the air-rending acclamations of the speed : so that when he made his subjects, he must have had his rush, his rush was not worth a fine day's sport indeed. a straw, except that he made a

Friday, a fine day, but a great dead heat of it with Emir. None falling off in the company-say of the rest had a chance, although nineteen out of twenty at least. Non Compos was amongst the This clearly shews that the at- highest in the betting. In runtachment must be to the King ning after the dead heat, and and his Government, for we had gaining knowledge from expea better day's racing than the rience, George waited to the very previous one, under the influence identical stride, made his run, and of a popular Monarch and a won by half a length. Before the blazing Court.

dead heat it was 3 to lagst Emir, Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, and 4 to agst Ambrosio: after it, h.ft. the Old Mile, four subs.--for 11 to 8 on Ambrosio-so that which Col. Peel's Young Rapid others saw it in the same light walked over.

This young strip- that I did. ling, whether he walks or whether The Wokingham Stakes, as a he runs, is making rapid strides finish to the revels, had eleven to perfection.

names to it of five sovs. each His Majesty's Plate of 100gs. - handicap—which must have for hunters,weight forage. Four been pretty good, as nine of them came to the post, more like the accepted the conditions, the dishunted than hunters : even Do- tance three quarters of the New negani, the winner by six lengths, Mile:-avery good race, won by a looked as if he had neither play head with the Duke of Rutland's nor pay : Mr. Shackell's Trump Shylock, 6st. 1211. (Wakefield); equivocal--but if it means a the Partisan colt, his dam Rachel, card, it is the lowest in the pack, 6st. 7lb. (little Crouch), second : though Teddy Wright, by good nothing else placed, but Mr. play, brought him second. "Mr. Malony; and if it had been done Hervey's Chesnut and Mr. Cur- as sitting for a caricature, nothing tis's Rubens horse did not do on earth could have been more much credit to their sires, nor to successful ; but what is worse, their masters' hay and corn. Poor the beautiful little harmless LandSir William, if he had been alive, rail was made to carry 9st. 4lb. would have found something to look ridiculous, and placed better, at least for himself, if not last by a hundred yards, and all for them: C. Day had the honour, from the same proceeding. and Wm. Day the money,

Young Rapid has been the A Plate of 501. for all ages, most successful horse at Ascot, weights accordingly, the Old having won this Meeting the two Mile, eight entered. The race greatest Stakes and a walk over (when it became one) lay between -and a walk over, Mr. Editor, the Duke of Grafton's Emir, 3 allow me to tell you, is the best yrs old (Chapple), and Mr. J. T. of all turf certainties, when the Wood's Ambrosio, 4 yrs old, rode Stakes are paid up. by George Edwards, giving a

Obediently yours, stone for the year. At the dis

OBSERVATOR. tance Ambrosio was first-a place Three Colts Tavern, Horsleydown, where he had no business, having

June 14, 1833.



“ O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea,

Our souls as thoughtless and our hearts as free,
Far as the ocean flows, the billows roam,

Syrvey our empire, and behold our home."-BYRON.
N the Volume of your interest- the blessing of their bewitching

ing Magazine for last year I smiles, raised the Club to the had the honour of commencing highest national eminence to an inquiry into the state of Bri- which it could possibly attain. tish Yachting, and of considering The Royal Irish Club consists at the national utility of Yacht the present period of sixty-three Clubs. In prosecution of my .yachts, and fourteen race-gigs, plan I have now to offer a few which have for their banners St. remarks on the Yachting of the George's ensign bearing the anSister Island; and I am the more · cient arms of Ireland in the ceninclined to commence with the tre, and a Burgee carrying on the festivals of Ireland, since I per- cross the Crown and Harp. The ceive by your last Number that Club possesses all the privileges you will shortly be supplied

with of the Royal Yacht Club, in ada series

of papers on the Royal dition to peculiar favours granted Yacht Club, by, I have reason to to the yachts in Foreign Ports, as believe, an experienced and able the letter of Prince Talleyrand, hand.

presently to be noticed, will I shall first call your attention shew. During the usual season to the Royal Irish Yacht Club, the Yachts rendezvous in Kingsthe richest Yacht Society in Ire- town Harbour on the first and land, and certainly the most per- third Tuesday in each month, fect in plan; and I much incline to and sail in fleet and manæuvre think that I shall not err in calling under the Commodore in the fine it, as a whole, the most admirable bay of Dublin ; after which the Yacht Club in Europe. This Members dine together, aversplendid Club was founded in aging at dinner generally eighty August 1831, by some of the Members. The new Club House most opulent and influential of the Society is a handsome ediGentry of Ireland, whose exer- fice, situated in Clarendon Buildtions have been seconded by a ings, Great Brunswick Street; in host of able and generous men, addition to which the Committee who have co-operated with them have further provided for the in establishing their Club on the comfort of the Members by estamost secure, liberal, and exten- blishing temporary Club Rooms sive footing. And I need not at the Royal Hotel, Kingstown, add that the new Society had during the sailing months. The scarcely seen one summer before uniform of the Club, in unison the most lovely women of the with the general splendour of the South of Ireland were busy in its arrangements, is very handsomeinterests; and, by conferring on it being blue lined with white; the buttons bearing a crown and 33; the Orlando, 25; the Gipsey, harp with the letters R.I.Y.C. Paul Pry, and Shannon, 24; the

