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JUNE, 1833.



CONTENTS. Pedigree, &c. of Antelope

73 The Male Sparrow Hawk ................. 10! York Spring Meeting, by Alfred High- Letters from Cowes-No, I. The Yacht flyer

74 Club--the Falcon, the Arundel, the The late Season in Essex and Suffolk .... 80 Water Witch, &c. ........ ..........102 Coursing Anecdote ....... ........ 80 Newmarket First and Second Spring The Shropshire Fox-hounds, with some Meetings, by Obsei vator ........ . 105 Remarks on Shropshire as a Hunting

Memoir of the late Mr. Francis Country

81 Richardson

...........114 Further Remarks on the New Game The End of the Season, by DASHWOOD, 119 Aet.......... .......... 85 St. Alban's Races

.......128 The Malton Meeting, by Alfred Highflyer, 88 Epsom Races, by Observator .............. 131 The Upper Shannon--Cross-fishing on, SPORTING INTELLIGENCE:

for Trout and Salmon--Scenery on the Turf Intelligence Extra-New RegulaLower Part of Lough Derg - Holy tions of the Jockey Club-Stud SalesIxland, &c. by A Quartogenarian ........ 91

the Chase -- Aquatics - Cricket-Ang. Lines on the Death of Belle, a favorite

ling, &c. &c. Setter ........

99 Bettings on the Leger ............. 144 Mr. Mure's Hounds .......

99 NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.... 144 A Serap from Pilot .......100 RACING CALENDAR.

9 Embellished with I. PORTRAIT OF ANTELope.-II. THE MALE SPARROW Hawk.


Engraved by ROMNEY from a l'ainting by LAPORTE.

OUR Account of the now popus

The riding of Mr. Bean is too lar St. Alban's Steeple Chase well known not to be duly apprefor this year (which appeared in ciated by the Sporting World, our April Number, p. 463) is possessing, as he does, a clear sufficiently fresh in the recollec- head, a light hand, and plenty of tion of our readers to make the nerve: and so Mr. Sebright must winner an object of interest. To have thought, by his sending to the detail there given we have to Mr. Bean on the evening of the add a few particulars.

race a brush of one of the best ANTELOPE was purchased by foxes he had killed during the his present liberal owner, J. Fairlie, Esq. from the fashionable In the likenesses of the horse stable of Anderson: his colour a and his rider, and in the characbay (or rather we should say ter of the animal's action, Laporte mealy), his off-hind leg white. has succeeded admirably. The He was got by Peeping Tom ; his horse has all the appearance of dam by Recruit; grandam, by life, with that spirit and animaOld Dart-Hambletonian, tion so characteristic of this artist's



style. The portraits are taken which ANTELOPE was brought to just at the moment the rider has the post was the admiration of drawn up his horse for the tre- all, and reflects the highest credit mendous leap delineated in the on Will James (Prime Minister print-a high bank and strong to the late Honorable William rails at the top, and a ditch on Scott, son of Lord Eldon), by the other side,

whom he was trained for the The blooming condition in occasion.



E had a large assemblage of (but who took fright at the long

horses, and, what is still journey to travel to and fro withbetter, all looking blooming to out the possibility of a rest, from the eye, and declared healthy and visiting Yorkshire), to witness the well...... no rumours of umours of coughing, di

display of Muley Moloch, Beland no screws loose, though in shazzar, and the several others the epoch of an influenza: the who turned out to public inspecbill of particulars fraught with tion, The betting, in consedelicious morsels, and the most quence, was at a stand, and I do fashionable and distinguished not remember to have seen so names, as well as vaunted testi- little done in the way of advomonials of great talent: the course cating or deprecating the several in the finest possible condition, pets of fancy with the siller at and the weather as beautiful as York in any one Meeting within the bright beams of Sol or the the space of my remembrance, genial gales of Summer could Surely the Chester, Liverpool, have made it: indeed

and York Meetings, if arranged “ Nature, new blossom’d, shed her odours to interfere less with each otherround

and such arrangement might The dew-bent primrose kiss'd the breeze. easily be effected with the conswept ground.”

