permanganate weighed and placed in them. The formaldehyde solution for each pail should then be measured into a wide-mouthed cup and placed by the pail in which it is to be used.

Although the reaction takes place quickly, by making preparations as advised all of the pails can be "set off" promptly by one person, since there is nothing to do but pour the formaldehyde solution over the permanganate. The rooms should be kept closed for four hours. As there is a slight danger of fire, the reaction should be watched through a window or the pails placed on a noninflammable surface.

97. Following a weekly medical inspection of the employees, a monthly report shall be submitted to the secretary of the medical milk commission, on the same recurring date by the examining visiting physician.

The following schedule, filled out in writing and signed by himself, is recommended as a suitable form for the attending physician's report:

This is to certify that, on the dates below indicated, official visits were

made to the dairy, owned and conducted by of (indicating

town and State), where careful inspections of the dairy employees were made.

o) Number and dates of visits since last report. .

6) Number of men employed on the plant. .

(c) Has a recent epidemic of contagion occurred near the dairy, and what was its nature and extent? .

(d) Have any cases of contagious or infectious disease occurred among the men since the last report? .

(e) Disposition of such cases. .

(/) What individual sickness has occurred among the men since the last

report? .

(g) Disposition of such cases. .

(A) Number of employees now quarantined for sickness. .

(i) Describe the personal hygiene of the men employed for milking when prepared for and during the process of milking. .

(7) What facilities are provided for sickness in employees? .

(k) General hygienic condition of the dormitories or houses of the employees. ——.

(/) Suggestions for improvement. .

(m) What is the hygienic condition of the employees and their surroundings? .

(n) How many employees were examined at each of the foregoing visits? (0) Remarks.

Attending Physician.



Explanation Of Table. — The first column of figures in the table gives the number of i00-Calorie portions in one pound of the food as purchased. The next four columns show the weight of food which yields 100 Calories, i.e. the weight of the i00Calorie portion, both in ounces and in grams, and both for the material as purchased and for the edible portion. Next follow columns showing the amount of protein first in Calories and then in grams, which the i00-Calorie portion of food contains. The protein content as thus expressed often gives a truer impression of the food as a source of protein than does the percentage by weight of protein which the food material contains.

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* In these cases the amounts are assumed to be negligible.

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