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* The Mogul and Indian nations to the west, and the Tartars to the north of

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where learing is attended with
frch honours and rewards - the
l:*::: are reverenced as Inen of
another species. they are the only
rtility known in Chira: be their
birth rever so rean and low, they
become Mandarines of the highest
rank in proportion to the extent of
their learning - con the ctiser hand
be their birthnever so exalted, they
quickly finkintopoverty and obscu-
rity, if they regies those fitudies
which raised their fathers. It is a
ford and groundless notion of some
late writerst, who cught to have
known better, that there is a key
to the Chinese charafters, hidden
from the common people, and re-
served as a secret in joine few fa-
milies of the great. On the con-
trary, there is no nation in the
world where the first honours of the "
fate lie so open to the lowest of
the people, and where there is less
of hereditary and traditional great-
ness. Ali the state employments
in China are the rewards of litera-
ry merit: ard they are continu-
ally grasped by hands lifted up
frcra among the common people.
But to return, if these charac-
ters are difficult to the natives, on
account of their number and com-
plexity; their oral language is
no less so to foreigners on account
of the peculiarity of the sounds,
employed in it. P. Du Halde §
tells us, that the very make of the
Chinese mouths is different from
that of Europeans: “ Their teeth
“ are placed in a different manner
from ours : the upper row
itands out, and sometimes falls
upon the under lip, or at least
on the gums of the under row,

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i Med. Univ.

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* Ibid. || Ibid. § P. Du Halde, | Bayeri Lexicon Sin. p. 179. 190.


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taste, and elevated by a lively and agreeable imagination, to fini the only felicity mortals are capable of. Ambition, avarice, vani

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fion on my mind, that I am persuaded, was I a lover, the fear of hurting her I loved would make me unhappy, if the possession was accompanied with dangers to her. The life of married lovers is very different, they pass it in a chain of mutual obligations and marks of


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