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of Sister to Marianne by Mufti; co- Strathgarve; H. V. Broke, Esq. and party vered by Moses.

at Novar. Several boxes went off by the Reality, by Anticipation, dam by Wil. Defiance and Caledonian, one addressed to

liamson's Ditto, dam of Mr. Rawlin. His Majesty. The shooting on the Airson's Revenge; covered by Moses. shire Moors has afforded fair sport : seveMare, by Soothsayer (Sister to Meg Mer- ral packages arrived in Wir before three

rilies), her dam by Precipitate - Mark o'clock on the afternoon of the 12th. One Anthony-Matchem, &c.; covered by party in the immediate vicinity killed by Moses.

that time, 73, 12, and 16. brace respecErin's Daughter, by Irish Hollyhock, tively. In Lanarkshire the birds gene

dam by Sorcerer, grandam Fanny by rally are considered scarce. In Avondale Warrior out of Fanny (the dam of Sir the birds are wilder and stronger on the Oliver, Josephine, Poulton, and Fyl. wing than most sportsmen have experideper); covered hy Moses.

enced for some seasons past ; consequently Mare, by Soothsayer out of Olivera by fewer have been brought to bag. The

Sir Oliver, her dam Bellona by Mercury; Marquis of Douglas and a party are daily covered by Moses and Erymus.

expected at Hamilton to go over to the Madame Catalani, by Tiresias, dam by Island of Arran to shoot. Williamson's Ditto, out of Chryseis ;

SHOOTING. covered by Erymus.

Gentlemen who have permission to Spree, by Frolic, dam by Election (the sport upon the manors of the Marquis of dam of Vicarage)-Alighflyer-Eclipse, Bristol, in Lincolnshire, have been re. &c.; covered by Erymus.

quested to refrain from shooting thereon Mare, by Rector, dam by Dick Andrews until the 20th of September ; and that

-Grouse-Pot8o's—Squirrel, &c. ; co. they will after that period abstain from vered by Erymus.

shooting hares upon the Coursing Ground Young Waltonia, by Rubens out of Wal. in North and South Rauceby, Dunsby,

tonia by Walton--Highflyer, &c.; co- and Brauncewell, it being intended to prevered by Moses and Erymus.

serve them exclusively for Coursing. The stallion Moses, when in possession

CRICKET. of His late Royal Highness the Duke of On the 22d of July a match between the York, was winner of the Derby, &c. Marylebone and the Clarence Clubs com

Erymus was by Moses out of Eliza menced, and continued the whole of the Leeds, by Comus, and a good racer. following day, but was not played out. HORWCASTLE GREAT HORSE FAIR. The Marylebone went in first, Mr. Nicholl

This celebrated mart was very numer- scoring 18, and Nir. Kynaston 23, the re=ously attended, and the excellence of the maining hands, including Lord Grims. E show evinced a decided improvement in ton, Earl of Sandwich, Hon. G. Pon= the breed of English horses. The fair sonby, and Hon. Colonel Lowther, only = commenced on the 12th of August, and adding 11 to the scorco-total 52. The ended the 21st. There was a good sup:

Clarence marked 17.-- In the second in. = ply of first-rate horses (which realised nings the Club scored 140, and the first

great prices): many foreign dealers were two wickets of their opponents being put present, who made extensive purchases. down for one run, the wickets were

struck. TIE MOORS.