currence of those who have the What then could desire management of them- would more?......why nothing! Every- materially benefit each, and prething bloomed propitious to pro- vent a repetition of the unpleaduce, without alloy, what we have sant concussion which has this truly enjoyed-a bumper at Old year no doubt materially tended Ebor.

to injure all the three. The muster of regulars, though The different exhibitions, howtolerable, was not so numerous as ever, turned out some talented might reasonably have been anti- performers, who will doubtless cipated. Chester immediately pre- prove dangerous competitors, as ceding, and Liverpool treading they have given proof of great upon the lieels of our appoint- abilities that must raise public ment, no doubt prevented great interest in their favour to a much numbers from the Cheshire and higher pitch, on their next essay, Lancashire counties, who might than would have been the case feel a desire, as heretofore, to had they remained secluded within tread the plain of Knavesmire the portals of their stable doors.


The stream and tide of Fortune pay and applause a full length flowed, with the exception of two and a half. Who could have solitary outlets, in a very partial dreamt of having partiality for an course; for all the credit, and of incorrigible screamer like this, course profit, flowed and flooded wholast year

could not be induced into three stables—The Scotts, by either persuasion or intimidaSmiths, AND SHEPHERDS: SO tion to make anything like a remuch for the good fortune of the spectable appearance! However, three S's! This letter must surely since last year he has undergone be a fortunate initial, or a charm an operation, which appears to that has the singular virtue of have improved an obstinate temseducing the inconstant jilt - per, and, with it, his behaviour in However, 'tis said a man had ever company. better be born fortunate than rich; The lion of the day, the and these three trainers give some Northern or York Derby, on the solid proof of the former blessing conditions of the Epsom onebeing their share.

only the second to have his stake Among the invincibles Mr. instead of a hundred returned Walker has proved invulnerable; one mile and a half, followed. for wherever the scarlet jacket From a subscription of thirty we and white cap shewed, the laurels had nine at the post, most of them were always added, sweeping off as great fine promising looking everything he started for. This animals as ever stared through a worthy turf-man has long been a bridle, and if size could insure good staunch beaten one, and his goodness, why they would indeed turn of good luck is indeed not have boasted ofall the talents ;" teo premature. But the sport's for one (Juba) was full sixteen the thing, Mr. Editor, you and hands and an inch, and some of your readers wish to hear, and so the others above sixteen hands.

They shewed at the start, attended Monday opened with a Stake as under : of 20 sovs. each, for all ages, Allegro............rode by Tommy Lye. two miles, and a quartette, with

Blue Stocking colt......... Geo. Nelson.

Colt out of Laurel's dam, Wm. Scott. Nitocris, Chorister's Brother,4yrs, Lot

.S. Templeman. the Wathcote Lass colt, 4 yrs,

Muley Moloch

.John Day. and Salute—from former deeds


.P. Connolly. Juba.

.Jas. Garbutt. and present characters, of course Titus

..S. Darling. a certainty as to who was


..... R. Johnson. to sing the first partthe odds Muley carried the sway in pubon Nitocris being 7 to 4 on her, lic opinion at 6 to 4; Frankenand no notice taken of her stein next, at 5 to 2; and the three companions. Salute shewed others so little thought of, except the first quavers to the gravel by their immediate friends, that 5; road, when she retired to the back 6, and 10 to 1 was the going ground, and her place was soon price in the market against them. filled by Nitocris; but at the dis- From the anxiety of Juba to have tance the Lottery one, from John a taste of the sweets, a false start Smith's choir (ridden by Cart was made, though without any mawright, a lad), came up, LED terial disadvantage accruing from THE BAND, and carried off the it. On a second

attempt they got

here goes.



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