Teftament, with their authority ings; and of the remains (if any) and use to Christian men. His Po- of such as have been deltroyed. ftils; and his notes on the Pater The establishment and endowment Nofter,' with fundry other dif- of parishes, foundations of relicourses. A book in the Armenian gious houses, books of ancient tetongue, containing the Apostles nures, inquisitions post mortem, elCreed; a History of the Bible, and cheats, customariés, terriers of maá form of proper confession to be nors, perambulations of forests, ufed before taking the holy sacra accounts of ancient coin, monu

A translation into Persic mental inscriptions, forts, camps, of the history of our Saviour ; roads, military ways, and other written originally in the Portu- antiquities, which have been caguese tongue by Father Jerome Xa- fually discovered in particular

Ethiopic prayers. Several places. Notes concerning the most transcripts of the Alcoran, in Ara- remarkable rivers,

rivers, mountains, bic, Perfic, and other languages; mines, minerals, and other curioand commentaries thereon. A col- fities. A variety of trácts, and lection of Mohammedan prayers, memoranda, relating to particular written in the Perfic and Turkish parts of England, as well in its tongues. The Nadham, or con- pristine state, when separated into nection of sentences contained in petty kingdoms, provinces, and the Alcoran ; with the apoph- principalities, during the times of thegms of Mahommed. Three the Britains, Románs, and Saxons, books of prayers in Arabic, two of as subsequently, when under the them written in the African cha- dominion of one monarch; divided. racter. Together with other tracts into counties, ridings, rapes, waon the Mohammedan religion. pentakes, &c. As also the labo

IX.An amazing number of curious rious collections made by Sir Siand authentic manuscripts, relative monds D’Ewes, John Fox the maras well to the Topographical De- tyrologist, Mr. Érdefwick, honest scription and Antiquities of Bri- John Stów, Mr. Charles, Lantain, as to the Civil and Ecclefi- čafter herald, and others. aftical History of the Kingdom;

Secondly, For the Civil and Ec. its Laws, Conflitation, and Go clefiaftical History ; valuable covernment: this mine appears in- pies of our ancient historians and exhaustible, and every vein full of chroniclers, as Gildas, Nennius, the richest stores,

Asferius Menevensis, Ælfred of BeFirft, For the Topographical verly, abbot Benedict, Caftoreus párt; hiftories and surveys of seve: or John Beaver, J. Brompton, Raulf ral counties, and the customs of Boun, Douglass, monk of Glatheir inhabitants ; Memorials of stonbury, Edmerus, Florence of the founding and incorporation of Worceller, Robert of Gloucester, cities, towns, boroughs, and vil William Gifeburn, R. Hoveden, lages, with the mor remarkable Henry Huntingdon, Peter de Ick. events that have happened to each; ham, John Joselyne, R. Rigtheir antiquities, and other curió- den, Peter Langtoft, I. Lewis, fities. Accounts of the erections Adam Murimuth, Geoffery of Mon of temptes, castles, and other build. mouth, Robertus Montenfis, John


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Pyke, Sir Walter Raleigh, Robert the arms of divers emperors and de Reading, Thomas Rudburne, kings. Simeon of Durham, Richard Sporte,

Chronicles and histories of abs Nicholas Trivett, John Walling beys, and other religious houses ; ford, Thomas Waltingham, Wal as chofe of Abingdon, St. Alban's, ter of Coventry, Gotfelinus de Alnewick, Bermondsey, St. Ed. Sancto Bertino, and fundry anony- mond's Bury, St. David's, Hales, mous authors of good value. A Litchfield, Ely, St. Paul's Lonfinely illuminated copy of John don, and Peterborough. Harding's chronicle, much more Lives of particular kings, and perfect than the edition published histories of their reigns: as of Ed. by Grafton, and containing the ward the confeffor; king Harold, of letter of defiance sent to king Hen

whole life and miracles here is ry the IVth, by the old Earl of a very fair copy, written in the Northumberland, Henry Hotspur, 12th century. Henry I. Richard his fon, and the earl of Worcefter, I. Henry III. Edw. I. Edward II. his brother, before the battle of and Edward III. The history of Shrewsbury ; fome discourses of Richard II. written by Fran. de the same old earl, touching John Marque, a French gentleman, atof Gaunt ;

