THURSDAY'S sport (if it be sport pacity, she never exerted herself, to be drenched to death with rain, though strenuously called upon by pelted with hail, and starved with Connolly on every point; while John cold) consisted of six races, three of Day went in lovingly with Blue Eyes, them won by General Grosvenor, who taking any place or pace he wished to thought the weather-from being an choose. old soldier, perhaps-far from being The Forfeit Class of the Oatlands, so disagreeable as many others thought an affair of great excitement but not it. He won the first with Falernia, of wealth, being for 10 sovs. each, by Chateau Margaux, 8st. 3lb., from thirteen subscribers, and three only Mr. Cosby's Temperance, 8st. 7lb., expected to run-Emancipation, OxyR. M., 100 sovs. Thus Arnull, with gen, and Dinah; when at the last his Claret, beat Robinson with his moment the Duke of Cleveland drew Temperance.

his horse, which petrified both blackSweepstakes of 200 søvs.each, h.ft.: legs and whitefeet; but I say to them colts, st. 7lb.; fillies, 8st. 3lb., what I have ever said, that if a man Ditch Mile, won “ three parts of a enters into an engagement, and fulfils length" by Lord Verulam's Sultan all the conditions specified, he has a colt-bis dam Tredrille—with little right to use his own discretion. Cusopposition; so that a pretty-looking tom is not a law, in spite of self-intehorse, a good-looking jockey (Con- rest, ignorance, and insolence. His nolly), and a Stakes of 800 sovs., are Grace no doubt acted on the score of attractions, not only worthy of the humanity, and at the last struggle notice

of the Descendant, but of the could not, for a minute's pleasure to great Bacon himself, if he were here: himself, or to gratify the avarice of the pace, however, was as slow as others, destroy such a beautiful and law proceedings when there is plenty valuable creature as Emancipation, a of money in the case. Robinson, on delicate animal, with 9st. 9lb. on bis Lord Worcester's Zealot colt, was se- back-a long and severe course at all cond ; and John Day, on the Duke times, the ground as deep as ever of Grafton's Fidalgo, third. Ishmael was known, some of it new made, and forfeited ; one paid this and the debt raining in torrents at the time, with of Nature too.

a distant chance of winning a paltry Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft., stake of 1201. No! No! I am glad for two-year-olds, T.Y.C., six_sub- the Duke of Cleveland is still a conscribers.--General Grosvenor's Faler- sistent Reformer, and a friend to nia (Natt) won it easy by a length; Emancipation. Now if His Grace, Mr. Payne's Whiteboy colt second, on the strength of not letting his Sir M. Wood's Dromedary third, and horse run, and keeping it a secret to three paid forfeit. .

the very last, had interfered in the Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 sovs. betting about the other two, there is each, 10 ft., for two-year-olds, four no doubt but some, even upright men, subscribers. This Pavis won, on the would have said, “ this is too cunDuke of Richmond's Ketchup, by ning and too low for exalted rank;" three lengths, quite in a canter, but à but nothing of the kind did take regular mushroom hunting pace; place. Dinah and Oxygen made one Arnull

, on Temperance (free from of the finest races that was ever seen the gout of course), second; Felucca, at Newmarket or elsewhere, and durthird ; Mr. Forth's Woful filly lasting every part of the contest no other

...but why point at Mr. Forth's remark would apply. The good Woful filly, when there was so much riding of John Day, the honest heart of that family in the lot!

of Oxygen (giving nine pounds), and General Grosvenor's filly Blue the present state of the ground on Eyes, her dam Blue Stockings, shame- one side ; against the beautiful musfully beat Lord Verulam's filly by cular Dinah, her light weight, and Sultan, herdam Manille. Either the perfect horsemanship of Connolly, through obstinacy, timidity, or inca« on the other-indeed we never saw him to such advantage before, sitting not only vieing with them in beauty, well back on his saddle, keeping exact but rivalling them in speed and time with his own action and the stoutness. horse's exertions: to this nieety Mr. FRIDAY~a long day's racing : Kirby is indebted for the Forfeit Class none, however, but a lover of the of the Oatlands, winning it by a head. sport, or an interested one, could stay

