well off, and Muley took away well with him, no doubt but on as if the devil was at his heels, the appointed day His Grace of which he really was, for Satan Cleveland will be seen in the followed him pretty closely, and front rank for the St. Leger the rest some a length and others Stake: at least public performmore behind, Juba and Titus being ances, which seldom tell falsefar in the rear—the former of the hoodz, say so. two shewing the farther the dis- A Match for a Thousand, h. ft., tance ran the farther he was be- a mile and three quarters, between hind. Muley, however, regarded the Brother to Maria and Renot their several struggles, but tainer, was booked the next; but bored on his way with rapid step, as the former preferred paying and leading his adversaries to five hundred to twice that sum, past the distance. Here Johnson the latter walked over. thought, no doubt, that if Satan So far Mr. John Smith did did not try his wiles and snares to well for his masters; all the sweets trepan his bold adversary, it would had fallen into his own hands; shortly be too late; so he made but not so for himself-for his a devil of a rush at him, and suc- own filly, by Jerry out of Snowceeded in getting just a head for ball (a weedy one), was defeated a moment, but soon found that by a Delirium (a Brother to Bessy the TRUTH and viRTUE of Muley Bedlam) of Mr. Walker's, withwere too over-powering for his out displaying anything like Satanic Majesty, and he almost Frenzy, for a Two-year-old instantly retired a little behind. Stake of 50 each, h. ft., and six Day did not, however, appear to subs., the T.Y.C.-ridden, though have any desire to hold parlance no riding was required, by Scott; with such a customer, and took the winner a profitable useful his horse by the head, threatened sort of Mania. punishment with the whipcord, Another important event folbut never put it in force, and lowed as a closer for the day's with just this simple application disclosure, in the Twenty Sovethe horse anawered his every reign Stake, Leger distance, and call, came gallantly away, and only five subscribers, out of which won uncommonly easy by two four shewed—three to try their lengths; Satan following second, endeavours to feast Belshazzar, anci beating the others, who shewed and, if possible, to overgorge his much tailing, a great way; Lot was gluttonous appetite :-these were, third, and Frankenstein fourth.

Anne .........rode by Wm. Scott. Muley undoubtedly realised the Slinker

Robt. Johnson. expectations of his friends, and Spider.......

.P. Connolly.

Belshazzar.. came up to that standard of excel

.S. Darling lence which his performances last The former actions of Belshazzar year gave the public reason to of course caused the tide of parestimate him at. He is certainly tiality to flow in his favour, and

fine noble-looking animal, those who wished to share in his though, if anything, rather leggy. victory or defeat in consequence The style in which he defeated had to lay 7 to 4 on him ; Anne, his field shewed him a true-run- who was imported from the late ning good horse ; and if all keep Lord Scarbrough's stud, and bad


only shewed once last year, and way in the rear. Anne, although then a good second to a beaten she maintained so long and one, being at 3 to 1 against her. apparently severe a struggle,

On leaving the post, Slinker shewed up at the scale tolerably slunk first, and made the running fresh and blooming without any at a tolerable, though perhaps not display of claret, while Belshazzar a first-race pace, and shewed the certainly appeared severely cut road to the Wood: here they up. From the circumstance of drew altogether, and in a moment, Anne stealing or rather taking for what reason I cannot pretend so much ground, (and I cannot to say, though some talk of see any substantial reason to be Slinker's shying, hanging, or bolt- adduced why she was permitted ing on some of his companions, to do so, without she could fly at and thereby disappointing them,) a pace which they could not imibut Scott was permitted, or else tate, and she certainly did fly could not be prevented from let. from them in an extraordinary ting his mare fly away from the manner), I believe the Sporting other three, and take a march of World in general are disposed to at least twelve or fourteen lengths, award the mead of superiority to which she got from them, though the horse : however, time will tell less than a mile from home, before the truth; but, be it as it may, you could well say Jack Robin- whoever has to meet Anne must son: he then wisely began to keep both eyes open, else her supeease his mare and patiently look rior speed may, a second time, (though coming at no sleepy pace)

sail in the wina's eye,” for his competitors coming up. and be not too easily overcome. The lost advantage of course took This closed our first Canto. some of the keen edge, if not a TUESDAY.—Out of a subscripgreat deal of the steel of the tion of six, at 20 each, for the others to regain, though Darling Filly Stake, a mile and a half, succeeded in getting up at the we had five at the post, some distance; and here Scott and he winners, some beaten ones, and began “the din of war’s alarms,” some “a first come out.”—TeDarling using the steel rowels sane, rode by Templeman, the and whipcord pretty freely, the fancy belle, and backed at even, other not having an over-comfort- set off with the lead, but scarcely able seat. One of those neck , a hundred yards were gone over and neck struggles followed, before John Day went up on Mr. which required every exertion Powlett's filly, by Lottery out of that bodily strength could give, Miss Fanny, headed her, sailed and every artifice that head could away at strong running, broke devise, to the last final mark; the hearts and spirits of all the when the smart Anne succeeded other ladies, and won as easy as in causing the hand-writing" on you please by full two lengths. the list to shew Belshazzar only She is a useful fine mare : her second ; with a bellyfull of pu- forelegs, however, appear to have nishment, though defeated but by undergone the blistering operahalf a head. Slinker was third, tion; whether this has been nebeat some three or four lengths, cessary from weakness or not, and Spidler spun his web a long I cannot pretend to say, Panto

mime ran in second, Tesane third, (which is the first of that highly and two others, not worth names, esteemed horse and very superior nowhere.