On the 25th the Club played the HarInverness. The great advent of the rovians on the School ground, and in their Sporting Season was this year ushered in first innings marked 81; the School highly favorable weather. Monday the The Marylebone their second innings 12th was clear and dry, and not too sultry. scored 99, with eight wickets down, when The sport in this neighbourhood has been it was found too late to continue the tolerably good. Sir F. Mackenzie killeu game. upwards of sixty brace; Sir G. Mackenzie The Marylebone and the Norfolk Clubs nearly as many. The sport at Aberarder, were to have played on the 29th, but as stated by one of the parties, was above several of the latter Gentlemen being un. an average : at Balmacaan also it was avoidably absent, a match was made with good. Lord Castlereagh went on Satur- only eight on a side. The Norfolk went day to his quarters at Guisachan, but is in first and scored 39, Mr. Kynaston and said to have had but indifferent luck. Mr. Jenner (belonging to both Clubs) The Marquis of Caermarthen has joined marking, the former 28, and the latter 7. Lovat at Killin in Stratherrick. Lord In the Marylebone first innings, Mr. Cawdor and Son had good sport on the Lloyd scored 37, Mr. Brooke 27, Bay. ground at Cawdor. Lord Donegal is at ley 20, Mr. Leathes 18, Lord C. Russell Treeburn ; Mr. Bell and party at Dalmi. and Mr. Ellis 8 each, Sewell 2 (not out), garie; Colonel Standen and a large party which with 9 byes made a total of 129. at Aberarder; Sir John B. Tyrrell, M.P. The Norfolk second was nearly as unsuc&c. at Knocky; Colonel Porter, &c. at cessful as their first innings, adding only Abertarf; J. Blake, Esq. &c. at Balma- 62 to their score, of which Mr. Jenner caan ; Messrs. Wormwald and Dilkes, at marked 21 and Mr. Kynaston 19-total Vol. VII.-SECOND SERIES.-No. 41.

3 H

101, leaving their opponents winners in Hon. C. Beauclerk, and seven Gentlema one innings with 28 runs to spare.

from the neighbourhood of Gorkambury, The return match, between eleven of the seat of the Earl of Verulam, which Kent (many of them Members of the terminated in favour of the Moor Park in Marylebone) and eleven of England, was one innings. The match excited much played at Chislehurst on the 12th, and interest in the neighbourhood, if we may terminated in favour of the former, with judge from the company present; am eight wickets standing. England went in whom we noticed the Earl of Verulam first, and scored 84, Marsden making 27, and daughter, Lord F. Beauclerk, Lady Mr. Kynaston 20, and Mr. Ward 13. Millman, the Hon.'and Rev. Wo. Card, Pilch was most untortunate, having been and a host of Fashionables. The cricket caught from the short slip by Mr. C. Jen. ground, which has recently been made at ner without a run, and in the second in. the Marquis's expense (who very liberally nings by Mr. H. Jenner, who kept the offered it to the neighbouring Gentry), IS wicket, also without scoring. In their se. placed on a delightful eminence, in the cond innings they marked only 48, Mr. centre of that much-admired demeste, and Kynaston making 12, and Mr. Ward 10 commands the most beautiful landscape total 132. The Kent in their first in-go scenery that can possibly be imagined, made 117-Mr. C. Harenc 31, Mr. Å. Cashiobury, the noble seat of the Earl of Mynn 29, Mr. F. Fagg 18, Mr. H. E. Essex, forming a principal feature. Frog Knatchbull 11-leaving only 16 to win. the very spirited mariner this Club has Mr. Mynn was bowled by Cobbett with. commenced its career (this being the first out a run, Mr. H. Norman caught with 1 season), we have no doubt but it will soca noteh, Mr. Knatchbull scored 4, and Mr. rank among the first of the provincials. Keate 12, the two last not out_total 134. Cobbett and Caldecourt have been eu.

A grand match between All England and gaged as bowlers, who attend every Sa. Sussex took place on the 19th and 20th on turday. the Brighton Royal Cricket ground, and The Etonians and the Wykehamites more exciting play was seldom, it ever, witnessed. England went in first, and August, which terminated in favour of the

played a match at Lord's on the Ist om marked 89, Mr. Ward scoring 22, Pilch 14, former by 14 runs, the score being, Mr. Strahan and Sir V. Cotton 9 each, the latter not out, Marsden 7, Wenman 6,


Winchester. Mr. Harenc 5.-Sussex then went in, and

First Innings.


