near Soho.

divided as follows : A baker, who served the priso, Com. chief 86030 17 ners in the Poultry compter with Admiral

86030 17 bread, was lately fined seven pounds Gen. Elliot 17206 3 5 ten shillings, for making forty-five Commodore 17206 3ş penny loaves seventy-five ounces short of weight.

206474 T The demand for gold in coin is

Remains to be now so great, that the Jews give

qually divided

309711 I IC

between the are four guineas an ounce for it. The reason afligned is, the Dutch draw

my and navy ing their money from our funds, in Making for each 154855 10 11 order to accommodate the French, i'major general

483948 who give eight per cent.

I more

4839 4

8 A fociety is forming in Salisbury' brigadier 1382 12 9 for raifing a fund fufficient to allow

6 more

8495 16 6 the widow of every person who has Field officer been a member three years, an an

50 more

18977 78 nuity of thirty pounds a year I captain

130 15 9 during life.

184 more 24065 7

8 At the late aflizes at Perth, in i subaltern Scotland, Janet Ronald was in

598 more 48311 10 10 dicted for adminiftring poison to, i ferjeant

6 6 10 her own fifter ; but during the

762 more 4832 17 9 trial one of the jury being sudden

I corporal

4 16 10 ly taken ill, the trial was put of

748 more 3624 17 till next day, when the prisoner,

i private

2 17 11 being again brought to the bar, refused to plead, as the dismifling

12099 more

35001 in 10 a jury is fatal to the action. The Fractions upon the}

154855 8 9 judges, however, ordered the tri

whole al to go on, and referred the obje&tion to the high court of justice

Total £. 154855 1011 at Edinburgh, The following is a list of the Captains, each

Navy's share. prize-goods taken at the Havanna: Lieutenants


86 5841 chests of sugar ; 3384 serons Warrants 3 caks of cocoa = 122 serons je. Petty officers juits bark; 8363 hides in the hair; Seamen

2 10 4 3900 tanned ditto ; 475 bales of tobacco; 4876 ferons fnuff; 59213 Omichand, a black merchant of pieces logwood; 2003 ditto fustic the greatest eminence at Calcutta, 78 ditto timber ; 8 cedar planks; has bequeathed charities in all 2 ferons cochineal' ; and 2 caks parts of the world. His executor tortoiseshell.

has remitted to England one hunof which, and the rest of the dred and seventy - five pounds


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for the Magdalen, and the like of this month, safely brought to fum for the Foundling hospital, bed of four children, two boys and and has, befiues, deposited to the two girls, all likely to do well. amount of near five thousand Died lately. William Butler, pounds, the interest whereof is for Esq; an eminent linen draper, of ever annually to be applied to the Cornhill, supposed to be worth benefit of these charitable insti- 60,000l. which, he dying inteftate, torions.

goes among a number of poor reHis royal highness prince Cle- lations, one of them a filter, who ment of Saxony has been chosen had been obliged for some time to bishop of Freifing, and also bishop take Melter in a common workof Ratisbon, without opposition. house.

There is advice from Constan Mr. Richard Teasdale, of Sleantinople, that the Turkish traders ly in Northumberland, aged 103. there, enraged at the licence taken Thomas Jackson, of Pennyby the Venetian merchants to bridge in Lancashire, aged 104. carry on an illicit commerce in At Prescot in Lancalhire Mrs. that city, under the sanction of Blakesley, aged 108; Mrs. Chortheir ambassador, rose in a body, ley 97; and Mrs. Bennet 75; they attacked the ambassador in his were intimate acquaintance, and all house, killed eight of his domeftics, died within the space of twelve who defended his person, and forc- hours. ed him at last to Ay for protection Alice Wilson, at Newburgh, to the minister of France.

Northumberland, aged m. Charles-town, South Carolina, Moses Sulima, a Jew, aged 110. April 2. Our assembly have appropriated a large fund for boun

J U N E. ties to foreign proteftants, and such industrious poor persons of Great


Died at Mentz, in the 74th Britain and Ireland, as Mall with year of his age, his electoral in three years resort hither to highness John Frederic Charles settle in our back country. Seve- Count d'Oftein Engleheim, archral families are already arrived bishop and elector of Mentz, prince from Ireland, in consequence of bishop of Worms, dean of the elec. this great encouragement. Two toral college, and archbishop chantownships, of 48,000 acres each, cellor of the empire. He was are laid out for them and odier elected archbishop of Mentz, April emigrants. One is on the river Sa- 23, 1743, and bishop of Worms vanna, called Mecklenburgh; the Oct. 7. 1748. other on the waters of Santee, at Three men, one of them up: the Long Canes, called Londonwards of feventy years old, and derry.

These lands are inex- another more than fixty, standing prefably rich, and the climate more in the pillory opposite Westmin. mild, ferene, and wholesome, than fter-hall door, for perjury, in a in our lower settlements.

cause relating to the right of an A bricklayer's wife at Stirling eftate in Leicestershire, their tears in Scotland, was, the beginning and grey hairs drew such com



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ney for them.

pafion from the people, that in- in the most ruinous condition; with stead of pelting they collected mo the furniture three children fick

of the small-pox wel thrown out, 4th. Being the king's birth-day, but happily received no damage. who then entered the 26th Great rejoicings were made

6th. year of his age, there were the at the queen's house, in hogreatest rejoicings ever known up- nour of his majesty's birth-day. on the like occasion, all parties vy- A most magnificent temple and ing with each other who should bridge, finely illuminated with express most affection to his ma about four thousand glass lamps, jesty. Mr. Wilkes, in particular, were erected in the garden. The celebrated it with the greatett painting on the front of the temple demonftrations of joy among his represented the king giving peace constituents at Aylesbury.

to all parts of the earth. As the people were crouding at his majelly's feet were the tronight in shoals through the poltern phies of the numerous conquets on Tower-hill to see the grand fire- made by Britain, and beneath works exhibited there on this oc- . them a groupe of figures recasion, the rails surrounding a presenting envy, malice, detracspring 30 feet deep, suddenly gave tion, &c. tumbling headlong like way, and such a multitude fell the fallen angels in Milton. In together into the place as al. the front of the temple was a magmost to fill it. . Six were taken up nificent orchestra, with above fifty, dead, fourteen or fifteen so mangled of the most eminent performers ; as scarce to be able to live, and a but what rendered this entertainmuch greater

number bruised in a ment very extraordinary, is, that terrible manner, What is most all the machinery, paintings, lights

, shocking, several of the sufferers &c. were designed and fixed by were women far gone with child. her majesty's direction in fo priDuring the consternation occa vate a manner, in the small space fioned by the accident, a sailor had of two days, that the contrived to his pocket pick'd by a Jew ; who detaiu the king at St. James's, that after undergoing the usual disci- the first intimations his majesty pline of ducking, hopped out of the had of this inost elegant and affecwater, pretending to have his leg tionate mark of so amiable a prin: broke, and was carried off by some cess, was the suddenly throwing of his brethren. But the sailors back the window-thutters of be discovering the trick, and consider- inajesty's palace, when his majelty ing it as a cheat, pursued him to entered the apartments beţween Duke's Place, where, at first, they nine and ten o'clock. were beaten off by the inhabitants ; What his majesty must have fel but presently returning with a on receiving, and the queen in fresh reipforcement, they attack- presenting, such a testimony of her ed the place, entered three houses, love and respect, cannot be conthrew every thing they met ceived but by thofe whole lot in with out at the window, broke was to perceive it. the glasses, tore the beds, and ript Most of the royal family were up the wainscot, leaving the houses present, and a cold supper of up:


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