The next race, and one of the to see it out, the wet and cold, though greatest consequence, was the Claret the 12th of April, being excessive. Stakes—had it been called the Brandy The first race was a harmless little Stakes, half the people being almost Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. each, three perished with cold, it would not have subscribers, which Lord Verulain's been neglected. There was much Tredrille colt won by two lengths, money also attached to it: this is a great with Connolly's place a sinecure; improvement to Claret, whether to Robinson on Mr. Cosby's Giantess, the palate of the peer or the palette second ; Blue Eyes third, with the of the painter. The Stakes had eight odds 4 to 1 upon her. Natt tried all subscribers of 200 sovs. each: four he could, but that is nothing; it was a came to the post, this made the bad day for Blue Eyes, and not very Claret worth 1000l. really rich and good for red ones : black legs, I begood. There are, however, few hands lieve, fared a little better. now-a-days wherein it would keep; Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. but if any one can do it the winner is for fillies, 8st. 41b. D. M.-three " the one.”. There was nothing par- started and two paid. It would be ticular in the start nor in the pace risking one's reputation to call this a Across the Flat, but on nearing the race, though won a head only by the Duke's Stand, from want of health, Duke of Richmond's (Lord Uxcondition, or both, poor Margrave bridge's) Miss Craven's dam filly, fell into the rear quite powerless. rode by Boyce, whose best exertions Strength and speed in horses, with could not keep her quite straight. In the three jockeys now left, were called colour, and at first sight, this thing is upon in one moment, as if by magic, very like Miss Craven; but on a when a more beautiful race than can closer inspection the great difference, ever be described took place, and no as the Doctors say, is in the “regions man with any pretensions to sporting of the chest.” Mr. Vansittart's knowledge (who saw it) will ever for- Elisena (Arnull) was second, and Lord get: Chifney on Trustee won it by a Lowther's Scurry a long way last. head in the last three strides: if he Handicap Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. had gone a yard sooner, he could not each for two and three-year-olds, have lasted, and if he had waited a T.Y.C., the winner to be sold for 401. thought longer, he would have been It was said that Newmarket was very too late. Robinson rode Minster, and full of horses all through the winter, went as far as human knowledge and and this race, a wag says, was made human nature can go. There were to prove it. The Duke of Richsome who thought his horse rather mond's filly Sierra by Wamba, rode lusty ; but the man that gives up his by Pavis, a length first; Mr. Cosby's time, his industry, his penetration, Giantess second (Arnull). Mr. Ç. and practice, is, from one horse claimed the winner for G. Edwards differing from another, much more “ here's your works!” a good likely to be the best judge, particu- racer for forty pounds! and if, as the larly if his subject is in a fit state to Faculty say, “ fat is a disease,' exercise his abilities upon. Beiram Sierra is warranted perfectly free from ran an extraordinary good horse, and, it. There were two or three others though he was not second, was only in the race, but of course at a very beat half a length. Beiram is much inferior price, not being near so good. furnished since last year, and may Subscription Plate of 501. for horses now be placed in the very front rank of all ages, beginning at two years with our far-famed English racers, old, and going up to Flying Childers

as some

if he was alive-ten subscribers. for fillies, Sst. 5lb. D. M. won by Arnull on Gab, brilliant in himself, Mr. Cookes's Tarantella (Teddy and his horse made to match, won all Wright) three lengths; Lord Exem the way like a Childers—this put me ter's Augusta filly by Sultan (Darin mind of it. It somehow happened ling) second; Mr. Chifney's Shovethat the printer forgot put in the ler filly (H. Edwards) third. One list, “ the winner to be sold," &c. paid, and one wrong named. for 3001. ; it also happened that Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each was Arthur Pavis, in that “ Cock-a-hoop won by Lord Exeter's Emmeline colt, independent sort of way,'

