OCTOBER, 1833.


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Affairs, &c. by Ringwood.................486 Rearing Young Stock in Germany........451 SPORTING INTELLIGENCE:A Visit to the East Sussex Kennel at Turf Intelligence Extra--Attempt to put

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PRIAM, in himself a most called he in that part of Hamp

splendid Setter, the property shire from which he comes, exof Mr. Sam. Day the jockey, took cept the sire of his kittens, and his name, of course, from the she," of course, could not be superlative horse on which he called Priam. rode and won the Derby-a name

The Portrait before us was ever dear to him ; as he declared, painted at Newmarket, and is after winning the race, that he considered a faithful representashould " never want money any tion not only as to the animal himmore:” and if want and desire self, but his character and pecumean the same thing, the name liar mode of doing business in must be doubly dear to him. the field, by LAMBERT MARHence no wonder that he called SHALL, the Engraving by Mr. his dog Priam, or his cat (the GOLDING. It is seldom “two of mother of his kittens), nay! even a trade agree,” but his brotherhis wife and daughter, if he had professors consider him one of one at the time, as everything is first in the line. It is our duty to select the best Artists, and those well known and well attested of we think best calculated to gra- him made to accompany the tify our numerous subscribers : it plate, which would make our is their approbation we court, Work of greater interest, and inand any hint from them will be crease its value. Warwick came attended to in every department, into Hampshire quite young to that may promote the prosperity the late Sir Henry St. John Wildof this long-established popular may, from his friend Mr. Coke of Work, and add to the happiness Norfolk : he, on being put into of those who labour honestly and the hands of his keeper, was soon fairly to keep it up with a public under condemnation, and nothing we have ever found just, gene- but a tree and a string seemed to rous, and noble-minded.

await him: it proved, however, This canine Priam was given afterwards (when not too late) to his present owner by his bro- that either the keeper or the dog ther, Mr. Henry Day, and con- was a fool, but it certainly reus sidered the most beautiful and not the dog. No! he had sense valuable present that not only a enough to make any puppy blush, real brother, but a brother-sports- and became so good a sporting man, could make to another. dog afterwards under Mr. GauntHis pedigree and good deeds by lett, that he refused as handsome far exceed our limits: it is enough a curricle and a beautiful pair of to say—and that is saying a great brown blood horses for him, with deal--that he is descended from harness complete, as any Gentlethe celebrated Warwick, of Mr. man would wish to convey himGauntlett, Winchester, a picture self in from one place to another of which was painted by the even in search of a wife. elder Marshall more than thirty We can trace the pedigree of years ago, and which we should Warwick up to Sir John Morbe glad to see (as would every daunt, but live in hopes of getting one of our readers) engraved the loan of the picture from Mr. by one of our best Artists, and Gauntlett, when we shall have the picture safely returned with- more to say of things as wonder. out risk and free of expense, and ful and true. the wonderful things that are


SIR, ON my arrival at. Doncaster on nificent equipages for which Doncasa

the Saturday before the Meet- ter has hitherto been always so much ing, I found a very great number of distinguished : yet the Meeting was horses (greater than usual) had ar- graced by numbers of Noblemen and rived: the course too was in the finest Gentlemen of the first rank and conpossible order, and everything augur- sequence, and all went off much ing a good Meeting, which it has more pleasant and agreeable than last proved in a great measure, though year. No Ludlow tragely – DO the company was undoubtedly deti- Fang plots--and, better than all, no cient in numbers to former years, and outward expressions of violence and there was a total absence of all that disorder took place, which so greatly splendid Aristocratical display of mage disgraced the last year's Meeting, and which it is to be hoped may never be Duke of Leeds's colt out witnessed again. But I must proceed

of Mrs. Rye ....... ...S. Templeman. to give you the more pleasing part of Mr. Powiete's br. c. by

Figaro or Lottery out iny tale, the sport itself.

of Miss Fanny's dam, E. Wright. Monday brought us blooming and delicious weather, but the attendance Cotillon, from her former neat fonton the course was certainly deficient ing, was the favorite at 6 to 4. agst of its usual numbers. The Fitz

her; 4 to 1 agst Warlaby Baylock;

6 to 1 agst Mr. Powlett's; 8 to 1 william, a mile and a quarter, as a matter of course, custom, or favour, agst Valiant; and 10 to 1 agst Runstarted the festivities, with bringing at the start, they certainly behaved

nymede.-On presenting themselves an entry of only five: however ali

themselves came up to the tribunal for trial; make allowances for their youth and

very ill : but we must these five were

inexperience. They had no fewer than Colwick ...............rode by Scott. five false goes, to the disappointment Tomboy


and vexation of several, in which The Saddler

...Jas. Robinson. The Mystery

......E. Wright.

