of, 9).

Exhibition at Royal Academy, 131. Hunters' Stakes, Irish method of qualify.
Fancy fairs, of Eastern derivation, 395. ing for, 189.
Farquharson, Mr., subscription for piece Hunting song, from the German, 176.
of plate for, 126.

Hurricane, death of, and tribute to his Feats extraordinary, 427.

memory, 86. Fife fox-hounds, three weeks sport with Hurworth hounds, a Jack Tar's day with the, 34.

383. Filly, extraordinary performance of a Jenkins, Mr. (of Llanharran), some ac. three-year-old, 70.

count of his pack, 185. Find, the (plate), 8.

India, fox-hounds in, their welfare and Fish used as food for horses and cows, well-doing, &c., 52. sporting reminis. 162, 393-4.

cences of Frank Alton in, 304. Fishing tackle, remarks on, 27. O'Shau. Jockey Club, regulations by the, 139.

pessy's method of tempering trout Journal, extracts from an old, by Fire. hooks, 28.

lock, 213. Fly-tishing in Lullingstone Waters, 458. Ireland, Random Records as regards Flora, a spaniel (plate), 288.

racing in, 222. Fox-hunting, traits of old English, 169. Irish (Royal) Yacht Club, Regatta of Friday, a favorite dog (plate), 239.

the, &c., 247. Game, liberal conduct of the Earl of Sur. King, Colonel Neville, biography of, 333. rey in regard to, 497.

Leger, predictions for the, 401. the race, Game Act, the New, remarks on, 37, 71, 432. 85. a reply to, 230.

Leintwardine, recollections of, its scenery Gage, Lord, his effectual method to pre- and adaptation for fishing, 198. serve foxes, 455.

Lewes Spring Hunt races, 21, 144. Geneva, angling in the Lake of, 205. Linlithgow and Stirlingshire hounds, ar. German studs increasing rapidly, 420. rangements for hunting next season, Germany, manner of rearing young stock 411. in, 450. races in, 460.

Liverpool (Aintree) Meeting, 320. Glengary, Chieftain of, bis celebrated Long Island, see Journal (extracts from breed of deer-hound, &c. 298.

an old), by Firelock. Glenturret, boar-hunters of, 219. Lough Derg, scenery on the lower part Goatsucker, its habits, &c. 498. Goodricke, Sir Harry, death of, 427. his funeral, 499.

Malton Meeting, 88. Goodwood, chapter of prophecies for, 327. May, oh 'tis the merry month of, 8. the races at, 396.

Manchester Meeting, 147, Griffiths, Mr. S., his death, 359.

Melton Mowbray, the finish at, 176. Grouse, the different localities in which

Mill-stream fishing, advantages and dis. they are found in England, 31, shoot,

advantages of, 39. ing of, in the North (plate), 152. Moors, shooting on the, 271, 353, 368,

Milton, the stallion, death of, 359. method of sending them to insure keeping, 157. shooting in Long Island, 213.

421. See also August and Grouse. at Drummond Castle, 264.

Mountain harriers, description of the, 12.

on the 12th of August, 368, and plale. summary

Mure, Mr., sport with his hounds, 99. of sport, 477. See also August and National sports, canting and hypoeritical Moors.

attempt to put them down, frustrated, Guides, sagacity of, and docility of their 190, 491. horses, 213.

Natural History, 277, 357,427, 498. Guns, remarks on flint and percussion,

Newmarket Meetings :- The Craven, I stocks, &c., 158.

First Spring, 105. Second Spring, 110Gun trade, causes of the decline of the, July, 351. 235.

Newnham, Mr. his method of assisting Gustrow races, 461.

hounds, 173. Halloo and who-whoop! or the Courser's Nightingale, opinion of Charles J ain burst, 212.

Fox and Mr. Bowles on the singing of, Hambledon country, journal of sport and

357. riders in the, 43.

Oaks, race for the, 138. nominations for Hampton races, 268.

