The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood: With a Memoir, Volum 2

Dodd, Mead, 1867

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Side 206 - He has no children. All my pretty ones? Did you say all? O hell-kite! All? What, all my pretty chickens and their dam At one fell swoop?
Side 34 - Twas papered o'er with studious themes, The tasks I wrote — my present dreams Will never soar so high ! My joys are wingless all and dead ; My dumps are made of more than lead ; My flights soon find a fall ; My fears prevail, my fancies droop, Joy never cometh with a hoop, And seldom with a call...
Side 376 - The world recedes; it disappears! Heaven opens on my eyes! my ears With sounds seraphic ring: Lend, lend your wings! I mount! I fly! O Grave! where is thy victory? O Death! where is thy sting?
Side 24 - Rae ! — whatever sort beside You take in lieu, shun spiritual pride ! A pride there is of rank — a pride of birth, A pride of learning, and a pride of purse, A London pride — in short, there be on earth A host of prides, some better and some worse ; But of all prides, since Lucifer's attaint, The proudest swells a self-elected Saint.
Side 35 - ... hand to shake, It makes me shrink and sigh : — On this I will not dwell and hang, — The changeling would not feel a pang Though these should meet his eye ! No skies so blue or so serene As then ; — no leaves look half so green As clothed the playground tree ! All things I loved are alter'd so, Nor does it ease my heart to know That change resides in me...
Side 20 - s not reckon'da religious bird Because it keeps a-cawing from a steeple. The Temple is a good, a holy place, But quacking only gives it an ill...
Side 59 - He came, and knelt with all his fat. And made an offer plump. Said she, my taste will never learn To like so huge a man, So I must beg you will come here As little as you can.
Side 70 - s roaring, Peal on peal contending clash ; On our heads fierce rain falls pouring, In our eyes the paddles splash.
Side 35 - Beneath the stroke, and even find Some sugar in the cane ! The Arabian Nights rehearsed in bed ! The Fairy Tales in school-time read, By stealth, 'twixt verb and noun ! The angel form that always walk'd In all my dreams, and look'd and talk'd Exactly like Miss Brown ! The omne bene...
Side 207 - ... such as come forth with the dawn, or somewhat earlier, with ,their little professional notes sounding like the peep peep of a young sparrow...

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