47 four wickets were put down in quick suc

Second Innings


. 149 cession from the rapid bowling of Mr. A. Mynn: a promising young player named


196 Box, however, kept his wicket against it,

On the following day the successful and scored 13, and not out, Brown ii, competitors in the preceding match plased Morley 4, Lilly white and Broadbridge 3 on the same ground with the “ Hartor each, and these with 13 byes and 7 wide Boys,” but not with the saine success, the balls, made 52.-In the second innings of latter being triumphant with eight wickets England, Brown, the Sussex fast bowler,

to go down. At the conclusion the score was put on, and the first bowl took Mr. stood as follows:Strahan's bail clean off. This side made


Harron. but a sorry out of it this innings, only First Innings 86

118 adding 30 to their score_total 119.-The Second Innings....... 57

27 Sussex then went in for 67 runs, and during the progress of the game the inte.


145 rest became intense, particularly when The return match between Pilch and Goad (the last wicket) went in tó Lilly. Marsden commenced at Hyde Park cricket white for 16 runs. Every ball was watched ground, Sheffield, on Monday the 5th of with the greatest anxiety. The last ball of August, and terminated on Wednesday Goad considered wide of the wicket, and, as follows :--Pilch's first innings : balls anxious to win, attempted a run : the ball 168, hits 125, runs 78, wide balls 4-total passed the wicket-keeper, but was picked. 82_bowled.--Second innings: balls 202, up by a backer-up, and he was put out. hits 148, runs 102, wide balls 6-total los, A dispute arose as to whether the ball bowled. Marsden's first innings : balls cime under the denomination of a “ wide 73, hits 60, runs 25, wide balls 2_total 27, ball," as, if so, Sussex made a tie-game: bowled.—Second innings: balls 186, hits the umpires, however (Caldecourt and 122, runs 31, wide balls 4--total 3, Cobbett), ultimately gave it against Sus. bowlcd.-Grand total : Pilch 190, Mars. sex, and England were declared the den 62; the former winning by 128 runs. victors by one run.

--Dark and Caldecourt again acted as On the 12th a grand match at cricket umpires. The interest on the match was was played in Moor Park, near Rick- far greater here than at Norwich, and mersworth, Herts, the seat of the Marquis during the three days it was calculated of Westminster, by eleven Gentlemen of that not less than 20,000 persons were on the Moor Park Club, against Lord Grim. the ground. “ Pilch's batting," says the sto11, the Hön, E. and R. Grimston, the Sheffield Courant " was of the finest de.

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scription, and a better display of the art of Lady Emma came up: the two entered cricket was never witnessed in any for. Chelsea Reach nearly abreast, and cleared mer match. This second victory places Battersea-bridge at one and the same Pilch at once at the very top of the players time. The struggle between these boats of England. As a double-wicket player was beautiful, and a better display of nau. he is allowed to be unrivalled, and as a tical skill has seldom been witnessed on single-wicket player, his second conquest the River. The Emma now hugged the over the man who was said to be the first shore, with the intention of getting a-head has at once given him the championship, in her next tack, but she lost ground, which we suppose no one will challenge. and fell into the wake of the Vestris, who

York and Bedale.--A challenge match rounded the distance-post at 36 minutes between Letby of the York Club, and past five, and two minutes in advance of Busby of Bedale, came off on the 6th, at the Emma, the Nymph went round at 39 the latter place, and ended in a tie. Let minutes, Margaret 41, Witch in 25 se. by's first inpings : balls 124, hits 43, runs conds after her, Fortitude 42, and Mab 29, caught.--Second innings : balls 29, 42 minutes past 5. The yachts on rehits 12, runs 4, bowled_total 33.- -Bus. turning crept down the south shore with by's first innings : balls 25, hits 12, runs the ebbing tide, the Vestris maintaining 9, bowled.--Second innings: balls 24, hits her position, but the Emma threatening to 17, runs 24, run out--total 33.

overhaul her. Madame, however, went through Battersea-bridge two minutes in

advance, and notwithstanding the beautiAQUATICS.

ful sailing of her Ladyship, carried off the “ Merrily, merrily goes the bark, splendid prize at 31 minutes past 6, the

On a breeze from the northward free; Emma being only 40 seconds in her rear. So shoots through the morning sky the The Witch was three minutes astern of

her Ladyship, and the Fortitude five mi. Or the swan through the summer sea. nutes in the rear of the Witch. The

The Royal Thames Above-bridge Nymph arrived at 42 minutes past 6, and match, for a Silver Cup and Cover, to be

the Mab and Margaret shortly afterwards.