1834, 348. Harling, another term for cross-fishing, Obituary, Sporting :-Mr. J. Field, 71.

exemplified, 92, 192. on the Tay, 375. Mr. F. Richardson, 114. Simon Byrne, Hawk, the male sparrow, description of 278, 359. Colonel King, 333. Mr. S.

(plate), 101, voracity of the, 356. Griffiths, 359. Milton, 359. Sir Harry
Holderness country, account of the, 301. Goodricke, 427: his funeral, 499. Res.
Holy Island, description of, 97.
Horncastle fair, 421.

W. Barker Daniel, author of Rural

Sports, 428.
Horses purchased to go abroad, 140. Orelio, of true Arab blood, 372.


October, the pleasantest month in the Shapes and action as regards choice of ycar, 437.

horses, &c. 202. Odds and ends relative to turf affairs, 486. Shoe, on the expansion of the, 374. Pastime, pedigree and performances of, Shooting, indiscriminate liberty of detri116.

mental, 238. petition of Perthshire farPlover stalking on Hampstead Plains, mers for right of, 286. liberal conduct of 217.

the Earl of Surrey in regard to, 497. Plymouth, Devonport, and Cornwall Shropshire fox-hounds, with remarks on races, 444.

Salop as a hunting country, 81. errors Poachers, destruction of foxes in Wool. corrected in, 253. ford Wood by, 70.

Sinith, Mr. (of Uckfield), journal of his Pontefract races, 481.

career for the last season, 180. POETRY:-Oh, 'tis the merry month of Snipe, the Jack, remarks on, 153. method May, 8. Tribute to the memory of of sending them sweet, 156. Hurricane, 56. Lines on the death of Sporting Intelligence, 68, 139, 267, 351, Belle, 99. Hunting song, from the

420, 491. German, 176. Halloo and Who-whoop! Sporting Subjects in the Royal Academy, or the Courser's Burst, 212. Chaplet of 131. in the Suffolk-street Exhibition, Pearls, 228.

258. Poole, Sir Ferdinando, anecdote of, 498. Sports, exotic, incidental dangers acPedigrees and Performances of horses, companying, 254.

dogs, &c.-extraordinary performance Sportsman, the, his true character, 9. his of a three-year-old filly, 70. Antelope, summer, 260, 339. 73. Pastime, 146. Friday, 239. Flora, Squire, a celebrated hunter (plate), 483. 288. Milton, 359. Priam, 429. Squire, St. Alban's races, 128. 483.

Steeple Chases as practised in Ireland, Priam, a celebrated setter (plate), 429. remarks on, 187—the West Lothian, Prussian Races at Berlin, 463.

61. Glasgow, 62. Tallaght Shamrock Pugilism, 71. fight between Byrne and Cup, 63. Northamptonshire, ib. BrockDeaf Burke, 277, 359.

dish, 64. between Napoleon and ClipQUARTOGENARIAN,


stone, ib. at Amersham, ib. between from :-the Upper Shannon, Gillaroo Grimaldi and Napoleon, 65. Olney, 66. Trout, prevalent fish, remarks on fish. Somersetshire, 67. ing tackle, 25. cross-fishing on for trout and salmon, scenery on lower part of Strangles, extraordinary case of, 254. Lough Derg, Holy Island, &c. 91.

Stud Sales :-Sir R. Gresley, 70. Mr. letter from on the Jack Snipe, method


Gully, 72. His Majesty's annual sale of sending them and grouse sweet, re

of colts and fillies at Hampton Court, marks on flint and percussion guns,

140. in Hungary, 352. Capt. Grant, their stocking, &c. 153. Drummond Lord Lowther, and at Bildeston, 353. Castle, grouse.shooting at, 264, and

at York, 420. at Doncaster, including dcer-stalking, 294. a day's harling in

the Underley, Lord Exeter's, Lord the Tay for salmon, grilse, and sea

Langford's, and Mr. Mott's, 492. Mr. trout, &c. 375. the pleasantest month

Foljambe, 493. at Scarisbrick, ib. Mr. in the year, 437.

