The Tone Masters: A Musical Series for Young People, Volum 3

Lee and Shepard, 1871

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Side 133 - There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat.
Side 178 - I am satisfied, will it not free me from a state of endless suffering? Come when thou wilt I shall meet thee bravely — Farewell and do not wholly forget me when I am dead, I deserve this...
Side 175 - O God ! thou lookest down upon my misery ; thou knowest that it is accompanied with love of my fellow-creatures and a disposition to do good ! O men ! when ye shall read this, think that ye have wronged me ; * and let the child of affliction take comfort...
Side 173 - Ah ! how could I proclaim the defect of a sense that I once possessed in the highest perfection — in a perfection in which few of my colleagues possess or ever did possess it ? Indeed, I cannot ! Forgive me, then, if ye see me draw back when I would gladly mingle among you.
Side 174 - I must live like an exile, if I approach near to people a hot terror seizes...
Side 175 - Perhaps there may be an amendment — perhaps not ; I am prepared for the worst — I, who so early as my twenty-eighth year was forced to become a philosopher — it is not easy — for the artist more difficult than for any other. O God...
Side 175 - Such circumstances brought me to the brink of despair, and had well nigh made me put an end to my life : nothing but my art held my hand. Ah, it seemed to me impossible to quit the world before I had produced all that I felt myself called to accomplish ! And so I endured this wretched life — so truly wretched, that a somewhat speedy change is capable of transporting me from the best into the worst condition.
Side 174 - I have spent in the country. Enjoined by my intelligent physician to spare my hearing as much as possible, I have been almost encouraged by him in my present natural disposition, though, hurried away by my fondness for society, I sometimes suffered myself to be enticed into it. But what a humiliation when any one standing beside me could hear at a distance a flute that I could not hear, or any one heard the shepherd singing, and I could not distinguish a sound...
Side 173 - I have been attacked by an incurable complaint, aggravated by the unskilful treatment of medical men, disappointed from year to year in the hope of relief, and at last obliged to submit to the endurance of an evil the cure of which may last perhaps for years, if it is practicable at all. Born with a lively, ardent disposition, susceptible to the diversions of society, I was forced at an early age to renounce them, and to pass my life in seclusion. If I strove at any time to set myself above all this...
Side 166 - They would have brought me up," said he, " with grandmotherly fondness, which was carried to such a length, that very often the princess was on the point of having a glass shade made to put over me, so that no unworthy person might touch or breathe upon me.

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