a map of Scotland, tendant on the court in the queen's from Carlisle to the water of Tay; fervice; adorned with 16 admisand another, from thence to Su. able paintings, wherein the printherland and Cathness; with fun- cipal persons and habits of those dry other matters omitted likewise times are most accurately repreby Grafton. A transcript of John fented. As also those of Henry de Trevisa’s translation of Higden's IV. Henry V. Henry VI. and Ed.. Polychronicon, differing from the ward IV. account given of that work by Many original instruments to Bale and Pitts; together with fe- ambassadors, and letters which palveral other translations and compo- sed between them and the chief fitions of Trevisa, not to be met ministers of their courts; together with in any other book. " No less with authentic copies of an imthan four ancient copies of the Po- mense number of others. lycratica Temporum of Roger Ce Letters to and from foreign ftrenfis ; from whence R. Rigden princes and states, negotiations, alftole his Polychronicon. The fa- liances, leagues, truces and treamous and very ancient copy of ties of peace, commerce, and naviWilliam Malmsbury's elaborate gation, treatise De Gestis Regum Anglo Simmons to parliament from the rum, which was formerly preserved 49th of Henry III. to the 21st year with great religious care at Ror of the reign of K. Henry VIII. in chester. An Exemplar of his four many places larger and more çor books, De Gestis Pontificum, writ- rect than the work pablished under ten in the 12th century; and seve- that title, by Sir William Dugdale. ral transcripts of the Dunstable Transcripts of the rolls, journals Chronicle, one whereof is moft and memoranda of parliament; parbeautifully illuminated ; and ano- ticularly a copy of the parliament ther adorned with the blazen of rolls, beginning at the 4th year of K,



Edward II. and continued to the end and indentures of the jewel office of the last parliament of K. Henry and wardrobe. Orders, proceedVIII. in thirty volumes ; amongst ings, and accounts of the off.ce of which are the parliament rolls of works. Laws and ordinances for the 5th, 8th, and 9th years of management of the mint. King Edward II. which are, with Several large collections of letothers, omitted by Sir Robert Cot- ters and speeches of our kings, ton, in his abridgment of the their chief ministers, and other Tower records, and by him sup- persons of eminence; particularly posed to have been loft. Journals four volumes, containing original of the houfe of Lords, from the first letters by the royal family of Engyear of Henry VIII, to the end of land, from Henry VIII. to the the year 1740, in 69 volumes. As end of king Charles 1. Eighteen also 111 other volumes, containing volumes of original letters of di-, the Journals of the house of Com vers considerable persons, relating mons, from the first year (inclusive) to public affairs, from the year of king Edward VI. to the 8th day r307 to 1716. And two volumes, of March 1701. A numerous col- containing letters written to Henry lection of privileges and orders of prince of Wales; together with parliament, and sundry papers re- original draughts of his own letlative to parliamentary affairs.

The above volumes afford Proclamations, original letters, interesting anecdotes, particularly journals, and other books of the relative to queen Elizabeth, James privy council.

I. Charles I. and Charles II. unBooks of aids, fubfidies, reliefs, noticed by the elaborate writers of taxes, granted to sundry particular the English history; and may be kings of England; and accompt justly deemed inestimable remains books of the product and disposal of the times to which they relate. of the ancient demesne lands of the Histories of the firit planting and

propagating of christianity in BriLetters, papers, books of doc- tain, and its growth and increase quets, &c. relative to the offices under the British and Saxon preof the privy seal, fignet, ordnance, lates. . admiralty, navy, vi&ualling, cur The lives and successions of Engtoms, and excise. Three volumes lifh archbishops and bishops; parof very interesting original papers ticularly a moft noble illuminated and letters, which belonged to copy of the lives of the seven first John Holles duke of Newcastle, archbishops of Canterbury, by as Lord Privy Seal to Q. Anne ;

Gotselinus de Sancto Bertino, monk giving a better insight into the of St. Augustine's at Canterbury, transactions of those times, and the in the tinie of St. Anselm ; and immenfe fums issued on account of of which the firit part only, conthe forces employed under the D. taining the life of St. Augustine, of Marlborough than can easily be is published by Mr. Wharton. met with elewhere.

Saxon and Englith councils, and Accounts of the public revenue, the canons promulgated by them. and national expences. Books and Provincial and diocesan canons and papers of the houshold, and trea conftitutions. furer of the chamber. Inventories



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The forms and manner of elec- of Cleves, authenticated under tion, and confecration of archbi. the hands of public notaries. shops and bishops ; their jurisdic Papers relating to the laws, potiuns, privilege, and courts. Sur- lity, and civil government of Engveys, terriers, and rentals of their land; divers copies of the laws poffefions ; taxations of their fpi- of several of the Anglo-Saxon, rituals and temporals, and inqui- Danish, and Norman kings. Tran fitions relative to the state of their scripts of divers of the Magnæ respective diocefes.