Osbaldeston's, 194. Race-horse, remarkable power of the, 491.

Suffolk-street Gallery, sporting subjects Racing defended, 410, 491.

in the, 258. Random Records as regards racing in

Sussex (East) hounds, finish with the, Ireland, 222.

19. visit to their kennel at Ringman Regattas :-Royal Irish Yacht Club, 247.

Dublin Bay, 314. Torbay, 369. Royal Tachell, Mr. his character as a sportsman,
Western Yacht Club, 389. Cowes, 485. 127.
Reins, improved construction of, 374. Tandem Club(Metro politan), programme
Review of Books, and Notices :-Nyren's for instituting a, 470.

Cricketer's Guide, 142. Maxims and Tay, a day's harling on for salmon, grilse,
Hints for an Angler, &c. 276. Angler's and sea-trout, 375.
Guide, 358.

Theory, a new, 318.
Reviewer Reviewed, or the Turf and the Torbay Regatta, 369.
Quarterly, 281, 479, 486.

Trinidad, dangers accompanying sports Richardson, Mr. F. memoir of his life, &c. 114.

Trout, the, angling for, its habits, &c. 57, Riding to hounds, hints for, 191.

197, 375. See Cross-fishing and Harl. Season, the end of the, 119.

ing. Shannon, the Upper, fishing on the, 25. Tullow fox-hounds, run with the, 69.

cross-fishing on for trout and salmon, Turf, observations on an article in the 91, 92.

Quarterly on the, 281, 479, 486.

at, 254.

Turf intelligence, 68, 139, 267, 351, 420, Worcestershire hounds, supereminently 491.

splendid run with, 172. Turf affairs, Odds and Ends connected Yacht Clubs, on the National Utility of, with, 486.

247, 314. see also Cowes, remarks on Turned out for life (plate), 284.

by. Neptune, 289. reply to, 365, and Vaccination as a preventive of distemper rejoinder. 467. in dogs, refuted, 280.

Yuatman, Mr. continuation of his hunt. Western (Royal) Yacht Club Regatta, ing journal, and list of his hounds, 15. 389.

plate presented to, 126. Winnipiscogee Lake, New Hampshire, York Meetings :- the Spring, 74. the described, 457.

August, 415.

Ascot Heath

Bath.......... 12, 40

.30 Bibury

38 Bridgnorth..

.63 Bridgwater ...... .48 Brighton

.60 Buxton

..37 Caistor

8 Canterbury

.10 Catterick Bridge

9 Chelmsford

55 Cheltenham

..52 Chester

..17 Clifton and Bristol ..21 Cottisford

6 Croxton Park

7 Derby

..61 Durham


East Sussex

Newcastle (Staff.)

- Newmarket Craven 1 Goodwood

56. Newmarket First Spring 13 Guildford

.36 "Newmarket Second do...16 Hambledon

Newmarket July 49 Hampton

.37 Newton Holderness Hunt .10 Preston

.51 Ipswich 47 Pytchley Hunt.

6 Kelso .22 St. Alban's

24 Kendal

.63 Southampton. Knighton

.42 Stamford Knutsford

.64 Stockbridge Lancaster


51 Lichfield 6 Tavistock

.21 Liverpool

.25 Tenbury. Liverpool, A.C. .45 Warwick

5 Ludlow 43 Wells

43 Malton

.13 Winchester Manchester ..........

.30 York Newcastle

.39 York August



Vignette Title-page. The Find ................. face page 8 Friday..

.to face page 239 The Trout

57 Turned out for Life Antelope 73 Flora

288 Male Sparrow Hawk. .101 Mr. T. Brown

361 Pastime

Grouse .......................

368 Grouse Shooting


.429 Bottoin Fishing ...211 Squire


The Proprietors respectfully inform the Subscribers, that if they are desirous the Portraits of favorite Horses, Greyhounds, &c. should appear in the SPORTING MAGAZINE, they have only to send the Pictures to 18, Warwick Square, and, if approved, they will be put into the Engraver's hands, without any expense, and the Pictures carefully preserved and returned when done with.


