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ing. Such conferences serve well the purpose of having only high school graduates in the drug trade bringing about a better understanding between reput- and upon the possibility of reaching such a condition, able physicians and pharmacists. Prof. La Wall was provided it is deemed best to make the effort. We are rigbt in his assertion that physicians are anxious to also anxious to know how the retail druggists of become better acquainted with the resources and prac

Illinois feel about the proposition to restrict apprentices of the better class of pharmacists. This is true ticeship to young men and women who have had at not only in the city of brotherly love but in every least one year of high school work or its equivalent. section of the country. It is a golden opportunity for

A Pharmaceutically Wise Judge.-Some months the retail drug trade to meet the physicians half way

ago a Brooklyn druggist was sued by a patient who and adjust the differences which have grown up largely claimed $7,000.00 damages, on account of the drugon account of a lack of just such conferences as are now

gist's having filled a prescription for compound elixir being held by A. Ph. A. branches and other local

of white pine with heroin by taking the compound associations of pharmacists with leading physicians. elixir of white pine and adding 1-24 of a grain of The Retail Druggists' Association of St. Louis is carrying on the good work in the practice of inviting the pound elixir contains morphine, and the physician

heroin to each teaspoonful of the elixir. The comfaculty of a medical college to dine with the pharma- intended to prescribe a compound elixir with heroin cists at a regular monthly meeting. We understand

substituted for morphine. The pharmacist literally this will be continued until all of the medical colleges followed the instructions of the physician, and the of St. Louis have enjoyed the hospitality of the phar- appellate division of the New York Supreme Court has macists. Good results are already apparent, and the

handed down a unanimous decision supporting the practice is likely to extend to other cities.

lower court, When physicians more generally follow Pharmacists Write Their Share of the Letters.- the U. S. P. and the N. F. in their prescriptions, these Recent statistics show that the Anglo-Saxons lead the works will be enlarged to include practically all remworld in letter writing. Compulsory education, conven- edies necessary in the practice of medicine, and such ience in transportation of mail and distance between questions as the above will bother neither pharmacist the letter writers seem to have little if any effect upon nor physician. the number of letters written. An American or an

Protect Us From Our Friends, is the way in which Englishman will write a letter to a friend across the

a prominent retail druggist and ex-president of the Ill. street, while a Frenchman will spend an hour hunting

Ph. A. expresses himself when discussing the propoup the party instead of sitting down and writing a

sition to amend the Illinois Pharmacy Law in such a postal card. Great Britain derives the greatest profit

way that it will be necessary for persons entering the from her postal system.

drug business as apprentices to have at least one year's No doubt pharmacists write their share of letters, high school instruction. The “friends” of the retail and we have increasing evidence of pharmacists ex

drug trade are anxious to improve the condition of pressing their views for publication in the pharmaceu-pharmacy and it remains for them to convince the tical and secular press. Letter writing has many ad

trade that the proposition is in the interest of pharvantages over conversation. The permanent record

macy. The MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST is anxious which is made and the convenience in handling a letter

to see the question discussed in all of its bearings, and in place of taking inopportune time for conversation is

we invite our readers to make free use of our columns. apparent to the busy American. In large establishments it is the general custom to dictate correspond

Cod Liver Oil is an important therapeutic agent

and an article of commercial interest. The United ence, even among employes, instead of going from desk to desk for personal interviews, as was the custom

States was the first country to use it to any great extent a few years ago. The development of the typewriter in the treatment of disease, and has continued to and the phonograph have greatly facilitated this plan consume a large proportion of all the cod liver oil of carrying on business.

produced. It is strange, but evidently true, that the The Professors Advocate Pre-requisite; Require- higher the price of the oil, the greater the quantity ments.-It is not surprising to find the professors in

used in the United States. A few weeks ago condi

tions indicated a low price on cod liver oil for the colleges of pharmacy working in favor of high school education before matriculation. The teacher finds it coming season, but bad weather and few fish have a pleasure to have students who possess a general edu- changed the conditions, so that cod liver oil is likely cation which enables them to follow the instruction,

to maintain at least a moderate price for some months

to come. no matter how theoretical it may be. It naturally follows that teachers are practically a unit in their Oil of Turpentine and Rosin have a common source approval of pre-requisite high school education. in the pine tree. The prices, however, do not always What we are most interested in and especially anxious follow similar lines. Recently turpentine has dropped to have are communications from those actually to a low water mark in price, while rosin has sharply engaged in the retail drug trade and employing clerks. advanced. It is explained that the scarcity of rosin is Such readers of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST are due to an unusual demand and the effects of a large invited to express their opinions on the desirability of fire which destroyed naval stores in Mississippi.

the chemical and selling it under the name of "sulSTRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. fonal." The patent on the process of manufacture

expired last fall, but the manufacturers gave notice to The Price of Quinine at a recent sale in Batavia was

the trade shortly afterwards that they would protect $7.13 per kilogram. The highest price ever recorded

their right to the name. We understand that the case in any market was $120.60 per kilogram (2.2 pounds).

will be vigorously fought by Lehn & Fink. “When Will the New Pharmacopeia be Out?”.