named by Colonel Peel, quite in a one remarked, chose to ride in a dress canter, rode by Darling, first at least totally unknown to every one, with- by two lengths; the Pledge colt by out giving notice in the proper quar- Lottery (John Day) second : four ter; so that this man in masquerade, others made the best terms they could. and his horse, which was second (Mr. Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. Gardnor's Ida), and the conditions of Sst. 4lb. D. M. won by Lord Chessale, were not discovered till too late terfield's Weeper by half a lerigth at to be claimed, so that Arnull and the the last, rode by Natt, beating the successful Gab may, we hope, meet Duke of Grafton's Octave, by John again! and again!

Day; these were the only two that The anxious moment for the Port started. This and previous running Stakes of 100 sovs. each having ar- has taken these Ladies down in their rived, everything forgot the wet, the class, having been first and second cold, and the dirt, except the poor favorites for the Oaks all the winter ; horses that laboured in it. Little can but the dry ground at Epsom may be said on the early part of the race, bring them up again, as no doubt they but as soon as they came in sight both possess some high game quaLord Exeter's Galata was about eighty lities. yards first without afterwards relin- The Ale Stakes (Hail Stakes it quishing one inch of it, not allowing might have been, as we were scarcely Darling, her jockey, even to interfere free from it for an hour during the in the least. We had a beautiful race week) of 100 sovs. each; colts, 8st. 71b. for second, a hundred pounds being fillies, est. 4lb. ; D. I. given to the occupier of that place. won cleverly by Lord Berners' RotThis Mr. Chifney's Emiliana won terdam colt by Emilius. His Lord. from little Archibald (the favorite ship seems to be reversing the order against the field) by half a length. of things; when a commoner, he used Poor little fellow! his small size and to take wine; now he is a Peer, he fine stride almost buried him; Mix- takes ale. John Day made use of the bury and Messenger were soon dis- Produce of Rotterdam with perfect posed of. Emiliana was in the bet- discretion. Wheatley, on Lord Lowting at about 4 to 1 against her. ther's Lazarone, second, claimed the

Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, winner for 4001. (one of the condi. h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, tions of the race), for, it is said, the 8st. 4lb. rising three years old, D. M. Duke of Rutland: so that if His won by Lord Tavistock's Anglesea Grace had only half a horse before, by Sultan, a neck, with no small share he must have a sort of three-cornered of advice and assistance from Robin- stud now-a horse and a half. Lord son. Lord Exeter’s Emmeline colt, Exeter's Spencer was all behind : a a great favorite, second (Darling), coat may make a spencer, but his after appearing quite done up, came Lordship's spencer can never make a again surprisingly, but was not only coat. This race ended a genteel, setoo late but in close custody, under lect, dull meeting, with the weather, the watchful eye of Robinson ; Divan scenery, and something else to correthird ; Elvastón fourth and last. spond.

OBSERVATOR. Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft.

Norfolk, April 13, 1833.

This was

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Oh, 'tis the merry month of May!

Hence, away with melancholy;

Banish sorrow, banish folly ;
Pleasure is crown'd on the gay May day

With laughter, song, and harmony,
And health, and love, and liberty,

And mirth, and jollity, and glee.
Oh, 'tis the merry, merry-merry, merry-merry month of May,
And the village youths and maidens and the garlands green are gay!

Oh, 'tis the mellow month of May!

Gone is winter, like a bubble ;

Gone its terrors, gone its trouble ;
Nature is clad in rich array ;

And summer suns, in happy skies,
With the mellow matin rise,

Tingeing heaven with glorious dyes !
Oh, 'tis the mellow, mellow—mellow, mellow-mellow month of May,
And the village youths and maidens and the garlands green are gay !

Oh, 'tis the merry May day morn!