The match afforded a high treat to the sailed for by yachts not exceeding ten tons,

amateurs of Old Father Thames, and in belonging to Members, was fixed for the 5th of August-to start from Blackfriars

the evening the Cup was presented at

Oliver's Coffee-house by the Commodore bridge, sail round a boat moored off

to Mr. Weston, the owner of the success. Wandsworth Meadows, and back to West, minster-bridge. About an hour before

ful boat, who returned thanks in an approhigh water, the Commodore (W. Harri. priate speech, and pledged the wine-cup"

to his competitors in joyous hilarity. son, Esq.) positioned the boats in the fol.

The second Below-bridge match of the lowing order :

Royal Thames Yacht Club, for a Fifty. Yachts. Tons.

Ouners. Guinea Cup and Cover, given in honour Vestris..... 8 ...... T. Weston, Esq. of His Majesty's, took place on Nymph........... 8 .T. Smith, Esq. the 24th ; and shortly after 8 A.M. Mr. Mab .... 4 .Hon. Col. de Roos. Harrison, the Commodore, hoisted his flag Lady Emma ... 8 .R. Bucknall, Esq. on board the Royal Sovereign steamer off* Margaret.......... 7 H. Halliday, Esq. the Tower stairs, where she was moored Water Witch... 8 ...... T. Unwin, Esq. for the reception of the friends of the Fortitude......... 8 ......A. T. Harwood. Members invited to participate in the plea.

All being in readiness, the signal was sures of the day. The company being all fired at half-past four o'clock, the River on board by nine o'clock, the vessel shortly presenting a most animated spectacle, being after proceeded to Greenwich, where four covered with small craft, as there were yachts were stationed to contend for the two rowing matches contested for the same splendid prize. Seven had entered; but afternoon, but the yachts seemed to at- dr. Smith, owner of the Nymph, with. tract the most attention. In casting off drew his name; the Vestris was disqua. some slight confusion took place, three of Jified, having since the entry won the the boats having fouled. They soon, how. Above-bridge Cup; and the Figaro was ever, got clear, and the fleet went away, believed to be wind-bound on her return the Lady Emma taking the lead, the from a trip to the French coast. The others, with the exception of the Vestris, four ready for the start werefollowing close. Madame took the South Yachts. Tons. Ouners. shore, and soon headed her opponents,

Ada Jane...... 16......G. Sweting, Esq. passing first under Waterloo-bridge, For- Sabrina .21. ..G. Gunston, Esq. titude second, Margaret third, Nymph

Victorine ... 16...... T. Stokes, Esq. fourth, Mab fifth, Lady Emma (having Water Witch, 8......J. Unwin, Esq., fouled a barge) sixth, and the W’itch last. -the Sabrina, the favorite, backed against Her Ladyship, however, soon got up. the fleet, and the Victorine at 2 to 1 against The other yachts changed their positions her—the customary distance, from Green. frequently, but the Vestris kept consider. wich to Gravesend and back. A few mi. ably a-head to the Red House, when the nutes before eleven o'clock the signal-gun was fired, and in the twinkling of an eye three close together, about two leogths numerous

astern, but when off Lambeth they were “ White sails bellied to the breeze," all nearly abreast. Vauxball-bridge was for the River was covered with a flotilla first made by the Emma, Madame pas. of yachts to attend the match

ing under another arch within a few se. " their gaudy streamers floating on the conds; the Daphne third, Nymph fourtki

, wind;"

with the Mab close on her leeward quar. among which were, Alert, Earl Spencer, ter. Her Ladyship still kept ber posita, Emulation, Giaour, Oberon, Rob Roy, the others following in her wake as they Success, Vestris, Yda, dic. The Ada Jane had passed the bridge, and so close tha: a was first under weigh, followed by Vic. cable's length would have reached the torine, then Sabrina, and lastly Water whole fleet. At Battersea-bridge they Witch. In the next reach Victorine was were in the same relative position, save the leading boat, Sabriva second, and in that the iwo leading boats had more of the Galliops these two challenged, when the advantage a head. The Lady first some excellent manquvring ensued. At rounded the flag-boat off Wandsworth the Half-way House the tieet was nearly Meadows 1!, minute, the Vestris at 3.), the abreast, with the exception of the Ada Daphne at 5, the Nymph at 5, and the Jane, who was lag last. The “tug of Mab at 6 minutes past 6. The Lady war” to get first round the distance-boat shook her sails out and led the way down was well contested by Mr. Gunston and beautifully, the Vestris trying all she Mr. Stokes, and at length obtained by the knew to overhaul her fair rival. The former only 50 seconds in advance, the Daphne fell off in going about, and the Witch a minute and a half behind Victo. Nymph obtained the third station. The rine, and Ada Jane 14 minutes in the rear fleet ran down beautifully, and never were of Sabrina. · On their return the bandling superior tactics more available. Atomi. of the two leading vessels was admirable : nutes past 7 the Emma first rounded the they