“The Drug Trust” is an expression more familiar This is a question found in one of our English ex

to the pharmacists of Missouri than elsewhere. In changes. How familiar it sounds! Even the answer

them the recent action of the attorney general of the has quite an American ring about it: “You need not

United States awakens the memory of several thousand expect a new Pharmacopoeia for a year or two."

dollars which they paid lawyers about seven years

ago, when the attorney general of Missouri attempted The Procter Memorial is now being discussed by

to show that the St. Louis and Kansas City organizapharmacists at the various annual meetings. It is

tions were trusts. No pharmacist or any one else proposed to erect in Washington a monument to the closely identified with the drug trade thinks for a life and work of the late William Procter, Jr., who is

moment of the N. A. R. D. or N. W. D. A. and the generally recognized as the father of American phar

American Proprietary Association as trusts. If the macy. Contributions should be made direct to the

attorney general of the United States pushes his chairman of the A. Ph. A. Committee, John F. Han

charges, the expense of defense will be an item of cock, 4 South Howard Street, Baltimore, Md.

consideration. We hope that the matter will become Will Illinois Raise the Standard?—The Chicago quiet before a legal battle begins. Branch of the A. Ph. A. will, this month, discuss the The Three Years' College Course is advocated by a subject of higher requirements for license to practice correspondent of the Meyer BROTHERS DRUGGIST. pharmacy in Illinois. It is an old saying that there is Just at the present time, when some are advocating always room at the top. The higher the top is raised, college graduation as a pre-requisite for state registrathe more room it makes for the ambitious climbers. tion, it is interesting to note that the question of a Missouri is also raising the standard of requirements, three years' college course is also a timely topic. It but without registered apprentices or registered assist- is only a few years, well within the memory of the ants, without even re-registration of pharmacists the present generation, when contributors to pharmaceustate is far behind its neighbor across the river. tical journals frequently discussed the question and

Perhaps You Were Not Sufficiently Well Posted. doubted the advisability of attending a college of - This we say in answer to the many unfortunate ap- pharmacy. It was at that time claimed by many that plicants for registration who failed to pass the board

a course in a drug store was better than one in a colof pharmacy examination. One correspondent com

lege. What have those pharmacists to say today? plains that the board had it in for him because he is a

We wonder how long it will be before every pharmadoctor. Another knows that the board tries to flunk

cist in the State of Missouri will be a graduate of a every one who has not attended a college of pharniacy.

college of pharmacy, requiring a three years' course Some are equally certain that the Irish stand no show

of eight or nine months each. with the board, while many claim that they have evi- The Regeneration of Limbs in some of the lower dence that the Germans must conceal their nation- animals is a very interesting phenomenon. Much ality when applying for examination. To one and all, discussion has occurred on the question of regenerawe would say, “Prepare for the examination and the tion of limbs in mankind. Perhaps the most generboard will pass you.”

ally accepted explanation of the failure of human beLocal A. Ph. A. Branches Are Becoming Numer

ings to grow a new leg or a new arm when one has

been amputated is the fact that in human beings the ous.--Chicago was the first to organize. Then fol

bones do not develop with sufficient rapidity to keep lowed Philadelphia, next Washington and its neighbor Baltimore, with the Northwestern Branch, having up with the growth of the other tissues making up the headquarters at Minneapolis, the most recent in the

It is pointed out by Dr. T. M. Morgan in

leg or arm. list. The Manhattan (N. Y.) Association is consider

a lecture before the Harvey Society, of New York City,

that the time may come when it will be possible to ad. ing the propriety of becoming an A. Ph. A. branch. The A. Ph. A. is the broadest and most comprehensive just the rate of regeneration in the different tissues of

a lost limb so that a human being can have a leg or. organization of pharmacists in America and probably in the world.

an arm replaced. The prospect is not sufficiently Any reputable person interested in

bright to discourage those who are engaged in the pharmacy is eligible for membership. William Mittelbach, Boonville, Mo., is chairman of the committee to

handling of artificial limbs. whom applications should be addressed.