Cotillon almost always danced out Alecto filly ..................... Thos. Lye. and went some way, and on getting

off it was only in a slovenly manner. After making a false go, they went well Warlaby Baylock took the lead, with together, when Colwick set off as if Powlett's colt close on his haunches, fire was in his tail, and ran away over and the Duke of Leeds's colt and the hill some four or five lengths some others hard by, Cotillon being a-head to the Red House corner : here in the rear. On coming up to the Johnson crept up on Tomboy, and rails Cotillon came in front, but was stopped the boy's wild vagaries by soon

soon closed out by Valiant, Runnyafter defeating him, and winning the mede, Warlaby Baylock, Mr. Powrace all the way home uncommonly lett's colt, and the Duke of Leeds's easy—the others following in the rear, colt, who all came in a line hard at and disputing with each other for the work up to the distance. Scott here best second-rate character, which was pulled his mare to the outside, came booked at the register office to the round his horses, defeated them, and Alecto filly.--Colwick was the favo- finally won the rosy wine and golden rite at 6 to 4 on him, maybe from the prize by half a length cleverly-Mr. great price Lord Chesterfield gave for Powlett's running in second; Warhim in the spring: however, it should laby Baylock (though not placed) be remembered that the dearest things third ; the Duke of Leeds's colt are not always the best.

fourth; and Lord Kelburne's Ally The important and interesting two- fifth. Considering the many disapyear-old race, the Champagne Stake, pointments Cotillon sustained in the from the Red House In, followed, starts, and also in the race, added to and drew out eleven sparkling young her being a little amiss, it must be ones to decide who should stand the acknowledged that she is a prime good treat, and give the Club six dozen. little mare; and if she be fortunate These were as under :

to keep her health, and come well to Runnymede ... rode by John Holmes. the post for the Oaks next year, the Summerhill

P. Connolly. Epsom lads will find the COTILLON Valiant

W. Wheailey. as fashionable a dance in their country Cotillon

W. Scott. Lord Kelburne's filly oat

as she deservedly is far north among of Emilia .... ...G. Nelsop.

the Yorkshire boys at Doncaster. Mr. Armitage's ch. c. out

The Four-year-old Produce Stake, of Shoehorn

.J. Garbutt. four miles, next brought out Mr. Wyndham

T. Nicholson.

Gascoigne's Tuberose rode by JohnWarlaby Baylock.........R. Heseline. Major Varburgh's b. f.

son, and Mr. Houldsworth's Trident by Velocipede out of

rode by Darling. The latter, against Laurel's dam ............ Thos. Robinson. whom the odds were 6 to 4, came up took place in consequence of Robin. no go; and thus ended the first son claiming Mr. Watt's Harlequin Canto of our Sportive Tome.


to the scratch as well lathered as if he been immediately preceding the Great had come from the wash tub, and Event, the Stake brought in two fretting like a washerwoman who had competitors, a degree of interest got no tea. He took the lead, made which was certain of securing 600good running, and was never headed siderable notice. As it was, many no until coming home round the Red doubt possessed so great a bellyfull of House turn, where Tuberose made a speculation on the Leger, that satiety little impression, but it was of so and distaste existed towards all other slight a duration that Trident soon events until the grand secret was redrew on her again, and went in a vealed. These two were victor cleverly, well ridden.

Cotillon ............rode by W. Scott. The King's (God bless him!) Valparaiso ......S. Templeman. Guineas, four miles, only tempted These two had, as three to show :

your readers

will well remember, been out togeLady Elizabeth...rode by Thos. Robinson. ther before at the York Spring MeetDavid

.S. Darling. Butcher Boy

ing, and had run a pretty close race; .......G. Nelson.

and this gave the partisans of the At the start Butcher Boy went first horse an opportunity of satisfying to cut out the work, but the mare themselves with a second edition. was so furious at his slow pace, that However, it did not prove so close a Robinson could not restrain her, and thing as before; for the mare at the therefore, after going a little more Stand danced out and out-danced her than a distance, he let her go in front, partner, winning uncommonly easy and away she went, made most tre- by several lengths :7 to 4 on the mendous severe running, was never after headed, and won cleverly from

David, who went in second-Butcher
Boy being above distanced. This

Now the bell rung for saddling the Lady Bess is certainly a superior ST. LEGER Horses, and in a short piece of stuff, this being the tenth time the course presented a field of prize she has carried away this year, twenty, parading before the spectators beside travelling some hundreds of

on the Stand amid the busy tongues miles from place to place. It was

of hundreds who were hailing their the fastest run four-mile race that I appearance with transport and dehave witnessed for some years.