flag-boat off the Speaker's house, the less sprang like dolphins o'er the glittering tris at 11, the Nymph at 11.), and the wave,

others immediately afterwards. Tte and the crews ambitiously vied with cach usual ceremonies were observed at Oliver's other in skill and exertion—the struggle in Mr. Polden's presentation of the Cup was beautiful. The Sabrira, however, to the successful competitor, who, on regot a trifling advantage at the point above ceiving it, paid honorable testimony to the Erith, and maintained it to the end, ar- gentlemanlike conduct of his opponents riving at Greenwich at 20 minutes to 7, throughout the contest. and five minutes a-head of the Victorine ; The Silver Sculls.--This Prize, like the the Witch, third, at 7; and the Ada Jane, Whip and the Cup at Newmarket, and the about five minutes past. The winning Eclipse Foot at Ascot, is held by the suc. boat came alongside the Royal Sovereign, cessful competitor till wrested from him and on Mr. Gunston getting on board, thé by superior prowess. They were the girt Cup was presented to him by the Com- of H.C. Wingfield, Esq. to the Gentle. modore with an appropriate speech. It men Amateurs (in 1830), the condition was then filled, and the health of the suc- being " that the winner shall, on the lub cessful competitor was received with cheers. of August annually, row against any The Cup was then replenished, and their Gentleman who shall challenge in the Illustrious Patron the King” drunk with month of July--the distance being from enthusiasın. The day was delightful, and Westminster-bridge to Putney; the match afforded the highest gratification should there be more than one competitor, to the amateurs of aquatic sports.

they are to row at hall-flood, on the 31, On the 6th the Silver Cup and Cover and the first through the centre arch of given by the Royal Clarence' Yacht Club Putney-bridge to draw his deposit-money was sailed for by the following boats -- (51.), and be entitled to row the bolder of Yachts. Ouners.

the Sculls. The first year they were so Daphne ......J. Nelson, Esq. by Jas. Bayford, Esq., after a severe conMab Hon. Col. H. De Roos. test with seven competitors: in 1831, Mr. Vestris ....J. W'eston, Esg.

Lewis beat Mr. Bayford : and last year Nymph ...T. Smith, Esq.

Mr. Julius, of Richmond, distanced Mr. Lady Emma, R. C. Bucknall, Esq. Lewis at the Red House, who was eri. This match excited more than common dently out of condition. Apxious, bow. interest, from the circumstance of the ever, to recover the badge of honour, Mr. same yachts having sailed the day before Lewis challenged this year, and went into in the Thames Yacht Match. The only determined training, as did his competi. difference was, that they started from tor. At seven o'clock in the evening of Westminster instead of Blackfriars. the 10th of August, the hour named for bridge, and the wind was stiffer. At 18 starting, they dritted off as far as the minutes past 5, the Commodore (- Pol. Speaker's house, when the struggle began den, Esq.) fired the signal and the vessels in earnest, both pulling away tremen. immediately got under weigh, the Lady dously, and Mr. Lewis being a little a. being out first, Vestris second, the other head. At the Penitentiary Mr. Julius