The Relation between the telephone companies and Sulfonal is a Trade Mark Name which the pro- the retail druggists is becoming more perplexing than prietors propose to protect, consequently Farben- that of the relation between pharmacists and physifabriken has sued Lehn & Fink for manufacturing cians, or the question, “Who owns the prescription?


How I Started the First Drug Store in Oklahoma.


and knees to make a sale—no, not postage stamps We had no railroads, so all our goods were freighted overland from Caldwell, and it seemed that each freighter knew the shape of an alcohol can, therefore I could not kick to the drug house for shortage. One time the soldiers came in looking for alcohol, but ] got a tip and had none. Some days after, a U. S Deputy Marshall came looking for the same fluid. He found about four gallons, took it to his place and let me have oue quart every three days; guess I got the four gallons back. I had no distilled water in those days, but did not fail to charge fifteen cents per ounce for creek water. Those were balmy days to do drug business. I slept on the ground until one morning ] found a centipede on my pillow, then bought a cot. I put up the first two-story building in Kingfisher, hauled the lumber from Edmond and Guthrie, had the first church meeting, first Indian dance, first lodge and other first meetings in Wickmiller Hall. I am glad that those days are over and that the younger generation does not have that trouble in starting, am glad the tent drug store is no more, also that I am still in Oklahoma and hope to be with you when this will be one of the grandest states in the Union. I thank you.



[Read before the O. Ph. A., May 10, 1906. Awarded first prize

(a copy of the U. S. P. VIII.), presented by the

board of trustees of the U. S. P. C.] My first trip to Oklahoma was with Capt. Dave L. Payne's noted expedition, February, 1883. There were 133 prairie schooners, over 500 men and three women. This was my first experience in camping and eating salt pork. Owing to the cold weather traveling was hard, it being sixteen degrees below zero. Fifteen of us were taken in charge by soldiers and kept at Fort Reno nearly a month. That trip made me a confirmed

lover of Oklahoma, so when the president issued his proclamation that Oklahoma would be opened on April 22, 1889, I lost no time in getting ready for the great rush.

I hired two teams, and father-in-law let me take a yoke of oxen which I promised to sell and send him the money. Yes, strange I did it. Everything went well for the first two days; the third, the oxen

would not keep up with the April 22, 1899.

horses. The party waited for me at dinner, and about 3 o'clock they were out of sight. Just about that time the oxen saw a large buffalo wallow filled with water; it was warm and they were dry, so they made a bee line for it. I started to yell whoa, gee and whoa-haw and everything else I could think of, but of no avail; when they got enough water they had to soak their hoofs. I waded out, but my broomstick with a sharp nail had no effect. I knew my friends were not waiting for me, and there I was, a lonely druggist surrounded by water. Imagine my feelings. Yes, I thought of my wife and baby, etc. In about an hour a stranger came and he had oxen, but he knew how to handle them so he got me started. At Woodward I gave a man $10.00 and grub to bring them to Kingfisher, that is, I gave him the grub and a promise of the $10.00 (only had $1.00). In due time, two hours before the opening, I landed within one and one-half miles of Kingfisher, used one of the horses bare-back to make the dash, so you see I left Kansas with oxen and landed in Kingfisher on horseback, got the lot I am still doing business on, put up my tent that afternoon, propped my sign “drug store" against it and did business the same day of the opening. The third day the wind got too strong for my tent drug store and down it went. I had to sit on top of it all day to keep it from breaking the handfull of drugs. At intervals I had to crawl on my hands


Chlorophyl is better than anilin to color oil green. It is more permanent and satisfactory.

The Price of Camphor is likely to be maintained at the high figure of the present time. It has gradually advanced in price, beginning in October, 1905.

Who Will Win the U. S. P. offered by the board of trustees of the U. S. P. C. for the best paper presented at the Pertle Springs meeting of the Mo. Ph. A.?

The State Cancer Laboratory, Buffalo, will receive this year $21,000 from the state of New York, $3,000 of which will be devoted to meet the deficit of last year.

The A. Ph. A. will meet at Indianapolis, Ind., the week beginning September 3. Frank H. Carter is local secretary and ready to give any further desired information.

Women In Pharmacy continue to work their way to the front. The A. Ph. A. membership offered by the St. Louis and Chicago Colleges of Pharmacy were won this year by Misses Bettie L. Moulder and Ethelyn B. Arnold.

A Thoughtful Secretary is George Reimann, Buffalo, of the Western Branch of the N. Y. Bd. Ph. addition to the usual information sent out by secretaries, he gives information about recent changes in the drug trade.

The French Labels and trade marks law prevents the importation of goods so marked as to indicate that they were marked in France. American manufacturers have been guilty of this deception and some of them have paid dearly for the experience.



