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Most of which have undergone a perfect revision, and have been

Stereotyped to ensure correctness.


RYAN'S ALGEBRA, Theoretical and Practical: adapted to the instruction of youth in Schools and Acadamies ; to which is added an Appendix, containing an Algebraic method of demonstrating the propositions to the fifth book of Euclid's elements, according to the text and arrangement in Simson's edition. 12mo. Corrected and improved. BONNYČASTLE'S ALGEBRA: with Notes and Observations, designed for the use of Schools. To which is added, an Appendix on the Application of Algebra to Geometry. By James Ryan.

12mo. KEY TO BUNNYCASTLE'S ALGEBRA: containing eor

tect Solutions of all the Questions. By James Ryan. 18mo. RYAN'S ASTRONOMY on an improved plan, in three

Books ; systematically arranged and scientifically illustrated with several cuts and engravings, and adapted to the instruction of youth,

in Schools and Acadamies. 18mo. HUTTON'S MATHEMATICS; for the use of Acadamies,

as well as private tuition : with many Corrections and Improvements, by Olinthus Gregory, LL. D. Also Additions by Robert Adrain, LL. D. 2 vols. PLAYFAIR'S EUCLID: a New Edition, Revised and Remodelled; for the use of Schools and Colleges in the United States.

By James Ryan. RECUEIL CHOISI de Traits Historiques et de Contes Mo

raux: with the signification of Words in English at the bottom of each page : for the use of Young Persons of both Sexes. By N. Wanostrocht. 12mo. HISTORY OF CHARLES XII. in French, by Voltaire. 18mo. LEVIZAC'S FRENCH GRAMMAR: revised and corrected by Mr. Stephen Pasquier, M. A. With the Voltarian Orthography,

according to the Dictionary of the French Academy. 12mo. JACOB'S GREEK READER; with Improvements, Additional Notes, and Corrections; also a copious Lexicon. By David Pat

terson, A. M. 8vo. COLLECTANEA GRÆCA MINORA; with extensive Eng

lish Notes and a Lexicon. 8vo. VALPY'S HOMER; for the use of Schools. With English

Notes. By John D. Ogilby. 8vo. VALPY'S GREEK GRAMMAR; greatly enlarged and im

proved, by Charles Anthon, LL. D. 12mo. LEMPRIERE'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY; containing the principal Names and Terms relating to the Geography, Topogra


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