Printed by M. A. Pittman, Warwick-square, London.


NEWMARKET CRAVEN MEETING. MONDAY, April 8.-- The CRAVEN STAKES, a subscription of 10 sovs. each :

two-year-olds, 6st. ; three, Est. 41b.; four, &st. 13lb. ; five, 9st. 5lb. ; six and aged, 9st. 9lb.-A. F.-Twelve subs. Sir M. Wood's ck. f. Camarine, by Juniper, 4 yrs (Robinson)

1 Mr. Stanley named b. f. Lady Charlotte, by Cation, 2 yrs................

2 Mr. Wagstaff's b. c. Fang, by Langar

3 Previously to this the following horses started (Fang and Lady Charlotte being left behind), when Camarine came in first, and Mr. Vansittart's Rubini second : this being declared a false start, Camarine, Lady Charlotte, and Fang started, and came in as above.

Sir M. Wood's Camarine, 4 yrs ; Duke of Rutland's Theban, by Tiresias, 6 yrs ; Mr. Hunter's Volage, by Waverley, 5 yrs ; Mr. Vansittart's Rubini, by St. Patrick, 4 yrs ; Lord Berners's Brother in Chapman, 3 yrs ; Mr. Cookes's Drover, by Partisan, 3 yrs ; Mr. T. Wood's br. c. by Filho da Puta, out of Mermaid by Merlin, 2 yrs ; Lord Exeter's Minima, by Sultan, 2 yrs ; and Colonel Peel's Nalibran, by Whisker, 2 yrs.-Four to 1 on Camarine; after the false start, 10 to 1 on her. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each, for two and three-year-olds.-Ab. M. Mr. Forth’s b. c. Sir Benjamin Backbite, by Whisker out of Scandal, 3 yrs, 7st. Illb. (C. Edwards).....

1 Mr. T. Wood's ch. c. Ambrosio, by Middleton or Waterloo, 3 yrs, 9st...

2 The following also started but were not placed :-Lord Exeter's b. c. Byzantium, by Sultan, 3 yrs, 9st.; Mr. Mills's b. f. Kate, by Lapdog, 3 yrs, 8st. 11lb. ; Mr. Chifney's ch. f. Emiliana, by Emilius, 3 yrs, est. 101b. Sir M. Wood's ch. c. Amesbury, by Phantom, 3 yrs, 8st. 10lb. ; Sir R. K. Diek's b. f. Miss Mary Ann, by Truthle, 3 yrs, 8st. 6lb. ; Alr. Houldsworth's ch. f. Lady Barbara, by Catton, 3 yrs, 8st. 2lb.; Lord Chesterfield's bl. f. Olga, by Paulowitz, 3 yrs, Ist. 21b. ; Mr. Batson's b. f. Banquet, by Trutlle, 3 yrs, 8st. ; Mr. W. Ley's ch. c. The Hermit, by Mr. Lowe, 3 yrs, est. ; Mr. Greville's bl. f. Sister to Tum Thumb, 3 yrs, 7st. 11lb.; Lord Verulam's ch. c. Basto, by Truffle out of Tredrille, 3 yrs, 7st. 91b. ; Mr. Ridsdale's b. g. by Lottery out of Swiss's dam, 2 yrs, 7st. 4ib. ; Lord Berners's ch. c. by Oscar out of Tippity witchet, 2 yrs, 7st. 41b.; Mr. M. Stanley named Lady Charlotte, by Catton, 2 yrs, 6st. 121b. ; Colonel Peel's b. f. Frailty, by Bedlamite or Paul Pry, 2 yrs, 6st. 121b.; and Duke of Richmond's b. f. Sierra, by Wamba, dam by Marmion, grandam by Precipitate, 2 yrs, 6st. Olb. (carried 7st.).