.13 15.

embraces the following subjects divided into oral and PUBLIC EXPRESSIONS.

written examination:

1. Oral:- Knowledge of army regulations, nursing, Read This Before You Write.

practical pharmacy (compounding and criticising preContributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical scriptions, identification of drugs, etc.), clerical work, profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the cooking, drill, minor surgery and first aid. sheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use 2. Written Examination: Arithmetic, materia abbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous com

medica, including definition of terms, for example:

“Explain as fully as you can the following terms used A Three Year College Course.-If a student takes in medicine: Antipyretics, motor-excitant, motor-deone year in a high school and, in this year, he takes pressant, vaso-dilators, mydriatics, styptics, narcotics, two terms of Latin and two terms of Physics, and fol- antitoxins, give one or more examples of each name, lows this by a three years' course in pharmacy he is the diseases in which they are used.” “Define cumbetter prepared for his profession than if he take three ulative action, idiosyncrasy, how do they affect the years of high school and a two year pharmacy course.

dose and mode of administration." I hope the time may soon come when all colleges of Pharmacy:-Embracing knowledge of identification pharmacy will offer three-year courses. [L. E. of drugs, thorough knowledge of all of the processes SAYRE, Lawrence, Kan.

used in practical pharmacy, preparation of tinctures, The Manufacture of Brushes is an Interesting emulsions, compounding of prescriptions, incompati

bilities, doses, in other words a very thorough knowlProcess.--A reader of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGist recently visited Dupont's brush factory in Paris, edge of practical pharmacy is required by the surgeonand sends us the following statistics relative to the general from the candidate, before appointment.

Sample question in pharmacy:—What menstruum is work: 1. Workmen employed, 3,000.

used in making the following tinctures: Aconite root,

colchicum seed, buchu, nux vomica, digitalis, guaiac 2. Area covered by the factory, 60,000 square meters. 3. Area covered by the bones in stock, 10,000 square

(amm. tinct.), myrrh.

Criticise the following prescriptions:meters.

R Morph. sulph.... 4. Approximate weight of the bones in stock,

Sol. potass. iodid, satur...... 3,000,000 kilos.

Describe the making of a pill containing:5. Number of brushes made with the bones of an

Ferrum reduct.. ox, about five in each bone.

Quipine sulph... 6. Number of brushes made yearly, in bone 440,000

Strychnine sulph..

State in what order you would mix the ingredients dozen; in wood 60,000 dozen.

and give your reasons why. 7. Number of operations the bones go under before

Care of sick and ward management, mess managea brush

entirely finished, twenty-two. 8. Working hours, nine a day.

ment, minor surgery, elementary hygiene. 9. The use of the bones in the factory requires ted to test the candidate's comprehensive knowledge

Each of the subjects contain ten questions, calculayearly more than 300,000 oxen killed.

of the subject in which examined. The questions are Service in the Hospital Corps, U. S. A.–Referring prepared in the office of the surgeon-general, sent to to an article in your issue of April 1906 (Vol. XXVII, the various stations where men are to be examined and No. 4), permit me to refute a number of statements are returned to the office of the surgeon-general with made by your correspondent, and based on ignorance the written answers of the candidates and a report of of the service he attempts to criticise.

the examining board as to the percentage obtained 1. The men of the hospital corps are enlisted as during the oral examination. The written answers are soldiers, and are properly called as at present viz:- marked in the office of the surgeon-general, thus sePrivates, corporals, sergeant and sergeant, first class, curing a uniform rating, and only the best men are apdesignating their respective rank and duties at the pointed. Men who have passed the examination, but same time, the title “Pharmacist,” would in no way for whom there are no vacancies, are not put on the indicate the duties the man is performing, as in ad-waiting list, but are ordered for re-examination when dition to compounding prescriptions a number of other the next class is convened; in civil life, as many men duties fall to the lot of the non-commissioned officer receive their diploma as are competent to pass the of the hospital corps. The statement that “the army examinations. The time necessary to complete the maintains that there is little need of any pharmaceuti- examination in the army is usually seven days of cal knowledge required from the hospital stewards," about six hours each day, in my case from May 5, to is so ridiculous, as to hardly merit attention, but in 12, '02. order that others may not be misled into the same way Since it has been my privilege to serve with medical of thinking permit me to state as follows (my own officers of the army for about nine years, I have yet examination.)

