« fortified themselves against all that **was said by Men of our Profession, « with this, that it was their Trade,

and that they were paid for it: · He hoped therefore that he might

have the more Influence, the less ' he shared in the Patrimony of the • Church.

Mr. Lock, whose accurate. Talent in reasoning is so much celebrated even by the Sceptics and Infidels of our Times, Thow'd his Zeal for Christianity, first, in his middle age, by publishing a Discourse on purpose to demonstrate the Reasonableness of believing Jesus to be the promis'd Messiah; and, after that, in the last years

of his Life, by a very judicious Commentary upon several of the Epistles of St. Paul.

He speaks of the MIRACLE S wrought by our Saviour and his Apostles, in the strongest manner, both as Facts unexceptionably true, and as the clearest Evidences of a

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divine mission. His words Reasonableare these; the Evidence of nebo &c.

256. our Saviour's mision from Heaven is so great in the multitude of his Miracles he did before all forts of people ( which the divine Providence and Wisdom has fo order'd, that they never were nor could be denied by any of the Enemies and Opposers of Christianity) that what be deliver'd, cannot but be received as the Oracles of God, and unquestionable verity. And again;

Ibid. After his Resurrection, be

P. 263, sent his Apostles amongst the Nations, accompanied with Miracles; which were done in all Parts so frequently, and before so many Witnesses of all sorts, in broad day-light, that, as I have often observ'd, the Enemies of Christianity have never dared to deny them; No, not Julian bimself: Who neither wanted Skill nor Power to inquire into the Truth; nor would have failed to have proclaimed and exposed it, if he could have detected any falfhood in the History of the Gospel, or found the least ground to question the Matter of Fact published by Christ and his Apostles. The Number and Evidence of the Miracles done by our Saviour and his Followers, by. the power and force of Truth bore down this mighty, and accomplished Emperor and all his Parts, in his own Domia nions. He durft not deny fo plain Matter of Fact; Which being granted, the truth of our Saviour's Doctrine and Mission unavoidably follows ; notwithstanding whatsoever. Artful Suggestions his Wit could invent, or Malice should offer, to the contrary.


To those who ask, What need was there of a Saviour? What Advan

tage have we by Jesus Christ? Mr. LOCK replies, It is

enough to justify the fitness of any thing to be done, by refolving it into the Wisdom of God, who has dona it; Whereof our narrow Understand

Ibid. p. 255.

ings, and mort Views may utterly incapacitate us ta judge. We know little of this Vibble, and nothing at all of the State of that Intellectual World (wherein are infinite numbers and degrees of Spirits out of the reach of our ken or guess,) and therefore know not what Transactions there were between God and our Saviour, in reference to his King dom. We know not what need there was to fit up a Head and a Chieftain, in oppohtion to THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD, THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR, &c, whereof there are more than obfcure intimations in Scripture. And we shall take too much upon us, if we shall call God's Wisdom or Providence to Account, and pertly condemn

for needless, all that our weak and perhaps biased UNDERSTANDING, cannot account for. And then he fhews at large the necesity there was of the Gospel-Revelation, to deliver the World from the miserable State of Darkness and Ignorance that mankind were in

Ibid. 260;

1. As to the true knowledge 257

of God, 2. As to the Worship 264. 282.

to be paid him, 3. As to the

duties to be perform'd to him. To which he adds the mighty Aids

and Encouragements to the per284. formance of our duty, 1. From the Assurance the Gospel gives of future Rewards and Punishments;

and 2. From the Promise of 289.

the Spirit of God to direct and

affist us.


The Holy SCRIPTURES are every where mentioned by him with the

greatest Reverence. He calls Pref. to them the Holy Books, the

Sacred Text, Holy Writ, and Divine Revelation; and exhorts Chri

stians to betake themselves

in earnest to the study of the way to Salvation, in these Holy Writing's, wherein God has reveald it from Heav'n, and propos'd it to the World; seeking our Religion where we are sure it is in truth to be found, com

Ibid. p. 24•

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