There are upwards of two hun- Morning Star and Dicky Sam, 20; dred and eighty Members in this the Eliza, 17; Camilla, 16; Club, twenty-seven of whom, in- Tickler, Emily, Fitzwilliam, Wacluding Lords Yarborough, Port- ter Witch, Gazelle, Reynard, arlington, and Charles Kerr, have Black Joke, Lancer, and Fairy, joined since the list and regula- 15; Maria and Daisy, 12; the tions for the present year were Red Gauntlet, Penguin, Ivanhoe, printed. Among the opulent and Paddy Carey, Harriet, Hotspur, distinguished Members we notice Mermaid, Jane, Caroline, Curlew, H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex, the Tarquin, and Vivid, of 10 tons Duke of Wellington, the Mar- each. quisses of Anglesey and Donegal; Every yacht owner, on joining the Earl of Belfast; Viscounts the Club, is immediately furnishFincastle, Ingestre, and Lorton ; ed with a numerical and distinLords Wm. Beresford, Edward guishing flag ; and by the eighChichester, Thomas Cecil, and teenth Sailing Regulation the Templemore; the Honorables yachts are always to appear with W. II. Beresford, C. F. Ellis, the yacht-burgee flying at the C. H. Grey, W. D. Irby, A. J. mast-head. Candidates for adJocelyn, Robert King, P. More- mission are to be proposed, at ton, E. Phillips, A. Spencer, least one clear week before the H. Saville, L.P. Trench, and G. ballot, by a Member of the AssoVaughan; and the following ciation, who is answerable for the Baronets--Sir RobertGoreBooth, entrance money and for the first Sir J. Baird, Sir W. de Bathe, year's subscription. Ten must and Sir B. Hartwell ; besides à be present at the ballot, and one list of rich and eminent Com- black bean in seven excludes. moners, whom we have not room Every Member pays five guineas to particularise.

entrance, and three guineas anLord Yarborough's ship, the nually. The affairs of the Club Falcon, 351 tons, is, we presume, are managed by a Commodore, the largest vessel in the Club in Vice-Commodore, a Committee of point of tonnage. Earl Belfast's twenty-one, and two Honorary beautiful brig Water Witch, of Secretaries, elected by ballot on 330 tons, and his fine cutter the first Tuesday in February: Louisa, 162, take the next rank: three to form a quorum.

No while the Marquis of Anglesey's person, not being a Member of well-known Pearl, 113, loses no. the Club, can be admitted to any thing of her value as a gem of part of the Club House ; nor are high renown by occupying the politics, gambling, or smoking fourth station. We then find the permitted in the Club Room. Corsair, 85; the Gossamer and It is highly honorable to this Crusader, 72; the Ganymede, 69; splendid Body that they have the Vampyre, Neuha, Turk, and manifested in their arrangements Caroline, 49; the Water Witch a spirit of liberality worthy of and Druid, 44; Zephyr, Kate, the high name they bear, and and Adelaide, 42; Don Juan and fully indicative of the esteem they Tartar, 34; the Zoe and Emily, entertain for naval and military

heroism. Officers of the Navy their own number, and aided by afloat, and Officers of the Army on such Naval Officers as they may full pay, are elected by ballot as choose, attend in the Club-Room Honorary Members without any to see the stations drawn for, and charge, and are admitted to the necessary preliminaries adevery advantage from the Club justed in due course, that all deHouse in Dublin, and the tem- lay may be avoided in the maporary one maintained during the nagement of the ensuing race. summer at Kingstown. They There must be in each vessel gladly avail themselves of the either a Member or an Honorary privilege thus nobly granted, and Member on the days of sailing. are, of course, too sensible of so

The Rowing Matches of the high a compliment to give the Club are pulled for in four-cared Members any reason to repent gigs, pulled and steered by Gen. their generosity. These Hono- tlemen, one of the crew at least rary Members do not take part in being a Member of the Club. the proceedings of the Club. Each boat is provided with a flagLong may this happy and auspi- staff, carried in the stern five feet cious union of plan and purpose clear of the gun-wale; and there prosper! Long may the warm- can be no Match unless three start hearted Gentry of Ireland blend in each race. under the bright banner of the Members of Yacht Clubs Royal Irish Yacht Club the An- coming over to contend for prizes chor, the Lion, and the Harp; at these Regattas are, in the most and remember that by unity and handsome manner, admitted to public spirit they will become in the privileges of the Club Rooms vincible by any other Society in at the Royal Hotel, Kingstown, the world!

