Dalton M'Carthy, Esq.

Fifty Pound Cup, presented by the J.C. Shaw, Esq..........

.Dicky Sam. Duchess of Kent, for Club Yachts Joseph Swan, Esq............Paul Pry. not exceeding 50 tons—contested by John Patterson, Esq.

...... Red Gauntlet. ten; won by the Adelaide, 42, W. John Vance, Esq.............Camilla.

Lander, Esq. Samuel Waring, Esq.

Five, Four, and Three Pounds, for James Watson, Esq.......... Zephyr.

four-oared Fishermen's Boats-Won W. H. Wright, Esq. ...... Lancer. by Kingstown men.

THIRD DAY, JUNE 27. Col. Owen Lloyd... Yacht Kate.

Ladies' Cup, value 1051., for all Wm. Hutchison, Esq., R.N.

Yachts—the Louisa, Earl Belfast,

sailed over; no contest—the five others BANKERS.

entered having declined to start. Messrs. Ball & Co., Henry-street, Dublin.

Silver Cup, value 40l., presented Messrs. Glyn & Co., London.

by Messrs. Smith and Gamble, for It will be interesting and use- all Yachts not exceeding 25 tons-, ful to many other Sailing Socie- contested by nine; won by the Paul ties to have a general scheme of Pry, 25, J. Swan, Esg. the last Regatta of the R.I.Y.C.; Victoria Cup, value 301., presented and the more so as the arrange- by the Princess Victoria, for fourments cannot be too widely pared Gigs-contested by four; won known, nor their example too by the Red Gig, A. Kennedy, Esq. freely followed.


Silver Cup, value 1001., presented Of the Royal Irish Yacht Club, Yachts belonging to Irish Yacht

by the Marquis of Anglesey, for all Dublin Bay, June 25, including Clubs, with time for tonnage:—there vessels belonging to the Royal being six classes, viz. not exceeding Northern and Royal Cork Clubs.

20 tons, 35, 50, 75, 100, and unli

mited; and six minutes odds being 1501.--contested by six ; won by Lord the Paul Pry, 25, J. Swan, Esq.Kingstown Challenge Cup, value given to each class in advance of the

others--contested by fifteen ; won by Belfast's Louisa, 162 tons.

The Red Gauntlet did wonders in Silver Cup, value 201., for Yachts this race. not exceeding 12 tons--contested by three ; won by the Red Gauntlet, J. cared Gigs-contested by five; won

Silver Cup, value 30l., for fourPatterson, Esq.

by the Red Gig, A. Kennedy, Esq. Gresham Cup, value 301., for fouroared Gigs--contested by four ; won

FIFTH DAY, JUNE 29. by the Erin, J. Kennedy, Esq.

Silver Cup, value 501. for Yachts Twenty Pounds, for Pilot Boats belonging to Irish Clubs, a time-race contested by four ;

-contested by nine; won by the

won by the Bee, 44.

Zephyr, 42, J. Watson, Esq. Five Pounds, for Club Yacht Punts, cared Gigs-contested by eight; won

Silver Cup, value 251., for foursculled-contested by eighteen ; won by the Paul Pry's punt.

by the Erin, J. Kennedy, Esq.

Ten Pounds, for Yacht Punts, twoSECOND DAY, JUNE 26. oared-contested by twenty-three ; Silver Cup, value 251., for Yachts won by the Kate. not exceeding 15 tons—contested by Forty, Thirty, and Twenty Pounds, four; won by Red Gauntlet, 10, J. for Fishing Snackscontested by Patterson, Esq.



Ten, Six, and Four Pounds, for Yachts to emblazon on the sails of four-oared men of war's boats--won their Yachts the armorial bear. by the boats of the Pike and Royal ings of their families, with such Charlotte.

augmentations as they may be Length of course, eighteen miles. entitled to bear on their respective Blowing stiff gaff topsail breeze from shields, after the gorgeous method S. W. at the commencement of the adopted in early periods of hisRegatta, gradually decreasing towards the close of the week.

tory, as exemplified in the Colo.

nel's drawings of ancient and His Excellency

modern shipping; a class which, The MARQUIS of ANGLESEY

although amounting to about Commodore.

