Richard Steele

T.F. Unwin, 1894 - 452 sider

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Side ii - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid ! heard words that have been So nimble, and so full of subtle flame, As if that every one from whom they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life...
Side 193 - All accounts of gallantry, pleasure, and entertainment shall be under the article of White's Chocolatehouse; poetry, under that of Will's Coffeehouse; learning, under the title of Grecian; foreign and domestic news, you will have from St. James's Coffeehouse; and what else I shall on any other subject offer shall be dated from my own apartment.
Side 319 - Mrs. Seal. Oh, cousin Cimberton ! cousin Cimberton ! how abstracted, how refined is your sense of things ! But, indeed, it is too true there is nothing so ordinary as to say, in the best governed families, my master and lady have gone to bed ; one does not know but it might have been said of one's self.
Side vii - The Christian Hero: an Argument proving that no Principles but those of Religion are sufficient to make a great man.
Side 357 - Mr. Myrtle! MYRT. And I beg pardon of the whole company that I assumed the person of Sir Geoffry, only to be present at the danger of this lady's being disposed of, and in her utmost exigence to assert my right to her...
Side 350 - SEAL. Yes, Madam : There came to my Hands a Bill drawn by Mr. Bevil, which is payable to-morrow; and he, in the...
Side 345 - Myrt. Never was taken in so odd a way in my life — pray lead me ! Oh ! I was talking here — (pray carry me) — to my cousin CUnberton's young lady. Mrs. Seal. [Aside.] My cousin Cimberton's young lady ! How zealous he is» even in his extremity, for the match ! A right Cimberton.
Side 193 - Long ere they find the necessary spark, They search the town and beat about the Park: To all his most frequented haunts resort, Oft dog him to the ring, and oft to court ; As love of pleasure, or of place invites . And sometimes catch him taking snuff at White's.
Side 330 - Look you, Mr. Myrtle, there's no disguising that I understand what you would be at; but, sir, you know I have often dared to disapprove of the decisions a tyrant custom has introduced, to the breach of all laws, both divine and human. Myrt. Mr. Bevil, Mr. Bevil, it would be a good first principle, in those who have so tender a conscience that way» to have as much abhorrence of doing injuries, as Bev.
Side 322 - I cannot make her any other than she is ; or say she is much better than the other young women of this age, or fit for much besides being a mother; but I have given directions for the marriage settlements, and Sir Geoffry Cimberton's counsel is to meet ours here, at this hour, concerning his joining in the deed, which, when executed, makes you capable of settling what is due to Lucinda's fortune.

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