pretty well," could not touch a TUESDAY, with a list of six races, bit themselves. After the repast to start at one o'clock; soon found the youngsters returned to their that the first race was off. This, gloomy cloistersmade more so and not the want of punctuality from a show of fire-works at in the King, nor the temporary Windsor-bridge, which should Prospero-like storm raised by the have been splendid, but, from Duke of Wellington, was the real there being too much gin and cause of the gorgeous spectacle beer in their composition (and of a Royal procession, no doubt these adulterated), were both the finest in the world (horses slack and not over bright. We and carriages duly considered), are, however, taught to expect being withheld from us till halfbetter things another year, when past one-a true Cockney, loyalty the Bill has passed for prevents and love of sights made him ing people from being put in think every minute an hour : prison for debt. But, surely, these gratified, everything went says one, “they might have let off smoothly : baskets well stored, the man come down for a week and seven beautiful race-horses or two to make the necessary pre- saddled and paraded in their preparations on an occasion like this, sence: a fine day, and the course, as the King is a judge of fire- as usual, thoroughly well kept. works.”_" Aye,” says another Mr. Hervey's Protocol took (no doubt an interested one), the lead, and made good play to “perhaps, if the fireworks would the Bottom. G. Edwards then not go off, the man might !" In gave up his high station and hard the course of the afternoon, two work to John Day, on Lord Claor three Dukes and four or five rendon's Datura, who kept it up Lords were sent to the Round with spirited confidence until it Tower. Now, in other times of came to “diamond cut diamond," our History, such a thing, or even when in went Pavis, without a a report of it, would have filled joke, on Colonel Peel's Earnest, the country with consternation; winning by a length the Oatlands but instead of this, they came out Stakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft., again between eight and nine two miles; Datura second; Lord o'clock, dined with His Majesty, Lowther's Lazarone (Chapple) the Queen, and Court, as happy third : Arnull on Byzantium (a as if nothing had happened ; nay, gay deceiver); Robinson much happier than if they had Hawker (travelling without a gone to the best inns, and paid licence. Chifney, united to Lufor comfort and accommodations cetta, who might go where he not half so good. This Round could (not where he would), was Tower is now perfectly finished, last 100 yards. Perhaps no man fitted, and furnished, and is said in the world on horseback knows to be (by those that have tried the difference between possible several) the most elegant prison and probable better than he does, in Europe; and those that have but he very soon declined having had the honour of being lodged anything to do with either. in it would like to be served so A Match between Mr. Cosby's again.

The Bravo, 8st. 10lb., and GeneArrived on the course early on ralGrosvenor's Falernia, 7st. 1llb., Vol. VII.-Second Series.—No. 39.



the Old Mile the latter made I know there is a CHARM in the play on account of the weights, effect.but it availed her nothing, though His Majesty's Plate of 100gs. she did it well to the last hundred for horses of all ages, weights acyards. The Bravo then com- cordingly, to start at the New pletely bullied her out of it, as- Mile starting-post, and go once sisted not a little by Robinson's round. This allows the spectagreat patience and fine riding. tors to see " the pretty creatures” John Day rode Falernia.

twice; and pretty creatures they Produce Sweepstakes of 100 were to those who think one sovs. each, for three-year-olds- horse exactly

exactly like another. colts 8st. 7lb., fillies 8st. 3lb.; Surely it cannot be true that one untried parent allowed 3lb., money is scarce and race-horses if both 5lb.; the Old Mile-a numerous, or who would not very severe course, and one that pocket 100gs. (the old-fashioned) soon takes the shine out of the when “ to be had” on such easy “ best of stuff.”—Dirce made terms? Four only came to the play, and, though race-time, it post, and these not of the first was no holiday ; two or three class twelve entered; but a taste others, for instance Mantilla, of the Oatlands had stamped a Lucius, and another, were on the value on the pretensions of most alert. This was suffered up to of them. Lord Clarendon's Da. the distance, when Toby went up tura made good sprightly runa little nearer, but not so as to ning all the way, and was never first beat one and then another, caught. At the distance, John but with one mighty rush de- Day, her jockey,“ like the rest feated them all at once, with of the curious," took a gentle seeming ease, by a length. This pull to see how the "pretty creariding is Robinson's greatest ex- tures” looked : soon satisfied, he cellence, except one. The Duke set his head straight, and won of Portland's Lottery colt, his three parts of a length; G. Eddam Pledge, was second (John wards's Camel filly, rode by his Day); Dirce (Flatman, late Natt) brother Teddy, second ; Lanthird. This was a fine Stake; guish third ; and the Brother to something like soft-smiling .cha- Kate last. rity, which covers a multitude of Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, sins; as there were nineteen sub- h. ft., three-year-olds, colts est. scribers of 100 sovs. each, as 71b., fillies &st. 3lb., the winner of above stated, with, according to the Derby or Oaks to carry 71b. the show, about seven to the post. extra, the New Mile-nine subThe betting was said to be 2 to l scribers, and four to the postagst Lucius, 3 to 1 agst the Pu- won by Colonel Peel's Young celle filly, and 4 to 1 agst Toby. Rapid by three parts of a length, Mr. Theobald claims all the merit nicely executed by Pavis ; Duke for Tarrare, as being the sire of of Grafton's Octave second, beauToby: Mr. Scott Stonehewer is tiful in tune, but slow in timeas strenuous for The Witch, his John Day did not find out, till it dam; and thus wisely concludes was half over, that he was a sethe argument—" Whether Tar- cond only, and not a leader ; Rorare is the cause, or The Witch, binson on Shylock third ; and G.

