Government Control of the Meat-packing Industry: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. Sixty-fifth Congress, Third Session, on S. 5305, a Bill to Stimulate the Production, Sale, and Distribution of Live Stock and Live-stock Products, and for Other Purposes ...


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Side 1042 - suggested Winch, in a halfchuckling undertone. " Brother Pierce, then ! " echoed Theron, impatiently. "The Quarterly Conference and the Estimating Committee deal with that. The trustees have no more to do with it than the man in the moon.
Side 1210 - ... feeling of unrest and uncertainty on the part of the producer is greatly accentuated by the recent marked drop In price of live hogs. First and above all, confidence should be instilled so that producers will feel that when their hogs are finished for market, they will sell at a fair price—at least sufficient to cover the actual cost of production and a fair profit.
Side 1214 - The first step is to stop the sudden break in prices paid for hogs at the central markets. These prices must become stable, so that the farmer knows where he stands and will feel justified In increasing hogs for next winter The prices so far as we can affect them will not go below a minimum of about ?lo.50 per hundredweight for the average of the packers' droves on the Chicago market until further notice.
Side 975 - I do not know whether you are aware of it or not, but they are historical values.
Side 1219 - ... corporation or concern in which licensee is directly or indirectly interested, shall be valued in the accounts at its true and fair market price or market value. Such price or value shall be taken as of the date of the actual physical transfer or delivery, and the time of such transfer or delivery shall continue to be fixed in accordance with the practice of licensee in the year preceding November 1, 1917, unless otherwise authorized or directed by the chief of the meat division.
Side 1670 - There is nothing bnt the affiant's application of his own undisclosed notion of the law to an undisclosed state of facts. And under our system of government the accuser is not permitted to be also the Judge.
Side 1214 - We have had, and shall have, the advice of a board composed of practical hog growers and experts. That board advises that the best yardstick to measure the cost of production of the hog is the cost of corn. That board further advises that the ratio of corn price to hog price on the average over a series of years has been about 12 to 1 (or a little less).
Side 1233 - Let there be no misunderstanding of this statement. It is not a guarantee backed by money. It is not a promise by the packers. It is a statement of the intention and policy of the Food Administration which means to do justice to the farmer.
Side 1129 - ... rambler in wood or field is surprised when told that this or that flower he has brought home is related to the gorgeous and curious plants he has admired in some hot-house. When the Island of Java contains over three hundred species of Orchids, it is but a confession of poverty to state that the section of the United States lying east of the Mississippi and...
Side 1216 - APPLICABLE. Every person or corporation shall be subject to these rules and regulations who is required to procure a license for the conduct of his business by the proclamation of the President of the United States dated October 8, 1917, and who shall be engaged in the slaughtering of live stock and the manufacture of products therefrom and whose aggregate sales during the 12 months ending November 1, 1917, exceeded $100,000,000. These rules shall take effect as of November 1, 1917.

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