Bulletin, Utgaver 316-325

The Station, 1917

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Side 150 - In order to demonstrate the practical application under local conditions of the results of the investigations of the Ohio agricultural experiment station, and for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the agriculture of the various counties of the state...
Side 489 - Dr. To receipts from the treasurer of the United States as per appropriation for fiscal year ending June 30, 1907, as per Act of Congress approved March 2, 1887 $15,000.00 Cr.
Side 480 - ANNOUNCEMENT. The Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station is organized under an act of the General Assembly of Ohio, passed April 17, 1882, and supplemented by an act of Congress approved March 2, 1887. The Station is prepared to test new varieties of grains, fruits and garden vegetables ; to examine seeds that are suspected of being unsound or adulterated; to identify and name grasses, weeds and other plants; to...
Side 453 - growing season" is applied to the period between the last killing frost in the spring and the first killing frost in the fall.
Side 362 - The fertilizer was applied at the rate of 100 pounds of nitrate of soda, 200 pounds of acid phosphate, and 50 pounds of muriate of potash per acre. The seed was planted on January 7. Timely showers sprouted the seed promptly, and an excellent stand was obtained on all plats. The Peruvian and Kansas-grown plats, in particular, made a quick start, and by March 15, when the plants were approximately 1 foot high, they showed blossoms. The...
Side 385 - The Bulletins of this Station are sent free to all Residents of the State who request them. When a change of address is desired, both the old and the new address should be given. All correspondence should be addressed to EXPERIMENT STATION, Wooster, Ohio BOARD OF CONTROL GE JOBE, I'rcsiilcnt Cedarvllle GEOROB E.
Side 92 - ... this manure to be lightly forked into the bed the following spring ; or, the tops may be allowed to stand for winter protection and the mulch left off.
Side 104 - If the patient requires a series of appointments, try to make them on the same day of the week and at the same time of day.
Side 125 - The object of this experiment is to study the effect of different dates of hatching upon the number, value and feed cost of eggs produced by SC White Leghorns.
Side 58 - Relation of phosphorus and nitrogen in soil to the composition of wheat.

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