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Side 126 - By constituting two or more such persons assessors or members of the court, with a view to the advantages derivable from their observations, particularly in the examination of witnesses...
Side 737 - ... of land in cultivation, of which, after deducting the expenses of collection, ten-elevenths were usually considered as the right of the public, and the remainder the share of the landholder. Refusal to pay the sum required of him was followed by his removal from the management of his lands, and the public dues were either let in farm or collected by an officer of government, and the above-mentioned share of the landholder or such sum as special custom, or the orders of Government might have fixed,...
Side 130 - I am directed by the Right Honourable the Governor in Council, to...
Side 593 - Regulation may be enacted should be prefixed to it ; and that the Courts of Justice should be bound to regulate their decisions by the rules and ordinances which those Regulations may contain.
Side 403 - ... if the Regulations for assessing and collecting the public revenue are infringed, the revenue officers themselves must be the aggressors, and that individuals who have been wronged by them in one capacity can never hope to obtain redress from them in another.
Side 296 - The best form of government, with a view to the welfare of the natives of India in their present state, I believe to be that which is most simple and most free from artificial institutions. The best form of government, with a view to the maintenance of British dominion in India, I believe to be that which is most conducive to a union of powers, and most free from the elements of collision and counteraction.
Side 596 - ... revenues, debts, accounts, contracts, partnerships, marriage, caste, claims to damages for injuries ; and, generally, of all suits and complaints of a civil nature in which the defendant may be amenable to their jurisdiction.
Side 364 - Regulations, must be subjected to the cognizance of Courts of Judicature, superintended by Judges, who, from their official situations, and the nature of their trusts, shall not only be wholly uninterested in the result of their decisions, but bound to decide impartially between the Public and the Proprietors of Land, and also between the latter and their Tenants. The Collectors of...
Side 403 - Government must divest itself of the power of infringing in its executive capacity, the rights and privileges, which, as exercising the legislative authority, it has conferred on the Landholders. The Revenue officers must be deprived of their judicial powers.
Side 696 - The system in operation for superintending the magistracy and the police, and for controlling and directing the executive revenue officers, who in several cases are also magistrates, has been found to be defective.

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