The following paid :-Lord Lowther's Messenger, 3 yrs, 9st. ; Mr. Gully's Hokee Pokee, 3 yrs, 9st.; Mr. Payne's Corset, 3 yrs, 8st. Ullb. ; and Sir M. Wood's Count Robinson, 3 yrs, 8st. llb.

Five to 1 agst Sir Benjamin Backbite, 6 to 1 agst Emiliana, 6 to ) agst Kate, 6 to I agst Miss Mary Anne, and 10 to 1 agst Ambrosio. The Nineteenth RIDDLESWORTH STAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts,

Est. 7 lb.; tillies, 8st. 4lb.--Ab. M.-Untried mares or stallions allowed 3lb., if

both, 5lb.-Seventeen subs. Lord Jersey's ch. c. Lucius, by Emilius, out of Cobweb, 8st. 41b. (Robinson) 1 Lord Tavistock's ch. c. Anglezea, by Sultan out of Mona.....

The following also started but were not placed :-Lord Jersey's br. f. Joanna, by Sultan out of Filagree; Mr. Wilson's b. c. by Chateau Margaux, dam by Partisan, out of Silvertail, 8st. 21b. ; and Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Blank, by Lotiery out of Auburn by Blacklock, 8st. 41b.-Five to 4 agst Silvertail, and 7 to 4 agst Anglesea. The DESERT STAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, 8st. 4lb.

A. F.-Five subs. Lord Chesterfield's b. f. Weeper, by Woful, dam by Cervantes (Conolly)............... 1 Mr. Payne's ch. c. by Wrangler out of Miss Stephenson Lord Conyngham's b. c. Sir Thomas, Brother to Blythe...... Duke of Richmond's b. c. Ketchup, by Moses out of Mushroom..

Six to

each agst Veeper and Brother to Blythe. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, 8st. 41b.-D. M.

Six subs. Lord Chesterfield's ch. c. Brother to Marcus, by Emilius ......... walked over.

Match.-Duke of Portland's b. c. by Lottery out of Pledge, 8st. 101b., rec. ft. from General Grosvenor's b. f. Felucca, by Johnny or Skiff, out of Myrtle, 8st., R. M. 100, h. ft. Vol. VII. SECOND SERIES.No. 37.

2 3

Match.-Lord Lichfield's ch. c. Mounteagle, by Sligo out of Ina, ist. 4lb. rec. ft. from Lord Jersey's c. Ishmael, by Sultan out of Sisterio Cobweb, ést. 71b., R. M., 300, h. ft.

MATCH.-Mr. Ridsdale's b. c. Glaucus, by Partisan, rec. ft. from Lord Chesterfield's br. c. Elvaston, by Sultan, 8st. 71b. each, D. M., 200, h. ft.

MATCH.-Lord Lichfield's ch. f. by Sligo out of Miniature, received ft. froin Duke of Grafton's b. f. Cymbal, by Emilius out of Sister to Pastille, 8st. 4lb. each, D. JI. 200, h. ft.

TUESDAY, April 9.-SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. for foals of 1830 : -colts, Est. 7lb. ; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-R. M.-Those by untried stallions, or out of ustried mares allowed 3lb.-only one allowance.-Six subs. General Grosvenor's b. f. Falernia, by Chateau Margaux out of Selina by Delpini,

8st. llb. (Arnull).....
Duke of Grafion's ch. c. Fidalgo, by Sultan out of Tontine, &st. 4ib..
Mr. S. Stanley's b. c. by Lapdog out of Effie Deans by Ashton, 8st. 4lb..
Lord Jersey's ch. c. Janissary, by Partisan out of Maid of Kent, 8st. 4lb.