Chartæ of king Henry III. and Lives and canonizations of sun- an inspeximus and copy of his dry Eritih, Saxon, and English confirmation, both of the great faints.

charter, and of the similar one, Authentic papers and memorials fealed by prince Edward, at Lonrelating to the diffolution of reli. don, the oth day of March, 1264. gious houses, and the establish- Transcripts of ancient statutes, ment of the reformation; particu. never printed. Readings of them; Jarly draughts of acts of parlia- and extracts of all the private acts ment for their dissolution, fome in of parliament remaining in the the hand-writing of king Henry Rolls chapel. VIII. Inventories of plate, jew Historical accounts of, and meels, and other valuables belonging morandums relating to, baronies, to them. Inquisitions, with the ferjeancies, knight-fees, and other ftate of several episcopal dioceses, tenures. Copies of escheat, rolls, and the returns made thereto by inquisitions poft mortem, pleas of the bishops. Accounts of the the crown, &c. and abundance of erection and proceedings of the other law books. court of augmentation ; with four Many treatifes on the inftituoriginal and very valuable volumes tion, establishment, and jurisdiction belonging to that court.

of the Exchequer, King's-Bench, Historical accounts of the suc- Common Bench, Courts of Wards ceflions, rights, forms, and inftru- and Liveries, Star Chamber, and -ments of elections of abbots, Chancery; as also of the Courts priors, and other superiors and Leet, Baron, Pye-Powder, and their officers. Chartularies, 're other inferior courts; the forms gifters, and ledger books of fun- and methods of proceedings in dry monasteries. The most accu them respectively, and accounts of rate and valuable register of Dun- their feveral officers, registers, and ftable, begun by Richard de records. Morins, the prior of that house, Discourses on the antiquities, and carried on from the founda- jurisdiction, and authority of the tion of the priory by king Henry ancient great officers of the kingI. to the reformation.

dom; to wit, the marshal, ftewStatutes of the two universities, ard, conftable, and admiral. The and of their several colleges and forms, ceremonies, and proceedhalls, and a vast mass of other ings used in their courts; and exmaterials relating to their history traordinaty trials before them. and antiquities; with a transcript Original charters of our ancient of the proceedings of the convo- kings, as Edward the Elder, Edçation upon the divorce of Anne gar, Hardicanute, and Edward the


Confessor. The famous charter of most of our kings and queens from king Edgar, wherein he is stiled the time of the Anglo-Saxons, to MARIUM BRIT. DOMINUS; which that of king George II. Public Dr. Hicks hath demonstrated to entries, introductions, receptions, have been forged after the Norman and feastings of royal and princely conquest. A curious book, co- vifitors, foreign ambassadors, &c. vered with crimfon velvet, and with the forms of their departures, adorned with bosses and hasps of and accounts of the presents made filver gilt and enamelled ; the cover to them on those occafions. Tilts, and all the leaves indented at the journies, jufts, royal masques, and top; containing four original In- other public entertainments, putdentures of Covenant, illuminated lic processions and cavalcades. Fuand embellished with historical nerals of kings, queens, princes, miniatures, dated the 16th of July, and great personages allied to the in the 19th year of king Henry royal family, and also of persons VII. and made between that king of quality and distinction. and the abbot and convent of St. XIII. In regard to Wales, here Peter's, Westminster, for certain are topographies, descriptions, and masses to be for ever after said in general histories of the principality, the chapel of the virgin Mary, Natural and civil histories of then determined to be built at the feveral of its counties, surveys of ealt end of that church, as a place commotes, and extents of lands. of reception of the bodies of the Statutes' touching the Lords king, queen, and royal family; Marchers, and orders for the oband for other purposes. To this servance of the council of Wales. indenture book, five broad seals of Transcripts of the laws of Howel king Henry VII. preserved in Dha; collections of particular filver boxes, and ornamented with laws and customs prevailing in his badges of the portcullis and different parts of the principality; rofe sprigs, are appendant by accounts of the revenue arising Atrings of filk, and gold and silver from the principality ; lists of feethread.

farm rents; and pleas of quo war, X. Heraldical and armorial ranto upon liberties claimed. books, particularly forms of ap The histories of Welch heroes, pointing and crowning kings at by Threes, and many pedigrees arms, and of the establishment of and genealogies of families, with their fubordinate officers, tricks of three volumes of ufeful materials, arms, and ensigns armorial. Tracts extracted by Mr. Hugh Thomas on the order of the garter, pedi- from a multitude of public regrees of most of the nobility and cords, and private evidences, in gentry of England, with notes, mo- order to his compiling a genealonumental and fenestral infcriptions gical history of the nobility and illustrating their family histories. gentry of Wales, and the several

XI. Register-books, chartularies, families defcended from them, now and other evidences of the estates living in England, of our ancient nobility:

XIV. Materials relative to the XII. Ceremonials, pomps, and civil and ecclefiaftical history of folemaities; as the coronations of Scotland.

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