to meet the surgeon or physician, fossilized or out of The examinations for the position of hospital stew- date, of whom there are a number in the army, acard or as called at the present time sergeant, first class, cording to your correspondent; on the contrary, from my experience, since handling drugs (since 1900), it Benjamin Franklin advocated the use of indigenou seems to me that the medical officers are a little too drugs in preference to imported medicines. He wa: exacting, they require more than intimate knowledge himself a dealer in drugs and exerted considerable in of pharmacy, as the number of drugs allowed to the fluence for the betterment of the medical profession army is limited, yet the same effects are expected. I These and other facts were pointed out by M. I. Wil trust that I have made it plain that the surgeon-gen- bert in a recent paper before the Philadelphia C. P. eral insists on having good pharmacists, and disproves the statement of your correspondent, that the army

Carbon Suboxide is described by J. Bishop Tingle contains pharmacists, the surgeon general to the con

as a newly discovered compound. It has the formula trary. The question as to whom the terrible mortality

C30, and is extremely reactive with malonic acid. I during the campaign of 1898 is due, is one which I am

slowly undergoes spontaneous decomposition at ordi not competent to discuss, and no general remarks, or

nary temperatures. It is a dark red solid which dis as the Germans say “Schlagwort,” remarks calculated

solves in water producing an intense eosin red color to catch the ear, but to convey no meaning, will clear Have You Any Interesting Prescriptions ?-If so that misfortune, while I have a few ideas on that sub- send from three to six taken from your files to H. A. ject, I can only remember how the volunteers laid out

B. Dunning, 423 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Md their camps, sinks on a line and in close vicinity to Mr. Dunning is secretary of the A. Ph. A. Section of kitchens, no adequate regimental police pertaining to Practical Pharmacy and Dispensing. The prescrip the sinks, no protests from regimental surgeons or tions will be used in the discussions at the Indian colonels, who as a rule were too busy killing time at apolis meeting September 3. Lookout Mountain, or getting beer for their messes. In conclusion I desire to state that the question of

Do Cut Rate Druggists impose upon the public? designation is one to which the man who does the

The Chicago Branch of the A. Ph. A. asks physicians

to discriminate against cutters on the ground that such work in the army pays little attention, we do not care what we are called, but we do care about getting a few

dealers impose on the general public whom they ad

vertise as the objects of their charity and public spirit. more dollars, let congress remember that we are men, some of us of the same tastes as themselves, give us

St. Louis no longer has cut rate stores, so the question $75.00 per month and the same allowances as now, and

must be answered by our readers in other sections of

the country. call us what you will; while more pay will not change in any way my ability, it will tend to make men more Shaken Into Good Health. It seems that even the content with their life in the army, and keep them San Francisco catastrophe has its bright side. Some there. One more statement and I will close my some- of the chronic invalids have improved in health, and what lengthy complaint. A civilian pharmacist, once a few fully recovered since the general earthquake licensed, can pursue his profession in the state where shake-up. The medical profession has long recoghe is licensed until the end of time, not so the hospital nized the beneficial effect of fright, pleasure and other steward. Following his original examination result- emotions. Some invalids have so little energy or willing in his appointment, he is re-examined as to his power that it requires a great catastrophe to awaken professional ability before his second re-enlistment, them to a realization of their physical and mental posusually after five years, and is further subject to re- sibilities. examination before any re-enlistment should the sur

Would Cheap Telephones Ruin the Retail Trade?geon of the post where he is serving, so request. In

Dr. William Muir, of New York City, points out that case of failure to pass the re-examination his career as

cheap telephones would cause people to order direct a hospital steward is over.

by phone and not visit the store to trade. Of course, Trusting that the scope of the examinations, as out

many articles are sold over the counter to the visiting lined, will convince you that every hospital steward

customer that would not be thought about if orders or sergeant, first class, is as competent a pharmacist as

were placed by phone. We feel, however, that in the can be found anywhere, and requesting an editorial

average human breast rests an inborn love for shopcomment if practicable, I am, very respectfully, SAM

ping which will bring out the customers even though UEL MARCUS, sergeant, first class, hospital corps,

telephones were as cheap as postal cards. U. S. A.

Are You Busy?-We frequently find people standSTRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS.

ing around or sitting about, telling how busy they are and giving this as an excuse for neglecting important

matters. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, of Philadelphia, is a Run Your Blue Pencil under September 3 on your busy practitioner, but finds time for literary work. calendar. That is the date of the opening of the A.

A Diplomatic Adventure,” is the title of his eightPh. A. convention at Indianapolis.

eenth book of fiction. These works are in addition to Truth Comes High.-The rarest and most valuable five volumes of verse besides papers and treatises on book in the world is claimed to be the “Book of neurology, comparitive physiology, serpent poisons Truth." The late Duke of Devonshire refused and kindred subjects. Dr. Mitchell understands the $100,000.00 for the volume.

art of making use of his time.

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