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Edwards on Anglesea last. The the distance ; but, like all short betting, what there was, seemed run races, though they avoid pretty much in favour of Young many difficulties, they encounter Rapid.

others: it must be near and severe, The King and Court now left and, in consequence of the velothe course, and the concourse city, none but a Judge of long very civil certainly, but very experience, nice discriminative silent, with enough, however, to sight, good nerve, unerring judgbe seen in almost every counte- ment, and undoubted integrity, nance. We will support Our can possibly decide-such to my King as he supports his Minis- own knowledge is Mr. John Clark, ters after the artful attack by the the Newmarket Judge for EPDuke of Wellington. His Ma- SOM, Ascor, Goodwood, BATH, jesty's decided declaration had and most of the races of consenot been made, or at least not quence in England. Who can made known to the public, up to gainsay this? Who, as a bythis moment.

stander, would venture to think This day's sport terminated against a man that absolutely with a race between Mr. Gard- knows? What jockey but a rash nor's Tarquin, 8st. (Pavis), and one would swear that he absoMr. Ricardo's Sketch-Book, Est. lutely won, when he had not the 5lb. (Robinson), which was won means of knowing, from his posiby the former by three lengths— tion, as well as having other a Dickey affair in every sense, fish to fry," instead of making except the coin, that was 100 observations-unless self-interest sovs. Everything is out of the gives a man second or other Sketch-Book that is valuable ; sight? We had, however, a little what is left is out of drawing- of this. As the race was run, burlesque ! Nay, Sketch-Book is Arnull, on Lord Exeter's Sir Roas much out of favour with sports- bert, was first two strides before men as the Red Book is with he came to the post, and first two others. A stable of such would strides after he had passed it: soon get a man into the Black but Robinson on Bravo was a Book, if such a thing is de- head first at the goal itself. Arsirable.

null, however, was weak enough SECOND DAY, WEDNESDAY.- to try to prove what he only Plenty of racing, the company wished. Robinson, to my knowvery genteel, but not numerous. ledge, has served him the same

The Albany Stakes was the trick more than twenty times on first on the list ; nine subscribers the worst horse. Now, if Arnull of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.; colts would try to discover how this is 8st. 71b., fillies &st. 3lb., the New done, it would do more credit to Mile; any poor thing that had his head and heart, rather than had the misfortune to win the make a master dissatisfied by enTwo Thousand Guineas Stakes, tering into a wrangle in which the Derby, or Oaks, to carry five he has not, and ought not, to have pounds extra for so offending- a voice. This is the excellence I four came to the post, not all alluded to yesterday in Robinfaultless, but guiltless of these. son's riding, in which there is a They came temperately to near quickness surpassing all other

wish to go.

men. Chifney's mighty rush is play to the Bottom on Non Comsomething like it, but of a dif- pos, Mr. Cosby's—Sir G. Heathferent quality, and for a different cote ought to have done it. Sir purpose. Sir Robert was of Gilbert rather blamed Buckle course second, the Twatty colt for making too free with his (Flatman) third, Col. Yates's (late horse Damascus: it was, howMr. Bristow's) Uncle Toby (Chap- ever, the only way to win, as ple) fourth. This horse had been Non Compos is ever non compos out of a fit of illness only ten at these games. As it was he won days, therefore could not be fit by a head, whereas, if more runto run. In the betting it was 4 ning had been made, he would to 1 agst Bravo, the winner. have been beat by two: the

Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. each, Twatty colt (Flatman) third. 30 ft.; colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, Mr. Chifney's Shoveller filly 8st. 4lb.; T. Y. C. eight subs., finished the day by a walk over half of whom paid forfeit-won for a Stakes of 100 sovs. each; by Lord Exeter's Sultan filly- three subscribers. Dahlia's dam, a length (Con- THURSDAY, the Grand Day at nolly). Arnull, it was said, re- Ascot, a wonderful sight to see fused, from fear she should want certainly. Only fancy that in a to take him where he had no Desert not to be surpassed in