overhauled his antagonist, and so continued however, are as a “sealed book ;” and through Battersea-bridge, Mr. Julius oc- we are only permitted to say, they had a casionally making a tremendous burst, most splendid meeting on the 26th August, and at each gaining three boats lengths in the last of the season. In 1834 the Soadvance. Up the next reach Mr. Lewis ciety will enter upon their splendid new made extraordinary exertions, and was ground in the Regent's Park. Their cos. evidently pressing his opponent severely : tume is, a single-breasted green coat with here a beautiful struggle ensued, both an Archery device on the button, buff shewing resolute pluck and bottom, and kerseymere waistcoat and smalls, Hessian whenever Mr. Lewis gained an advantage, boots, hat turned-up over the right eye Mr. Julius had recourse to one of those with a black feather, and belt, with pouch determined bursts which characterised him and tassel. The revival of Archery led throughout. When off the manufactory to a mutual exchange of honorary freeat Wandsworth, a general shout from the doms, conferring the privilege of being numerous boats that attended the match, received as Archers in the different Socie6 that Mr. Lewis was going a-head, ties of Great Britain. – Mr. Gresley, caused Mr. Julius to " lay out” as be- brother of Sir Roger Gresley, is the prefore, in which unfortunately he strained sent Honorary Secretary. One peculiarity one of the tendons of his left arm, and of this Society is, that when a Member was obliged to give up the contest. Mr. becomes a Benedict, he gives a “ marriage Lewis continued his course leisurely to feast” to the whole Body-thus one joy Putney, and again took possession of the crowning another.” splendid trophy of his victory, and thereby On the 23d of July the West Berks ranks as Champion of the River.

Union Archery Club held their first target

day for the season at Benham Park, near The weather during the present season Newbury, formerly belonging to the Mar. has been most propitious for this elegant chioness of Anspach, and now the resirecreation, which is rapidly advancing into dence of the Hon. Keppel Craven. There favour among the higher classes. Nor is was a good attendance of Members and this to be wondered at, when we find these their friends, amounting to 130, among Societies to be the medium of health and whom were Members of several old-esta. exercise, joy and festivity, friendship and blished Societies. A Deputation from the sociality in their respective neighbour. Toxopholite Society, consisting of Sir hoods. The meetings generally are held Alexander Malet, Captain Norton, and amid the most lovely scenery, clad in its Mr. Barnard, came from London, express. full garb of summer, which with the sim- ly for the purpose of presenting the freedom ply elegant costume of the Ladies, and the of their Association to the West Berks Arbeauty which graces it, together with the chers, a most Hattering mark of distinction glow of happiness which prevades “ the conferred by the oldest and most renowned brave and the fair," combine to form a Society of Archers upon one of such recent " joyous company" which it would be formation-an honour not before bestowed difficult to do justice to. The Archers of by the Toxopholites upon any other Archery either sex appear throughout the country Society within the last fifty years. In reto be evidently profiting by the frequent turn, the freedom of the West Berks opportunities they enjoy of practising their Archery Society was yoted to the Toxophofavorite art.

lites by acclamations. On the 3d of August the Royal Com- The second meeting was at the same pany of Archers, Body Guard for Scotland, delightful spot on the 30th. The comshot at Musselburgh for the Silver Arrow pany was numerous, and the whole of the given by the “ Honest Town," which was noble mansion (Benham House) was won by John Nairne Forman, Esq., W.S. thrown open for their reception. The

Since the revival of Archery the Toxo. sports commenced at two o'clock on the TUOLITES is the oldest Club, with the lawn, where several marquees, targets, &c. exception of the King's Body Guard, Scot- were erected for the occasion. The Ladies land. Three successive Kings have been were attired in green silk costume, ornaPatrons of the Society, George III. George mented with silver, and wore bats with IV, and His present Gracious Majesty, plumes of feathers. The prizes were and it ranks among its Members several awarded as follow :--the Ladies Prize, to of the principal Nobility and Gentry of Miss Butler, of Avington : the Silver the country. It was instituted, in 1780, Arrow for the gold, to Miss Fanny Bacon: by Sir Ashton Lever and Mr. Waring, the Silver Arrow for the greatest number and the meetings were then held at Lei. of' hits, to Mrs. Butler : the Gentlemen's cester House, Leicester-fields, on the site Grand Prize, to Captain Barnard : the Sowhere Leicester-place now stands, and ciety's Chiet Prize, to Mrs. W'm. Wylde : butts were erected in the gardens for the Silver Arrow for best gold, to Mr. Hughes: practice of the Members. On the demo- Silver Arrow for the greatest number of lition of Leicester House, the Society met hits, to Mr. Barnard: the President's in the fields at the back of the British Mus Prize, to Miss Emma Compton. The seum ; and their place of rendezvous is shooting was considered excellent, and on now at Bayswater. Their proceedings, the termination of the sport the company

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