170, forms but one series of his The EARL of BELFAST

extraordinary and unrivalled colVice-Commodore.

lection of drawings in zoology,

antiquities, costume, paleograThe arrangements for the pre- phy, heraldry, and topography, sent year are very splendid; the amounting to more than TEN Regatta will occupy four days; THOUSAND—the whole the work and from the amount of prizes, of his own pencil! Such a syswe may anticipate the pleasure of tem of blazon on the fore top" reporting progress" in a satis- sails of square-rigged vessels, and factory manner in your Number on a square topsail or even gafffor August. The principal matches topsail of cutters, of the very on the first and third days will be lightest canvas, to be used in each time-races : and I take leave here

case on gala days, would add to suggest to the Committees of great elegance and ornament to all Regattas the propriety of the Yachts, and be but another adopting time-races more fre- distinctive mark of the high chaquently; for by throwing toge- racter of our Clubs. ther in this way four or five classes The suggestion was offered of six or eight Yachts each, and with a view to its adoption by by giving the prizes of those a new Club about to be estas classes to the four or five first ves. blished at Plymouth, under the sels, more interest would be ex- title of the Royal Western cited in the public mind—the Yacht Club,” for the admission race would be more spirited- of all Yachts, without reference and the scene far more lively than to port, rig, or tonnage ; and the it could otherwise be.

success of which, resting, as it I beg also to notice a sugges. does, on the most liberal and pation made to the writer by a Gen- triotic plans, may, I trust, be tleman who is avowedly the most commensurate with the zealous learned and accomplished autho- intentions of its Members, and rity in all matters of taste, and especially of Captain Dolling, whose talents are known and R.N., R. Y.C., the indefatigable valued by every literary and sci- Treasurer of the present Regatta entific character in civilized Club. Europe. It has been proposed to me by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles

In my next I hope to give Hamilton Smith, F.R.L., F.L.S. some detailed particulars respect&c. &c. to recommend owners of ing the Royal Northern and Cork Clubs; and now take leave of the pride of that city of which it is Royal Irish Yacht Club, for the now the ornament. present, with my cordial and I am, Sir, yours, &c. sincere hopes that it may long

MOUNTAINEER. continue to flourish, and be the Plymouth, June 10, 1833.



THE person who subscribes Meire's eldest son has a little

himself SALOPIAN, in the grey mare in his possession, about account he gives of the Shrop- fourteen hands and a half high, shire fox-hounds, I perceive, has the completest animal I ever saw, committed a few errors, and has and a very superior hunter. He omitted to name some of the best has many times refused 130gs. horsemen in the Hunt. Mr. for this mare. Mr. Meire not Lyster, of Rowton Castle, when only excels in his breed of horses, mounted on his Jupiter horse, is but is equally notorious for the unquestionably the neatest and superiority of his breed of cattle, best horseman Shropshire can sheep, and all other stock. There boast of: besides, there is Mr. are a great number of very reSmith Owen, Mr. Lloyd of As- spectable farmers in the neighton, Major Hill, Mr. Clement bourhood of Shrewsbury that Hill

, Captain Philip Hill, Mr. breed and sell a great many vaOwen of the Woodhouse, and luable


horses to Mr. AnMr. Vincent Corbett of Sundorne, derson, at very high prices; and many

other Gentlemen equal amongst the number I name Mr. to any in Leicestershire. The Habberley of Walton, and Mr. kennel, SALOPIAN says, is four W. L. Horsley of Sibberscott, miles from Shrewsbury on the who have bred and sold to Mr. Welch-pool road; whereas it is Anderson, within a few years, only one mile from Shrewsbury six young horses for nearly a on the Market Drayton road. Mr. thousand guineas. He has had Meire, of Berrington, certainly the misfortune to lose two young breeds a great many valuable horses, which were at least worth young horses : he has one brood 400gs., in the above time. Mr. mare that has brought him twelve Horsley takes great care of his foals, out of which nine were horses; he is an excellent judge, horse colts, and he has sold most rides well to hounds, and when of them to Mr. Anderson, of Lon- he parts with his horses at five don, at great prices. Indepen- and six years old, Mr. Anderson dently of this mare's produce, he pronounces them sufficientlyhas had many valuable horses in made hunters for any Nobleman's his possession, which have been establishment; and probably that sold at heavy figures. Mr. El- is the reason Mr. Anderson gives more, I believe, never purchased Mr. Horsley such high prices a horse from Mr. Meire, nor did for his horses. I ever hear of his being in Shrop- I am, Sir, yours, &c.

H. shire in search of horses. Mr.

June 16, 1833.





