Reports of Cases in Chancery, Argued and Determined in the Rolls Court During the Time of Lord Langdale, Master of the Rolls. [1838-1866], Volum 11


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Side lvi - We command you, that within [here insert a sufficient number of days within which the defendant might appear, with reference to the distance he may be at from England] days after the service of this writ on you, inclusive of the day of such service, you do cause an appearance to be entered for you in our court...
Side 239 - Bart., deceased, and his assigns, for and during the term of his natural life, without impeachment of or for any manner of waste...
Side lxiii - ... and of the rents and profits, or dividends, interest, or other proceeds received by such person, or by any other person by his order or for his use in case he shall have been in possession of the property over which the mortgage...
Side lviii - That (') or (4) heirs, executors, or administrators, will pay to the said the said sum of together with interest thereon at the rate of per cent.
Side xxxv - ... legacies after the rate of four per cent, per annum from the end of one year after the deceased's death, unless any other time of payment or rate of interest is directed by the will...
Side l - AB. the above-named plaintiff, states as follows : — 1. By an agreement, dated the day of and signed by the above-named defendant CD, he the said CD, contracted to buy of [or, sell to] him certain immoveable property therein described and referred to, for the sum of rupees.
Side 238 - ... subject only to the payment of my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, and the charge of proving and registering this my Will.
Side 116 - The simple proposition is this, that one man is not entitled to sell his goods under such circumstances, by the name, or the packet, or the mode of making up the article, or in such a way as to induce the public to believe that they are the manufacture of some one else.
Side lxii - ... under any deed or will, such property shall, subject and without prejudice to the trusts of any settlement affecting the same, belong to the woman for her separate use, and her receipts alone shall be a good discharge for the same.
Side lxiv - Defendant what shall be reported due to him for principal and interest, together with such costs, when taxed, within six months after the said Master shall have made his report, at such time and place as the said Master shall appoint...

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