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CHAMBERS'S EDUCATIONAL COURSE. Chambers's Marrative Series of Stafdard Reading Books.

MESSRS CHAMBERS can recommend with the utmost confidence this series of IMPROVED READING BOOKS, which, since their first editions, have undergone careful revision and improvement, and to which a Key to the Arithmetical Exercises for Teachers only), has been added. Their objects are:

To furnish the means of teaching to read rapidly 2. To interest the pupil in reading.

3. To be easy and thoroughly consistent with progress. INFANT SCHOOL PRIMER,

• 36 pages : 11d. INFANT SCHOOL READING SHEETS, Nos. 1 to 14,. .each BOOK I.. . 80 pages, 4d. BOOK IV. .

Is. Od. BOOK II. . . 112

60. BOOK V. , 272 # ls. 3a. BOOK III. .

• 160
1 . 8d. BOOK VI. . 820

18. 6 . Poetical Reader, 200

ls. Od. I

Key to Arithmetic-Price 61. The above STANDARD SERIES has already met with a WIDE AND EXTENDED ADOPTION.

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Educational Directories.

Infant Treatment under Infant Education from Two Two Years of Age. 122 Pages, Price 1s. to Six Years. 192 Pp., 8 Wood-cuts, Is. 6d.

English Reading and Composition. | Elementary Lesson Sheets. Moral Class Book, 208 Pages,

Price 18. 6d. Edited by R. CHAMBERS. In 14 Sheets, 23 by 18 inches. Price ld. each.

Thoroughly revised and improved. First Book of Reading. Introduction to English 16 Pages, 6 Wood-cuts, Price 1ļd., sewed.

Grammar. 58 Pages, Price 6d. Second Book of Reading English Grammar & Com

position. 184 Pages, Price 18. 6d. 48 Pages, 12 Wood-cuts, Price 3d., sewed.

Etymology, Exercises on. Simple Lessons in Reading.

226 Pages, Price 28. 96 Pages, 20 Wood-cuts, Price 8d.

Principles of Elocution, Lesson Book of Common Oratory, &c. 432 Pages, Price 38. Edited

Things and Ordinary Conduct 92 Pages, by Dr GRAHAM of Edinburgh. 16 Wood-cuts, Price 8d. Edited by R. S Thoroughly revised and improved. CHAMBERS.

History of the English English Composition.

Language and Literature. 304 Pages, 48 Pages, Price 6d.

| Penmanship. Headlines written and arranged by the late Mr W. Dickson, Writing Master, Edinburgh. Chambers's Progressive Ten Copy-books, Foolscap

Post Copy-Books. Post 4to. Price 6d. each. Quarto Size. Price 2d. each. Superfine Post Quarto

To Chambers's Copy-lines, in Copy-Books. Price 6d. each.

Twelve Books. Books 1 to 11, Price 4d. Ten Copy-books, Foolscap each. Book 12, Price 6d. Owarto Siga Price 3d occh.

Price 2s. By R. CHAMBERS.




Drawing and Perspective. |

First Drawing-Book. Drawing Lesson Books.

A Series of Progressive Lessons in DrawSUBJECTS. 96 Pages, Price 18.

ing and Perspective, with some General Second Drawing-Book. Instructions. In 18 Books, paper covers, 96 Pages, Price 1s.

Price 1s, 6d. each. Drawing-Books, edited by Robert Scott Burn. Including Mechanical, Architectural, Isometrical, and other Styles; well suited for

those who study Mechanics. Detailed Lists on application,

| Geography, Maps, and Atlases. I


Chambers's Minor Atlas, General Geography, 384 Pages, Fifteen Maps. Price 5s., cloth,

7 Maps, 20 Wood-cuts, Price 3s., cloth. Chambers's School Atlas Geographical Primer. 68 Pages, of Ancient and Modern Geography, Thirty

2 Maps, 13 Wood-cuts, Price 6d., stiff cloth. four Maps. Price 10s. 6d., cloth. Geographical Text-Book of

England. 88 Pages, 1 Map, 14 Wood-culs,
Price 9d., stiff cloth.

*Large School-room Maps Geographical Text-Book of of England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe,

Palestine, Asia, Africa, and North and Scotland. 76 Pages, 1 May, 10 Wood-cuts, 1

South America. Price 12s. each, unvarPrice 10d., stif cloth.

nished, or 14s. varnished. The HemiGeographical Text-Book of spheres, including Astronomical DiaScripture Lands. 78 Pages, 1 Map, 8 Wood.

grams. Price 188. unvarnished, 20s. var

nished. The entire Series may also be cuts, Price 10d., stiff cloth.

obtained in a Wooden Case, at £7, 168. Atlases.

Chambers's Outlines of the Chambers's Primer Atlas, Principal Countries and Islands in the Nine Quarto Mapg. Price 28. 60.; or with World. Price Is. 6d, in a wrapper. Or an additional Map of India, Price 38., cloth, separately, folio size, 2d. ; 4to size, ld. each.

History and Biography.


Ancient History.

294 Pages, 21 Wood-cuts, Price 2s.6d. Medieval History.

362 Pages, 7 Wood-cuts, Price 38. Modern History.

564 Pages, 2 Wood-cuts, Price 38. 6l. History of Rome.

History of Greece.

364 Pages, 1 Map, 30 Wood-cuts, Price 25, 6d. History of the British Empire. Price 2s. Edited by R. CHAMBERS.

KS Thoroughly revised and improved. Exemplary and Instructive

270 Dance 1 Man. Price 21. 6.

Bingranhu900 Pompe Price 2

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