light, while not a few were no doubt Three matches, between Pick- fluttering with painful anxiety and pocket and Liverpool, Retainer and beating hearts for the disclosure of the St. Giles (who had fallen amiss a

decision in this glorious struggle. few days before), and two Cocktails, Prior to starting some little confusion proved, like many anticipated unions,

jacket of Nicholson (who had weighed by order of Mr. Watt for Belshazzar),

and stating that he was ordered to TUESDAY presented a charming ride the Great Belshazzar, and that and delightful day, which no one Nicholson was to ride Tutor in his could fail to enjoy, except perhaps stead, thus the two exchanging horses. those who had the misfortune to After the dressing of the two was possess that worst of companions, a completed, and Robinson had asbad book, or whose sensitive feelings sumed the character of Harlequin, might be a little disturbed by the the celebrated hard-riding Squire in. moments of anxiety which the day terfered and insisted upon a second was destined to set at rest.

change-consequently the two again The first taste was the Two-year- doffed their jackets, and shewed at the old Produce Stake, from the Red start in their original colours. Thus House In; and if the thing had not ended a very pretty little farce or

pantomime, in which was wanting Deceiver, and Glaucus being close in neither Harlequin, Pantaloon, nor front; Jack Faucet, Anne, and Clown to attract the attention of the some others in the middle ; Rockingmultitude. When all were drawn up ham and Mussulman (who got a bad to the start, they presented the fol- start) being in the rear, and Major lowing list :

Yarburgh's colt (a roarer) and Mr. Mr. Ellis's b. c. by Fi.

Ellis's colt being left last from the garo out Lady Fulford, W. Lear. start by their inability to keep even The Mole

..E. Wright.

this bad pace. Belshazzar kept up Rockingham ..S. Darling; Belshazzar ..

.Thos. Nicholson.

the play, if such it could be called, Deceiver (late Franken.

at this wretched pace over the hill, stein).... ..... W. Wheatley. the whole, with the exception of YarRevenge

...J. Chapple. burgh's and Ellis's colt, being clusThe Dancing Master ... Robert Johnson. tered together. At the Red House Anne ...J. Holmes.

Corner, Revenge, Mussulman, RockSister to Retainer... .George Nelson. Lot

.S. Templeman.

ingham, and Muley Moloch came in Tesane

P. Connolly.

front and looked prominent, but did Forester

.W. Arnull. not head Belshazzar. Tesane, Sister Jack Faucet ..Spring.

to Retainer, Deceiver, and Forester Mussulman

.W. Scott.

here declining, Belshazzar, still preTutor ...

Jas. Robinson. Muley Moloch ....John Day.

serving the lead, went on to within Major Yarburgh's br. c.

the rails, where The Mole, Mussulout of Laurel's dam... Thos. Robinson. man, Forester, Glaucus, and Carnaby Carnaby ........... ....Job Marson, jun. went up in a line to Belshazzar, Connoisseur ................

Henry Edwards.

Rockingham being shut out behind Glaucus ..... ... Thomas Lye.

the file which they formed; and At the time of starting Muley Moloch round him was Anne, The Tutor, was the favorite at 3 to 1 agst him, Revenge, and one or two others. On and the others were esteemed at the reaching the distance-post Scott chalfollowing prices:–7 to 2 agst Bel- lenged "Belshazzar, and almost inshazzar ; 6 to 1 agst Mussulman ; 6 to stantaneously defeated him, he stop1 agst Revenge ; 8 to 1 agst Rocking- ping and giving over. The struggle ham; 14 to 1 agst The Mole; 20 to for victory was now universal with 1 agst Anne; 20 to 1 agst Deceiver; the front horses, and their exertions 20 to 1 agst Jack Faucet; 25 to i producing an opening in the ranks, agst Connoisseur; 25 to 1 agst Tutor; from some (on being called on) going 40 to 1 agst Dancing Master; 50 to i forward and others stopping, gave agst Forester ; and 100 to 1 agst Lot. Darling an opportunity of getting

On gathering up at the post the out; and immediately on Mussulman anxiety of the riders and the impa- defeating Belshazzar he brought tience of the horses caused a false Rockingham forward, made his run, start, in which Connoisseur ran off passed Mussulman without any confirst, followed by The Mole, Lot, and tention, and won the race very cleDancing Master. However they did verly by about a length, Mussulman not go much above fifty yards, so that running in second; Carnaby, his first no disadvantage could result thereby. appearance in public, though not On collecting a second time, they got placed, being third, and clear of the tolerably well off, The Mole going others; Belshazzar fourth ; Glaucus away with the lead for a very short fifth ; and The Mole sixth-Condistance, it being soon taken from him noisseur, Muley Moloch, Anne, and by Tesane, who as speedily resigned Revenge being together at their heels, the front rank to the Great King and Deceiver the last in the race but Belshazzar. Nicholson now took up two. It was undoubtedly the worst the running in earnest, though at a run Leger I ever witnessed, and took slow pace, Tesane, Muley Moloch, a great time in performing (3 min. Lot, Dancing Master, The Mole, Rea and 40 sec.) It goes to tell, that, exvenge, Sister to Retainer, Forester, cepting the winner, the fleet are a lot

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