Mr. Wreford's alias barrenness, not by Arabia even, a Mr. Dilly's Warrener (Cowley), concourse of people innumerable, was second-mystery and favo- with their KING amongst them, ritism not worth a groat; Mr. joyous and happy, clothed, as Grant's Little John or Gaber well as himself, with all the lunzie filly (Norman), third. elegances upon earth ; and, when Lord Lichfield's Whitefoot, Bro- they come to open their baskets, ther to Terry Alt, so lame as to be you would say, fed with them thought unfit for the enterprise, too. Well might Napoleon sigh hopped off at the last moment: for Ships, Colonies, and Comhe, however, might have stayed, merce ; and soon should we cry for it was the slowest race ever if we had them not. seen, and only fit for cripples :- The Windsor Forest Stakes of 5 to 1 against Lord Exeter. 50 sovs. each, h. ft., five subs., a

Fifty Pound Plate, for which poor race, and not suited to the six started at the Swinley post. occasion, as two only of these Robinson won on Mr. Cosby's came to the post. John Day, on Copper Captain a length ; Mr. the Duke of Grafton's Octave (in G. Edwards's Camel filly second, a higher pitch than usual), won rode by his brother Edward ; Lord by two lengths. Lord Exeter's Lowther's Messenger (Wheatley), Mantilla tried hard, but could third: Byzantium and Tarquin neither go fast enough nor long nowhere, and Misletoe out of enough, against a hill like the season, and

not wanted till Old Mile. Christmas.

The ECLIPSE Foot, the most The Swinley Stakes of 25 splendid of all sporting relics, to sovs. each: --three-year-olds, which His MAJESTY gives 2001. 7st. 4lb., and four, &st. 10lb., the like good sauce to a good dish last mile and a half ; three started -nay to a cow-heel it would and one paid. Charles Day made be acceptable to many-particu


larly as he may eat his heel, or filly by Whalebone (Pavis) was lose the glittering curiosity ano- second; Mr. Cosby's Pussey ther year by challenge, like the third—“this is a cat not likely Jockey Club Whip; but His to catch mice.” No one Majesty's graciously-given sove- wonder at Mr. Gates selling the reigns may be kept by the win- dam of Sir W. Freemantle's Carner as long as Fortune or Misfor- bonaro filly: for who, I should tune may choose to let him: and be glad to know, would not feel he who may choose to put “his happy after selling such a mother? foot” into this adventure must The Gold Cup of 200 sovs. put down another hundred, his value, a subscription of 20 sovs. opponent doing the same, which each, for horses of all ages; and is all handed over to the winner. though placed shining in the Mr. Cosby fills the happy si- front of the Stand, with great tuation of Treasurer for the time names to it, all made excuses but being by his black horse Gallo- two-Sir M. Wood's ucetta and pade having won easy at the last Lord Exeter's Galata. Arnull, by two lengths, giving 2st. 5lb. on Galata, at starting made an to Dirce for her being two years advance of more than a hunyounger. With this of course dred yards ; so it ended, and this she made play, and did it re- is all we saw of it. Poor old spectably to the last hundred Lucetta must now be quite done yards, when Gallopade came up, up-—it is true I thought so two fresh, fine, and fit to run, trained and even three years ago, but she on the spot, husbanded with Ro- rose again like a Phænix out of binson's extraordinary patience, her own ashes ; but now I fear and ready to assist him with his there is not a latent spark left: acknowledged talent, if wanted; others must have thought so too, while Dirce had been trained, as the betting was 3 to 1 agst her. tried, and travelled, far beyond Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, her years.

for colts of 1830, eight subs. but Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, only two at the post-won by 20 ft. seven subs., for two-year- Lord Tavistock's Anglesea (G. olds; those that had won a Edwards), a length easy; Lord Sweepstakes to carry 3lb. extra. Jersey's Lucius (Robinson) seSix came to the post-Mr. Forth's cond. Longwaist filly won it very cle- ROYAL STAKES of 100 sovs. verly, wherein the honesty of the each, h. ft. nine subs., but, as befather shone forth in the daughter. fore, two only started—won by Norman (once Snowy) rode her three parts of a length with with a thorough knowledge of some stoutness and good speed what he was about—if he had sat by Col. Peel's Young Rapid, down the last hundred yards, even neatly rode by Pavis ; Lord if it had not done better, it would Exeter's Sir Robert (Arnull), have looked so. Poor Forth was rather slow, and with honesty too ill to attend himself, but not above suspicion. those who know him agreed that His Majesty, the Queen, and winning this race would do him party, stayed the whole time, and more good than one of Dr. So- saw out a long day's racing, lomon's largest bottles of Balm though with little sport; but if of Gilead. Mr. Gardnor's Luna His Majesty can take pleasure in

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