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o the founding and incorporation of

sities, towns, boroughs, and villages, with the most remarkable 'events that have happened to each; their antiquities, and other curiofities. Accounts of the erections

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the arms of divers emperors asd
Chronicles and histories of ab-
beys, and other religious houses ;
as those of Abingdon, St. Alban’s,
Alnewick, Bermondsey, St. Ed-
mond's Bury, St. David's, Hales,
Litchfield, Ely, St. Paul's Lon-
don, and Peterborough.
Lives of particular kings, and
histories of their reigns: as of Ed-
ward the confessor; king Harold, of
whose life and miracles here is
a very fair copy, written in the
12th century. Henry I. Richard
I. Henry III. Edw. I. Edward II.
and Edward III. The history of
Richard II. written by Fran. de
Marque, a French gentleman, at-
tendant on the court in the queen's
service; adorned with 16 admir-
able paintings, wherein the prin-
cipal persons and habits of those
times are most accurately repre-
sented. As also those of Henry
IV. Henry V. Henry VI. and Ed-.
ward IV. -
Many original instruments to
ambassadors, and letters which pas.
sed between them and the chief
ministers of their courts; together
with authentic copies of an im-
mense number of others. . . . .
Letters to and from foreign
princes and states, negotiations, al-
liances, leagues, truces and trea-
ties of peace, commerce, and navi-
gation. -
Summons to parliament from the
#. Henry III. to the 21st year
f the reign of K. Henry VIII. in
many places larger and more cor-
rečt than the work published under
that title, by Sir William Dugdale.
Transcripts of the rolls, journals
and memoranda of parliament; par-
ticularly a copy of the parliament
rolls, beginning at the 4th year of K.
- - Edward

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the bishops. Accounts of the erection and proceedings of the court of augmentation; with four original and very valuable volumes belonging to that court. . Historical accounts of the successions, rights, forms, and instruments of elečtions of abbots, priors, and other superiors and their officers. Chartularies, registers, and ledger books of sundry monasteries. The most accurate and valuable register of Dunstable, begun by Richard de Morins, the prior of that house, and carried on from the foundation of the priory by king Henry I. to the reformation. Statutes of the two universities, and of their several colleges and halls, and a vast mass of other materials relating to their history and antiquities; with a transcript of the proceedings of the convoçation upon the divorce of Anne

of Cleves, authenticated under the hands of public notaries. Papers relating to the laws, polity, and civil government of England; divers copies of the laws of several of the Anglo-Saxon, Danish, and Norman kings. Transcripts of divers of the Magnae Chartae of king Henry III. and an inspeximus and copy of his confirmation, both of the great charter, and of the fimilar one, sealed by prince Edward, at London, the 10th day of March, 1264. Transcripts of ancient statutes, never printed. Readings of them; and extraćts of all the private acts of parliament remaining in the Rolls chapel. Historical accounts of, and memorandums relating to, baronies, serjeancies, knight-fees, and other tenures. Copies of escheat, rolls,

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and methods of proceedings in

them respectively, and accounts of

their several officers, records, Discourses on the antiquities, jurisdiction, and authority of the ancient great officers of the kingdom; to wit, the marshal, steward, constable, and admiral. The forms, ceremonies, and proceedings used in their courts ; and ex

traordinaty trials before them. Original charters of our ancient kings, as Edward the Elder, Edgar, Hardicanute, and Edward the Con

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