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They are guaranteed to contain neither Arsenic, Strychnia, nor any other poison,
stomach tolerates them.

Sold by the Wholesale Drug Trade
THE NATIONAL PILL CO., P. O. Box 2357, Mexico, D. F., Mex.

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Meyer Brothers Druggist


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(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 9 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 1 year (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-half page,

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. $ 27 00

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ST. Louis, Mo., U S. A.


In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Prof. Henry P. Hyn

son, Ph. G., chairman of the
committee on local A. Ph.
A. branches. He is taking
hold of the work in a man-
ner which is bringing re-
sults. Mr. Hynson is profes-

F. V. Perry, president of the Missouri Pharmaceu

tical Travelers' Association, was represented on the sor of dispensing and commercial pharmacy and also frontispiece of the Meyer BROTHERS DRUGGIST for a member of the board of

May. regents of the pharmacy Oklahoma May Become a State Before This Item department of the Univer- is in Print.—The Indian Territory and the Territory sity of Maryland. The pro- of Oklahoma will be admitted to the Union as the fessor is the champion in the State of Oklahoma if the citizens of those two terrimovement to have “doctor tories have their way about it. It was our privilege of pharmacy” generally to attend a recent annual meeting of the pharmacists

adopted as a degree for those of Oklahoma and to breathe the atmosphere of protaking a course in a college of pharmacy.

gress which peryades every section of that prosperous



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country. It is only seventeen years since the govern- on the outside when his home catches fire. On the ment threw that country open for settlement, but other hand, we applaud people who refuse to leave a during that brief period the cities have grown, not like ruined city, even though history is likely to repeat mushrooms but in a substantial manner, so that Okla- itself as far as the earthquake is concerned. It is true homa City, with its 40,000, and Guthrie, with nearly that human ingenuity will be exercised to its utmost as many inhabitants, are in every way equal to cities in building a new San Francisco, fire-proof and earthof similar size, but several times as old, in the Eastern quake-proof. We trust it may be many long generaStates. Oklahoma is not experiencing a boom, but tions before the citizens of the City of the Golden Gate enjoys a steady and substantial growth, which is re- will be again subjected to what in many respects is the flected in every calling followed by its citizens. This worst form of destructive agencies, an earthquake. is particularly manifest in the Pharmaceutical Asso- We publish in the June issue of the MEYER BROTHciation, which has accomplished as much in the way ERS DRUGGIST communications from readers who of legislation, education, trade interests and the general passed through the experiences of the recent earthco-operation of pharmaceutical interests during seven- quake. What they have to say, coming as it does teen years as have sister organizations during an entire from persons well known in pharmacy and medicine, generation or more of human life. There is nothing will prove of special interest to our subscribers. crude, unpolished, awkward nor disjointed about the

A Practical Committee on Legislation is active in proceedings in the annual meeting of the Ok. Ph. A.

Illinois. The committee has mailed to the pharmaThe members get down to business, and every one

cists of the state its report, which will be submitted present takes an active part in a way which puts to

at the Peoria meeting, June 19-21. This gives the shame some of the older organizations of pharmacists, pharmacists an opportunity to study the recommenda- With statehood will come a new pharmacy law, and

tions and come prepared to express their views. the plans are well laid for one which is thoroughly While the report is of special interest to Illinois pharpractical in its operation and just to both citizens and

macists, it also brings up points of general interest to pharmacists,

the profession of this country. As an example, the law The members of the Oklahoma organization, in at present refers to “recognized schools of pharmacy," public discussions and private conversations, evidence but does not define a recognized school. The law the same familiarity and express as valuable opinions provides for the registration of apprentices, but does relative to the work of the A. Ph. A. the N. A. R. D., not provide a penalty for a registered pharmacist who the N. W. D. A., the National Association of Boards fails to require an apprentice to make application for of Pharmacy, the American Conference of Pharmaceu- registration. The law recognizes the Pharmacopeia tical Faculties, the U. S. P. and the N. F. as can be which was in force at the time the law passed, thus found in any state association. We can wish our the U. S. P. VIII is not the legal Pharmacopoeia Eastern readers no more pleasant and educational a in Illinois. The committee believes that the National trip than one through the Indian and Oklahoma Ter- Formulary should be mentioned with the U. S. P. as ritories.

authorities. The committee also suggests that a penThe San Francisco Calamity has been selected as a

alty should be provided for an unregistered pharmatext for many sermons and a topic for numerous edito

cist who displays a certificate not rightfully belonging rials. It has served to illustrate the fact that our system

to him. Among the new topics is the recommendation of carrying on business is an evolution brought about by

of the committee that provision be made for the sanithe environments of prosperity. The great catastrophe tary inspection of drug stores by the board of pharcarried the people of San Francisco back to the days

macy. when it was a struggle for existence, when necessary

It is the experience of the usual convention that a food and desirable clothing came only by hard work.

report is sprung upon the members, discussed, and then Under such conditions individuals are drawn close

referred to a committee. The Illinois committee, by together and much of the property is held in common.

its forethought in publishing and distributing its This same spirit of social equality and equal individual

report, has taken a long stride in the direction of rights was manifested throughout this entire country saving time and accomplishing work at a state conven

tion. We often think of the comment of an English as soon as the condition in San Francisco became apparent. Food, clothing and all necessary articles delegate to the International Pharmaceutical Congress were looked upon as common property and forwarded

at Chicago, in 1893, who attended several state conto the sufferers as rapidly as possible. There they

ventions and said: “But you in the States waste so were distributed pro rata, without reference to rank or

much time talking without knowing just what you are position.

talking about.” The energy with which San Francisco is being “The Limitations of Self Medication,'

was the cleared up and preparations made for a new city subject of an animated and instructive discussion at illustrates the ruling human passion which causes the May meeting of the Philadelphia Branch of the mankind to love his home. We pity the poor horse A. Ph, A. Prominent local physicians pointed out which refuses to be driven out of the burning stable, evils of the practice of self medication. This, of or which rushes into the flames if he happens to be course, led to the consideration of counter prescrib

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