racer's get that has appeared in A dozen of truly fine beauti- public) is a fine splendid animal ; ful and gay two-year-olds next Worlaby is also a very good like shewed for the Young Ones Stake one: indeed I do not remember as follow:

to have ever seen a fleet of finer Duke of Cleveland's colt

young ones. out of Bequest John Day, THE CUP.--You know, Mr. Mr. Merryman

J. Holmes. Mr. Bell's colt by Bru.

Editor, I am no advocate for Cups tandorf.

J. Marson (though, like other social mortals, Bubastes

.................. S. Darling. I may at times take a cup too Mellerstein

Thos. Lye. Mr. Powlett's colt out of

much), merely because I consiJean d'Arc

P. Connolly:

der the value of them might be Duke of Leeds's colt by

more advantageously disposed of; Blacklock out of Mrs. Rye

R. Johnson.

and I think the time may not be Duke of Leeds's colt by

far distant when we shall find Velocipede out of Ma

them thinly sown in the pages of tilda's dam

S. Templeman. Cotillon

W. Scott.

our annual Calendars; and will Ernigrant......

Jas. Jacques. require the accomplishment of Worlaby Baylock R. Heseltine. Furfan

the Inspired Bard's verse

Jas. Garbutt. The Duke of Cleveland's youth

“ Drink of this cup-you'll find there's

a spell in gained the most favour before Its every drop 'gainst the ills of morta. starting ; 3 to 1 agst Bubastes;

lity :

Talk of the cordial that sparkled for 5 to 1 voted agst a Cotillon;

Helen, the same agst Worlaby Baylock; Her cup was a fiction, but this is reand 6 to 1 agst Velocipede.

ality”. From the anxiety of some of ere they will gain notice and supthe young riders to be off, a sort porters. It is but right, however, of false start was made, if such to say, that the article, as far as it might be termed, though none its appearance went, was one of went abovea few yards: they drew the most beautiful and classic deupand made one of the most beau. signs ever seen, and was univertiful starts ever seen, all coming sally admired. I wish the same away together, Furfan and Mr. admiration could be stated to Powlett's colt having (if any- have been bestowed upon the thing could be said to have) the handicap ; but it was not so: lead. The best of company was many thought it had, and out of kept by all up to the Stand; and twelve subscribers, six hid themhere indeed a picture for the pencil selves in the forfeit of only 5 sovs. was presented-a dozen young each, from the weights attached generous hearts struggling for to themselves. Out of the other victory, the whips flying, and six, five shewed-viz. Contest, spurs going with the greatest ve- 8st. 6lb.; The Barber, 8st. 9lb.; locity, and after a short struggle Lady Marcia, 6st.5lb.;

Liverpool, Cotillon danced out and won 8st.9lb.; and Retainer, 8st. Liverrather clever by half a length pool, who was the favorite at 6 from the Velocipede colt, Worla- to 4, took

made by Baylock running in third. severe running, was never headed, The winner is a pretty useful and won cleverly by a neck, well mare, and the Velocipede colt rode by Tommy Lye; The Bare



ber second, and the others a long Jacques; Charmer, by Jas. Garway behind.