ERBERT LACY, a very my intention to open the trachea

valuable entire horse, by Sir as the only means to preserve life. Oliver, dam Edith, late the pro

The latter Gentleman was from perty of Sir Thomas Stanley, and home; and there being no other now in the possession of Mr. regularly - educated Wicks, the stud-groom at the surgeon in Shrewsbury, I reShropshire kennels, was taken ill quested Mr. Wm. Clement, a with the strangles about the 9th most eminent surgeon, to attend, of May: matter formed under which he kindly agreed to do. It the jaw, the abscess burst in the was considered advisable to cut usual way, and the horse ap- down upon the abscess, although peared to be doing well. On the we could not feel anything like 16th there appeared a swelling on matter, which I did, but not unthe left side of the neck a little til I had made two very deep inbelow the ear, and in a few days cisions through about two inches it arose to an alarming size. I of the integuments, when about a was then requested to see him, quart of matter escaped. The which I did, and ordered the part horse then became more tranquil to be well fomented and poul- in his breathing, but not, as I ticed, but this did not promote expected, instantly relieved. I suppuration. I was satisfied mat- continued the fomentations and ter was forming, and recom- poulticing for a few days, when mended a blister to bring it to a the wound became healthy, grasurface, which proved of little nulations began to form, and the service. At this period the horse breathing became regular. There had great difficulty in breathing, was a great deal of thickening

sure of the sub- round the wound, which I restance against the larnyx; so duced by the application of tincmuch so that there was every

ture of iodine and


liniment appearance of suffocation if im- The horse is now perfectly recomediate relief were not given, the vered, goes his usual journeys, animal appearing in the greatest and is most certainly allowed to be agony. From his value, and to one of the best thorough-bred guard against public censure, I horses Shropshire has produced requested that two veterinary since old Sultan's time. surgeons (viz. Mr. Richards and

E. HICKMAN, V. S. Mr. Crow) might attend, it being Shrewsbury, June 13, 1833.

from the pressu




I Some months ago forwarded valuable periodical, I presume

you a letter, dropped by was acceptable before your eyes : some unknown personage in my I have ever since kept a sharp Library, and which from your look out for all stray scraps, and insertion, at my request, in your having been fortunate enough to


tell me


find a small parcel appearing to filling only the occupations of an be intended for you, I take the elegant retirement." The danliberty of enclosing it.

ger of these encounters soars inYours obediently,

deed to the sublime! I will not, GILBERT FORESTER. however, trespass upon you now

with an account of them, but will SIR-When I was a young content myself with transcribing man, I happened to fall in with a letter lately received from å the “Dialogues of the Dead,” friend, which details one of and no sooner came to that part those incidental dangers accomin which Apicius blames Dark- panying exotic sports. ness for his remissness in omita

John Rover, tingto visit America to eat turtle, than I determined to

Conva Bank, Trinidad, shield my own shade from the

July 6, 1832. reproaches which I

DEAR JACK-Don't ably might apprehend from the of your stubbles! I have seen sporting characters of ancient sport here that would beat you times, if I confined my varmint all out of the field. Dashit sent appetites to the game of this me word last Monday that the clime. At that adventurous age Bank was prime, and be assured I must candidly confess that I I lost no time in getting with old thought we wanted in this coun

Thom Pinto into my try the prime principle of sport, After rowing for a couple of which consists in the risk. It hours, we

to Dashit's, comes, said I, too easy to us, and stowed away our craft, and breaktoo constantly. We shoot three fasted with his family. Shot, by days in the week, and hunt the G-d, Jack! No double-barrel remainder, and at last it palls ever did such swift execution as upon the sense. The pleasure Louisa's dark hazels; and when which boiled in September only I tell you that her muzzle is of the bubbles in October; by Novem- first calibre, that she is bang up ber barely simmers; and before in every particular, and stocked the season is half over it entirely in the richest manner, you will evaporates, and the amusement not be surprised to hear that I runs dry. How different in the shall be bagged as soon as she East and West! There sport is will condescend to level! Passcarce, and game is pursued un- At about eight we arrived der all the animating difficulties at the Bank, and as the tide was which render the chase uncertain, down, we had a most magnifiand the capture invaluable. The cent view of a most delectable Sportsman who has heard the piece of mud. The birds keeproar of a lion, seen the fell ing pretty considerable thick on spring of a tiger, or been hurried the off-side of the river, I relike lightning over an incensed solved 10 cross it, while old Ocean in pursuit of the whale, Thom, by the advice of the Nemay indeed still enjoy the sports groes, remained behind. He inof Old England—but he will deed is a cool hand at it now, feel them at best but recreations, and foreseeing that there might and will look upon himself as be danger in venturing into the



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