Colds, rheumatic pains, and cholic

Wait not on a vernal frolic.
Wind the boreal dirge on the sounding horn;

For the winds of March have had their sway,
And April damps no longer slay,

And winter storms are far away!
Oh, 'tis the merry, merry--merry, merry--merry May day morn,
By the village youths and maidens gay the garlands green are borne !


Engraved by Cook, from a painting by F. C. TURNER.

Drag on him! ah, wind him, my steady good hounds;

Drag on him! ah, wind him, the cover resounds.”

THIS is the third of Mr. Turner's the slows: but though she shews so

: song, “A Southerly Wind and a her breeding is not known. The Cloudy Sky.” The portrait is the Artist was present at The Find, at celebrated HONEYWOOD Mare, the Thornley Park, near Canterbury, at property of Sir Edward John Honey- the close of the season 1832, and wood, Bart. of Everington, who, with hence the choice of the spirited subthat kindly feeling so peculiarly be- ject which he has transferred from longing to the genuine Sportsman, the field to the canvas. The run lent her to the East Kent Hunt for was short, sharp, and decisive; and the use of the whipper-in. She is whilst we contemplate the animated strong, handsome, amazingly clever cheering “ Drag on him !” we can at her fences, can do the trick well, easily fancy the Artist's ears still ringand go the pace through a long day ing with the glorious shouts of with these hcunds, which is no mean “ Who-whoop! Who-whoop!" that one, as they are seldom troubled with so quickly followed.



( Concluded from our last Volume, page 457.)

SIR, ON retiring from the happy and dependent on me with a cautious

merry group assembled at and wary hand. the hospitable board at Stock Now every grade of condition House, one observation occurred brings its separate companions ; to me as I was putting on my and having rung almost all the night-cap, the result of my expe- changes, and encountered almost rience in this extraordinary and all the chances that appertain to capricious world. I have seen this life, it may be easily imagined in my time, I may say, not a little that I have had to herd with most of the different gradations of so- of its varieties of society. One ciety, and have mixed in every grand truth, then, have I reaped fireside circle from the hall of the from this promiscuous intercourse Peer to the cottage of the yeoman. with my species ...... the SportsI have partaken of every dainty man—the man deeply imbued that the earth could produce, with the love of hounds and huntserved on plate, &c. on the Mon- ing—is, under all circumstances day, and on the Tuesday have and in all situations, the happiest eaten peas-soup out of a tea-cup in existence! I will say nothing with an acquaintance under à of him in prosperity, save that his cloud*. I have in person under- life is one of extacy and enthusigone as many vicissitudes of fate asm : but of his adversity I will as any man breathing of the same say, that, more than any other age. I have had my hounds and individual on earth, do the remimy hunters, my side-board of niscences of the past and the hopes plate and my liveried lacqueys; of the future sustain and enliven and I have seen them, and every him in it. I have never met an other comfort, disappear with instance in all my practice that more than pantomimical celerity would not confirm me in the fixed at the harlequin touch of a trusted opinion, that hunting and the love and rascally attorney. I have of it form the genuine elixir vitæ ; eaten greedily of the luxuries of and that with those who know idleness, and have been com- how to use it, there is more hearty pelled to earn the bread of work and sincere good fellowship than and industry. I have been hurled amongst any other set of beings from an intimacy with, and a resi- under the sun. Let those who dence amongst, the most Aristo- doubt this select their twelve cratical of the Aristocracy, and men to whom the noble science is sent, by villany and fraud, into unknown or odious: let them exile at an obscure smuggling choose the most oiiy-tongued and hole, to pare the loaf for those specious Statesman

the most Fact. Not many years ago I formed one of a party of five, when each man dipped his cup into the bowl-both ladle and soup-plate being absent without leave. It is my intention some time or other to speak again of this entertainment: the events of the evening are well worthy of being recorded, and the scene altogether, I think, will be found to be a rich one. VOL. VII. Second SERIES.-No. 37.


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