butt; and Sister to Retainer, by The Shorts (a mile) gave us an John Day. Belshazzar (who was interesting trio, with Rockingham the fancied one at even) took the (a great fine horse), who shewed lead, and made very strong runas (which he is) Mr. Watt's pro- ning, leading up to the distance, perty, rode in the harlequin where Garbutt tried the voice of his jacket by Darling; The Dancing Charmer, and made a rush, headMaster, rode by Johnson; and ing him but for a moment, when Sir E. Dodsworth's colt, by Jerry she fell back. Belshazzar then out of the Lady of the Vale's came from her, and won cleverly dam, ridden by Garbutt.-Rock- by a length without being touchingham having since his going ed. He looked as fresh as a into training been under the tui- daisy after the contest. The time tion of Shepherd, Mr. Watt's of running was 3 min. and 17 trainer, where also of course seconds, which is certainly good Belshazzar receives his instruc- time, and tells Belshazzar to be a tions, and Mr. Watt having re- superior horse and a dangerous cently purchased him, “the competitor : indeed I hesitate not knowing ones”, say, and the to say, that with regard to pace trainer, “lads," "toutors,” and this race was the best run one of others echo it, that private trials the Meeting. have told the great Rockingham WEDNESDAY.-The Constituto possess the vein of superiority tion Stake was walked for by over the victorious Belshazzar, Mr. Walker's Augusta ; Rockand many have and are endea- ingham declining to meet her voring to put the weight of and Consul, which Mr. Walker their cash upon his back : how- also intended to start for the Stake. ever public scenes have shewn Mr. Heseltine's Puffendorf (a the reverse on a former occasion; horse with only one eye, and a and public tales, when backed white nightcap on) turned out against private ones, win nineteen with Mr. Houldsworth's Hawk, times out of twenty. Rocking- for the Colt Sapling Stake, a mile ham made the running at a strong and three quarters. Polyphemus pace, keeping the lead to near made play at a so-so pace to about the distance, where Garbutt tried half a mile from home, when to come, but failed; and the Hawk let fly, defeated him, came great one won cleverly (with away, and won easy-rode by well pushing) by three quarters Connolly. of a length, run up to the end The Stand Plate wound up all, by the Dancing Master, whose and was carried off by Mr. John steps were too slow to keep him Scott's Rodolph (and the aid of company. Rockingham appeared Connolly's beautiful riding), at in his race to be one of those lazy two heats, defeating Bounce and sort of animals who require a Mr. King's b. c. by Tramp. Just great deal of riding.

on reaching the ending post in The St. Leger (Leger length) the second heat Rodolph broke closed the day's exhibitions, and down in the off-fore leg, and left again brought out to retrieve his the course very lame. faded laurels Belshazzar, rode by

ALFRED HIGHFLYER. Darling; with Partner, by Jas, Ebor, May 18, 1833.


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We have received a “ Biographical Memoir of the late Colonel COOK" from our Correspondent NEMO, which we regret must stand over till next month. We give, however, his concluding remarks on the above Counties, as their interest would be los í by postponement.

I Am happy to hear, from good sist, season after season, in defiance

authority too, that the Nimrods of every advice, and one would think
of Essex and Suffolk have had a bril- common sense, in keeping on poor old
liant season. Mr. Mure, in the Thur. Holmes, who really ought, in spite of
low and Suffolk country; Messrs. those great political economists and
Brewitt and Nash, with the Essex anti-sinecurists, Messrs. Hume and
Union (late Lord Petre's), in the Cobbett, to have been consigned, at
Stifford part of the county ; and, least ten years ago, to a snug cottage
though last not least, old Charley and sinecure pension for the re-
Newman, with the renowned East mainder of his days.
Essex, who, I am more than glad to There is a brilliant little pack of
hear has this year surpassed, if pos- Harriers down in the nesghbourhood
sible, all former seasons, as the scalps of Braintree, some of whose noble
on his kennel door, as well as the aw- deeds I long to relate; and if I can
ful state of his nags, will on inspec- but get permission so to do of their
tion, I hear, clearly prove.

scientific and indefatigable Master, I am sorry to hear Conyers has but you shall hear again shortly from a sorry tale to tell. How can it, how

NEMO ever, be otherwise, when he will per- May 4, 1833.

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A Farmen in this neighbourhood, swiftness of a good charge of No. 3 known for his good breed of grey- against that of poor puss-or, in other hounds, had often coursed a hare un- words,“ shot her,” greatly to the resuccessfully: at last her appearance gret of all who knew her. and habits became so well known to Such a circumstance occurring half him, that he was able to distinguish a century ago would have fixed the her from others, and knew where to character of uncannyon some old find her when wanted. On a bank woman of the neighbourhood, as the sloping gently to the water of Leith, form of a hare has always been supthe back-ground rising more precipi- posed to be a witch's favorite metatously to the Pentland Hills, puss was morphosis: indeed she was seldom always to be found at home at certain alleged to assumc any other shape; hours; and whenever the farmer and had the chase led past a lone wished to gratify any of his friends moorland hut, occupied by an old woby witnessing the speed of his dogs, man, and the dogs lost sight therehe had only to proceed to her haunt. abouts, as it is likely they would, the She became so accustomed to the evidence would have been considereil sport, that it did not seem to annoy conclusive. The writer of this (who her, as she trotted away at leisure be- does not count nearly so many years as fore the dogs, until Lard pressed, the period above-mentioned) recollects when, turning her head to the hill, and that in the same district a crooked putting out her speed, in a short time sixpence, then considered necessary they were “at fault.” This lasted to dissolve the enchantment, was actufor some time, until the farmer, irri. ally put amongst the charge intended tated, it is supposed, by the repeated for a hare of this sort. defeat of his best dogs, measured the Currie, near Edinburgh, May 12,

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