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# different line of conduct would which Mr. R. has before him,

have ensured him a continuance there is no lack of foxes in * of the attachment of his old the counties of Stirling and Lin13 friends, and a fair chance of lithgow; and Lord Kelburne ? making new ones !

has kindly given leave to Mr. moutons." - Three Ramsay to hunt a portion of the 1 packs of hounds


Deo Lanark country lying on tho i lente, to open the ball, within south side of the road leading to li tolerable reach of urbanic de Lanark, which grant will enable A votees, in October : - the Duke Scott to be less severe on the co

of Buccleuch's; Lord Elcho's verts lying round Edinburgh and

new hounds-a new packed Com- Linlithgow, which, if too much ť mittee, but I am afraid composed rattled, might incline the tods to

of all kinds of canine political emigration-a malady already too

opinions, which it will require much the fashion among the bipeds i very considerable talent in their made up of frail clay in this part Horseman (I can't say Chairman) of the world.

to keep them together; and In the new arrangement made the Linlithgow and Stirling- by the Master of the Linlithgow

shire hounds, now sent back to and Stirlingshire Hounds, it is po try the resources of their own settled that the kennels and

counties for sport, having bade stables of Barnton shall be in : adieu to the Dunse country for disuse during the season; and

the present. Of the latter pack a manor, with some very thriving Mr. Ramsay of Barnton still re- coverts, has been

rented by mains Master; and I regret to Mr. Ramsay, where he has

say he still is undergoing consi- fitted up a kennel and stables : derable pain and annoyance from sufficient for the Commissariat,

the accident which occurred to where the hounds and horses, his right eye (I believe) in the men, &c. will hold their Court at beginning of the last season, the periods when Linlithgow and which has obliged him to have a Lanark coverts are hunted; and patch of silk over it in order to Lauriston kennels and stables are defend it from the light; but it is used as before when the meets

cheering circumstance, that, are in Stirlingshire. within these few weeks, a piece of Having gone thus far, Mr. stubble has come out of the corner Editor, you may perhaps wonder

of the eye, and has given reason at my not giving you some sketch i to think that its previous exist- of Lord Elcho's plans and esta

ence there had been the cause of blishment; but that I cannot do, the weakness Mr. R. has so long as I never visit that part of the suffered from since the time the world where his Lordship reaccident took place.-Excuse this sides, and I believe I am a great digression ; but every one who loser, as I well know he is an exhas the pleasure of being ac- cellent man, and as good a sportsquainted with Mr. Ramsay must man as ever rode to hounds; and feel a sympathy for him, and be I wish him every success in his interested in his welfare and well- new career. being.

In conclusion, Mr. Editor, I As to the prospect of sport may say that a gay time awaits


the opening of the season here, as ration), crowned with unanimity the Caledonian Hunt and Elcho and good humour, will be happily Races are to go off together ; and and triumphantly the order of the as last year was, from the day, and that all may go on well, melancholy visitation of pestic and give pleasure to the different lence, one of dull and despairing votaries of Diana, Olympus, Bacgloom, there is every reason to chus, and Terpsichore, is the sinexpect a bumper in the cup of cere prayer hilarity. Thật racing, hilt

YOUR OLD FRIEND, ing, dancing, drinking (in m le

Drumshorlane, July 18.



I ,


Hope soon to be better acquainted vator, and The Young FORESTER MY DEAR MR. Editor, pray have -I am determined to try my hand, the goodness to allow me a place with your permission, beginning with in your beautiful, correct, well writ- Brighton and finishing at the Land'sten, and widely-circulated publica- end. I already know (from being tion. Just compliments, you know, told) that small beginnings someSir, ought to be paid, as well as any times have great ends: that my other debt; and having the honour, family have been celebrated for ages moreover, to be born in the same (you know) for curiosity and looking neighbourhood with the Immortal after things; and if I should but Shakspeare, with everything about prove to have a full share of their me the same, with the exception presumption also, I am sure to sucof a few trifles, such as genius, &c.— ceed: and, by way of originality, which deficiency (if it is one) is more mean to give my description after I than made up by reading the Sporting have subscribed myself, Magazine ; for who, I would ask,

Your obedient servant, can read the spirited descriptions of

PEEPING Tox. ALFRED HIGHFLYER, of OBSER- Coventry, August 12, 1833.

BRIGHTON RACES. First Day, August 7th-a Match at perfect ease, carrying Boyce at 9st. for 50 sovs., one mile. Mr. Gard- 2b., a length--Lucetta, 9st. llb. senor's Friar Tuck, 8st. 9lb. beat Mr. cond. Poor Lucetta is reduced to Martyn's Herrier, 9st., both 4 yrs receive favors, instead of giving them! old. It was very liberal in Mr. Mar

Friar Tuck, at 7st. alb., and 4 yrs tyn to give five pounds to Friar Tuck, old, was third, and just forward as nobody ever would think of giving enough to convince us how contempt. to friars in these times. 'To be sure, ible a bad Friar is: Baleine fourth, nothing could be worse poor than the and Damascus fifth and last. Friar, unless Herrier, who relieved The Sussex Plate of 50 sovs. for

im. Pavis rode the winner, and horses of different ages, for which five von by a length.

