Farm Mortgage Financing

McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1923 - 343 sider

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Side 118 - An Act to provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.
Side 159 - Nothing herein shall prevent all the shares in any association from being included in the valuation of the personal property of the owner or holder of such shares, in assessing taxes imposed by authority of the State within which the association is located...
Side 67 - ... shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for all contracts, debts, and engagements of such association to the extent of the amount of their stock therein at the par value thereof, in addition to the amount invested in such shares...
Side 52 - Ten or more natural persons who are the owners, or about to become the owners, of farm land qualified as security for a mortgage loan under section twelve of this Act, may unite to form a national farm loan association.
Side 127 - Every ^stockholder in a banking corporation or institution shall be individually responsible and liable to its creditors, over and above the amount of stock by him or her held, to an amount equal to his or her respective shares so held, for all its liabilities accruing while he or she remains such stockholder.
Side 29 - That the public lands of the United States belong to the people, and should not be sold to individuals nor granted to corporations...
Side 159 - That the power to tax involves the power to destroy ; that the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create ; that there is a plain repugnance in conferring on one government a power to control the constitutional measures of another, which other, with respect to those very measures, is declared to be supreme over that which exerts the control, are propositions not to be denied.
Side 63 - Act shall have been in effect one year, it shall appear to the Federal Farm Loan Board that national farm loan associations have not been formed, and are not likely to be formed, in any locality, because of peculiar local conditions, said board may, in its discretion, authorize Federal land banks to make loans on farm lands through agents approved by said board.
Side 159 - Deciding, as we do, that these institutions have been created by Congress within the exercise of its legitimate authority, we think the power to make the securities here involved tax exempt necessarily follows. This principle was settled in McCulloch v. Maryland, and Osborn v. Bank, supra.
Side 127 - The total liabilities to any association of any person, or of any company, corporation, or firm, for money borrowed, including in the liabilities of a company or firm the liabilities of the several members thereof, shall at no time exceed one-tenth part of the amount of the capital stock of such association actually paid in.

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