and the Club House in Dublin, The Sailing Regulations of the equally with the Members of the Club are very excellent. All Association. An arrangement is Yachts contending for prizes at now pending between the R.I.Y.C. the Regattas must be entered one and the Irish and Scottish Divi. week previous to the day of sail- sions of the Royal Northern Yacht ing; and the distinguishing flag Club, to have only one code of appointed be carried

at the main- signals and one set of flags for top mast-head until she gives up both Clubs. This would tend the race. Cutters are allowed to much to simplify signalising ; incarry at the Club Regatta four dependently of which, the advansails only-main-sail, fore-sail, tages of such a consolidation of jib, and gaff-top-sails: Yawls, interests would be immense; and, the same sails, with the addition from the good feeling which exof themizen: Luggers, three lugs, ists, we doubt not that we shall jib, and main-topsail : Schooners, soon see the accomplishment of main-sail, fore-sail, fore-staysail, the scheme. jib, main-gaff-topsail, fore-top- From what has now been said, sail, and fore-top-gallant. No it may appear that some cause booming out allowed. On an ap- not discernible at first sight may pointed day previous to the Re- have contributed to the unexamgatta the Sailing Committee, se- pled prosperity of this Club; and lected by the Committee from I am proud to acknowledge that VOL. VII..SECOND SERIES.No. 39.

I i

I say,

the great

such is truly the case.

droits de douanes et de tonnage. Il faudra Mr. Editor, that I am proud to seulement que la Société transmette à confess it; because this success is l'Administration des Douanes Françaises to be attributed to the unwearied co-exemplaires de la liste de ses embarca. exertions of every Member of the tions, et qu'elle renouvelle cet envoi tout Society-to the “pulling toge- les ans : à l'aide de cette condition indisther” of all in the promotion of pensable toutes difficultés de la part de national

l'Administration des Douanes seront pré. cause which

venues. 'Mr. Le Ministre de la Marine they have united to uphold_and venues. to a conviction that every one

a de son côté donné de nouveaux ordres must contribute his best exertions

à ses agents dans les perts, pour que les

Yachts y trouvent toutes les ressources to the common stock, in order to

dont ils pourront avoir besoin.' Recevez, enhance the splendour, maintain the opulence, and secure the well- Monsieur, l'assurance de ma parfaite con

sideration. being of the Royal Yacht Club of

“ LE PRINCE DE TALLEYRAND, Ireland: and I cannot pass by in “ Mr. Le Secretaire du ' Royal this place the obligations under

Irish Yacht Club.'” which I am laid by the constant kindness of John Patterson, Esq. that the funds of the R.I.Y.C. are

It is almost unnecessary to add in contributing to me much information of great value in the very prosperous. The prizes of composition of this paper; nor

1832 amounted to 7001. They omit to notice the pleasure it has amount this year to 8501., inafforded me to see among the cluding two splendid Cups preMembers, and on the Committee, sented by H. R. H. the Duchess of the R.I.Y.C. a Gentleman of Kent and His Excellency the whose zeal in its cause and ability Marquis of Anglesey, and anoin the promotion of its interests ther presented by the Garrison of are above my feeble praise.

Dublin. In the commencement of the

The following are the Officers present year negotiations were

of the Club for the present pending in order to procure for year :the Club the patronage and fa

The MARQUIS of DONEGAL, vour of the French Government; Commodore-Yacht Caroline. and it is with much satisfaction SIR ROBERT GORE BOOTH, Bart. that I lay before your readers the Vice-Commodore--Yacht Water Witch, following official letter from Talleyrand to Colonel Lloyd, one of the Secretaries :

0.Armstrong, Esq.... Yacht Fitzwilliam.

The Earl of Belfast.........louisa. “ Hanover Square, London, Edwin Battersby, Esq.

April 25, 1833. J. Congreve, Esq..... ..Druid. “MONSIEUR-Mr. Le Ministre de la John Cooper, Esq. Gypsey. Marine vient de me transmettre la ré.

Eyre Coote, Esq. M.P. ...Gossamer. ponse de MM. les Ministres des Finances Henry Davis, Esq. et du Commerce, que j'ai eu l'honneur George French, Esq. de vous annoncer par ma lettre du 4 April Rev. Denis George............Vampyre. dernier. Le Directeur des Douanes a été Thos. Halahan, Esq., R.N. autorisé à donner des ordres afin que les John Jameson, Esq. batimens du · Royal Irish Yacht Club' Hon. Robert King ........Jane. soient admis dans nos ports sans payer de Colonel Madden.............. Corsair,


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