started (heats), and rather agreeable, The Brighton Stakes of 25 sovs. as one horse won them both, each by each, for which five started not a length: this was Mr. Gardnor's much of a bustle of course, as the Emilius colt, his dam Black Daphne: Judge had time to place the whole. the other four, Norna, Dryad's Sister, Lord Uxbridge won it with Rubini, Hodge, and Witch, running heads

and tails without one distinguishing and the distances ran, if given only good quality about them.

when the printer's devil is sober! be The Town Plate of 50 sovs.—and must be a drunken devil indeed! to shew that money is useful even FRIDAY, the third and last of the here, five again came in contact for it. sports—three races on paper, but beThe first heat was won by Sir M. ing spun out into heats, made the Wood's Contriver, but he could not day long enough, even to those who scheme to be forward enough to be love plenty for their money. The second, for another. Mr. Coleman's first, a Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, Doctor Sewell, by way of fees, took 20 ft., five subs.-won by a length the second heat, but lost his medical by Mr. Gardnor's Comet, by Whalerank by being beaten for the two bone, his dam Luna, the 'Windsor last, which were won by Mr. Shackle’s Planet " bright Phæbe," beating the Trump, shewing what a fine thing a Duke of Richmond's Ketchup. The trump is (even a low one) towards Duke's Ketchup is very good in quathe end of a game. If the London lity, but not strong enough to sustain visitors had as much dipping as they 9st. Alb.; but General Grosvenor had of racing this day, they must be thought otherwise, and paid 20 ft. for restored to that colour, or nearly so, his Pigeon : Mr. Cosby did the same which Nature intended for them. for Stradbally; as did Mr. Forth for

SECOND DAY, the Gold Cup of his Imbar. 100gs. value was won by Mr. Cosby's The Handicap Plate of 50 sovs., Gallopade by a head, with difficulty two-mile heats.--Nineput their names of course, finely rode by Arnull. Sir down in order to try the judginent of G. Heathcote's Samarcand, 3 yrs old, these dispensers of justice, with which and Sir M. Wood's Lucetta, aged, five of them were so dissatisfied as to were the sufferers : in other respects “back out.” Mr. Clark's Raven as it was a fine gratifying contest. pleased as punch," the jockey as

A Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. each “ black as a crow," and the master Five ran for it for about half a mile, as “ merry as a grig,” won the first when it was won easy by two lengths heat; after which Doctor Sewell gave by Pavis on Mr. Gardnor's Whale- them such a dose by winning the two bone colt, his dam Luna-what next, that they were soon restored to George the Third's head page used to tranquillity-Baleine, 3d, 3d, and 3d; call

bright Phoebe ;" Lord Egre- Augur, 4th, 4th, and 4th. These two mont's Caroline filly second, Pigeon evidently worked by the day, “not third, Sister to Alea fourth, and Lo- by the piece." renzo last.

The Ladies' Plate of 50 sovs. for The Albion Stakes of 50 sovs. horses of all ages, beginning at three

each, h. ft.-Three came to the place year-olds and upwards-Seven enI

appointed, and mad a very fine race tered and six started-heats ; the of it. Sir G. Heathcote's Samarcand New Course.-Ida, Mr. Gardnor's, won it by a head, rode by Buckle in a won it, as he does all the Ladies' fac style which we hope will keep up the vours, indeed all hearts, and all the family name ; Mr. Gardnor's Myrrha money, with the aid of his pretty second, and Lord Egremont's Skim jockey (Pavis), good grooming, and filly-Centaur's dam, third.

a well-managed stud ; thus winning This being a short day's sport, it five times in three days: Mr. Shackle's gives me time to find fault with Trump second and third ; Donegani Brighton for permitting such a con- fifth and second; Doctor Sewell temptible list of their races to go fourth and drawn. Mr. Martyn's forth to the world :-the paper so bad Herrier bolted at the turn to come as if there was no Sir John Key in home, with a conviction that for the world! the name of a jockey peace and rest “there is no place like seldom or never mentioned, as if they home.” had no hand in a race !--but indeed Arnull the jockey, out of his “ elee they have ! the colours of the riders ment” certainly, turned his four

VOL. VII. Second SERIES.No. 41. 3 G


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wheel-chaise over, with himself and losophical friend, says, that “ none daughter. To turn a horse, we give but the sensible ever go mad." him credit ; to turn a pony, few are Everybody lamented the fright that more anxious or more successful; and occurred to his pretty little interest to keep it when turned, he has not ing daughter, who, as soon as she rehis equal: but his presumption to covered from it, said, with a tear attempt to turn a four-wheeled chaise standing in her beautiful eye, “What is unaccountable-he must have been a pity my dear mother didn't take the mad; only that Goodisson, his phi- reins into her own hand !”