Two to I on Fidalgo.
SWEEPSTAKES of 150 sovs. each, h. ft. :—for colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, Est. 4lb.-

R. M.-Those got by untried stallions, or out of untried mares, allowed 3lb.

Six subs. Mr. Houldsworth's br. c. Despot, by Sultan out of Fanny Davies, öst. 4Ib. (Ro. binson)

1 Mr. W. Chifney's b. f. by Emilius out of Shoveler Lord Eseter's b. c. by Sultan out of Marinella, 8st. 4lb.

Six to 4 on Despot. March.-Lord Orford's gr. c. Clearwell, by Jerry out of Lisette, 8st. 716. (Wright) beat Lord Chesterfield's b. f." W'eeper, by Woful, 7st. lllb., T. Y. C., 200, h. ft. Six to 4 on Weeper. Produce SWEEPSTAKFS of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, Est. Alb.

D. M.-Three subs. Mr. Scott Stonehewer's ch. f. Chantilly, by Gustavus out of Veil (Robinson) 1 Lord Exeter's b. c. by Sultan out of Marinella....

The OATLAND STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.-D. I.-Fifteen subs. Mr. Hunter's b. c. Rounciral, by Partisan, 3 yrs, 6st. 121b. (Nat)

1 Duke of Cleveland's ch. c. Trustee, by Catton, 3 yrs, 7st. 91b.

The following also started but were not placed :-Mr. Walker's b. c. Consol by Lottery, 4 yrs, st. l0lb.; Lord Exeter's ch. c. Beiram, by Sultan, 3 yrs, ést. llb.; Lord Burlington's br. c. by Bizarre out of Mouse, 3 yrs, 7st. 6lb.; Mr. Gully's b. f. Lady Fly, by Bustard, 3 yrs, 7st. 3lb.; Mr. Wilson's br. c. Argent, by Whalebone, 3 yrs, 7st. 216.; and Mr. Gully's br. c. Hokee Pokee, by Muley, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b.-Four to'l agst the Mouse colt, 4 to 1 agst Hokee Pokee, 5 to 1 agst Consol, 5 to 1 agst Bei. ram, 5 to lagst Trustee, 10 to 1 agst Rouncival.

SWEEPSTAKES 100 sovs. each, h. fl.;-celts, Est. 71b.; fillies, Est. 4lb. A. F. rising three yrs old, got by stallions which never covered at a higher sum than lögs, groom's fee excepted.-Seven subscribers.

Mr. Hunter's gr. c. Forester, by Gustavus, out of Young Pipylina, recd. ft. WEDNESDAY, April 10.—The COLUMN STAKES of 50 sovs, each, h. ft. the produce of mares covered in 1829 ; --colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies st. 41b.-R. M.--Those by untried stallions or out of untried mares allowed 316 ; if both álb.-Fifteen subs. Mr. Batson's ch. f. Revelry, by Reveller out of Harriet by Pericles (Nat)............... 1 Lord Chesterfield's b. f. Dirce, by Partisan out of Antiope Mr. S. Stonehewer's ch. c. Toby, by Tarrare out of The Witch (h. untried).. 3

The following also started but were not placed :-Duke of Portland's b. c. by Lottery out of Pledge (horse untried); Lord Exeter's b. f. Mantilla by Sultan out of Dul. cinea ; Lord Tavistock's ch. c. Anglesea, by Sultan ; Mr. Wilson's b. c. by Chateau Margaux, dam by Partisan, out of Silvertail (both uniried); and Mr. W. 'Chifney's b. f. by Emilius out of Shoveler.—Three to lagst Revelry, 3.3 to agst Dirce, and 5 to I agst Toby. SUBSCRIPTION PLATE of 501. :-for two-year-olds, 7st. ; three, 8st. 71b. ; and four,

Ist. T. 1. C. Sir M. Il'ood's ch. c. Contriver, by Partisan out of Sister to Scheme, 2 yrs (Pavis)... ! Lord Berners's ch. f. by Oscar out of Camarine's dam, 2 yrs.

2 The following also started but were not placed :--- Mr. Gully's b. f. Ceres, by Emi. lius, 2 yrs ; Mr. Roberts's b. c. by Sultan out of The W'hig's dam, 2 yrs; and Lord Exeter's b. c. Brother to Beiram, 2 yrs.-Seven to 4 agst Contriver, and 5 to 2 agst Ceres.

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