SIR, HAVING been unexpectedly sum- dice-that he who "touches it must

moned away and detained from of necessity be defiled” beyond the home, it will, I fear, be out of my power of a patent washing companypower to send you the continuation of and that, in short, to put a pony on * The Sportsman's Summer" in time the back of a favorite for Derby, for your Number for September. Oaks, or Leger, is to commit an almost This, though I myself regret the dis- inexpiable sin :-being anxious, I reappointment, will perhaps be rather a peat, to place this matter, if possible, matter of rejoicing to your readers. in its proper light, and to hold a kind The infliction, however, shall be dou- of mirror to not a few of those who are bled on them in the October month, loudest against the Ring at Tattersall's, when the subject will be concluded. wherein they may see themselves elste I hope also in my next inclosure where reflected as gamblers of the first to you to send some remarks on water both in heart and practice-it betting, and what the world calls is with this, I trust, not reprehensible “ gambling” in general, which have intention of applying the tu quoque to been suggested by some occurrences many a “sober citizen" of the day, in the neighbourhood where I have and of rescuing, “the book” from been lately staying. Fear not, how much of the odium which the said ever, gentle reader, that I am about “ sobersides” would unhesitatingly either to inflict a St. Agnew diatribe cast on it, that I am induced to take on your patience, or to break out like up the cudgels however vainly or ina black-leg into an enthusiastic rhap- efficiently. In all likelihood, in the sody on the virtues and excitements of course of the discussion, certain facts speculation. It will be neither in the will be brought to light, and certain character of Saint nor Sinner that I anecdotes related, that will shew up the shall presume to offer myself to your

true Pandemonium of London gamnotice: but being deeply anxious to bling (not Crockford's) in its proper combat an idea somewhat prevalent in colours. I abstain, however, entirely certain quarters-namely, that the from anticipation, and until October “ pitch” of betting is blacker and say farewell! more tenacious than any other gaming

Dashwood. "pitch” whatever, save that of the 21st August, 1833.



Pittachar, N. B. August 10, 1833. BSERVING that the anecdote a circumstance somewhat similar, and

communicated by Dashwoop in to the full as singular, which occurred your last, concerning the fawn which in this neighbourhood some years was suckled for a time by a hound since, and of which I was often an bitch, is considered as something very eye-witness. In the dropping time of extraordinary, I beg leave to mention 1823, as one of the sons of Mr. A. Scott, gamekeeper at Monzie Castle, for tracking roe deer. When the about three miles hence, was going up fawn wanted her, it made its natural a large wood called the Knock, to cry, and she would come limping to look at some traps, he came upon a it, and render it every motherly office. rae (female roe deer) who had just It was reared and given, when half dropped a fawn, which he secured grown, to a Gentleman of the name of and took home. There was then at M‘Comish, now in India, whose Broughty, where they lived, a little brother, a Naval Officer, resides in old cocker bitch, called Gip, who for Crieff. Had I nothing but my own years had but three legs-one being assertion to substantiate this, I should taken off in a trap—and who was also not have mentioned it, as it might (to nearly blind with age, but who had the ill-natured at least) appear like a been such a trump that they bred thing got up for the nonce; but as from her to the last, then suckling all the bipeds concerned happen to be one spaniel whelp, her last progeny. alive and kicking, I send it to you

to The roe was put to her, and she took make it public, if you like; if not, to it, to the exclusion of her own pup, there is at least no harm done. who died, though she had been noted



HE number of horses assem- ceive additional vigour, from sourees

bled was in nowise to be com- of increasing patronizers, who are by plained of: I think we had no less Parliamentary duties prevented from than fifty present, though they were

enjoying those more of the young ones than old

" health inspiring joys!" ones. The attendance of Gentlemen

In addition to this evil, which has was on the whole thinner than usual: perhaps the reason can only be ex

not a little injured several Meetings, plained by pointing to the reports in

the eve of the sportsman's summons,

“ The Moor Game Season,” would our daily papers, shewing the enormous length of tongue possessed by would have been present on the occa

draw away many who otherwise soine of the inmates of St. Stephen's

sion, Chapel-tending of course not a little

However, be it from what to injure the country, by compelling a

cause it may, the assemblage as re

was certainly only very great number of Noblemen and gards numbers Gentlemen, as well as their family hot, and the extreme drought which

moderate. The weather was indeed connections and others, to reside and thereby dispose of their wealth in the weeks caused the course to be very

had preceded the Meeting for some Metropolis, although they may sigh hard some of the jockeys declared to be once more

it was never harder ; but in this I do “ Far removed from noise and smoke."

not quite agree with them, for I have How much should we profit could we known it much more so than on the put a prohibition on the length of present occasion. each Session, and prevent it detaining TUESDAY.—The day's exhibition the Members beyond a limited period, commenced with the Yorkshire Stake, and thereby enable them to expend St. Leger distance; and although we their incomeamong agrateful tenantry, had four of the engaged ones on the who perhaps mostly tend to produce spot, two of them, " Yorkshire like, it. By such“ a consummation so and cautious ever,” shyerl shewing devoutly to be wished," how much against the other two, which at the the Racing, Hunting, Shooting, best were but of questionable chaCoursing, and other sports of our racter. One of these slıyers was the country would be benefited, and re- GREAT ROCKINGHAM! Shame on him

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