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S. R. No. 66– -
Pledging the faith of the United States to the payment of the public
debt in coin or its equivalent.—[By Mr. Edmunds.]
Called up, 10; discussed, 24, 40; referred, 64.
S. R. No. 69—
To preserve the neutrality between the Government of Great
Britain and the king of Abyssinia.—[By Mr. Chandler.]
Discussed, 83; indefinitely postponed, 3244.
S. R. No. 70— - -
Authorizing Rear Admiral H. K. Thatcher to accept a decoration
** - from the king of the Hawaiian Islands.-[By Mr. Conness.]
Read,1; referred, 10; reported, 120; passed, 128; passed House,
346; enrolled, 384,403; approved, 472.
o: In House: Received from Senate, 144; passed, 862; enrolled,
S. R. No. 71—
To suspend the operation of so much of the act approved April 12,
1866, as o that the Secretary of the Treasury may

retire and cancel of the United States notes $4,000,000 per month.-[By Mr Cattell.] Referred, 63; reported and tabled, 219. ... S.R.No. 72–

For the relief of John M. Broome and others, the band of the twelfth Kentucky infantry.—[By Mr. Sherman.] Referred, 79; reported, 3856; called up, 3901. S. R. No. 73– For the relief of the Columbia Turnpike Company, for use and occupation of their road during i. late rebellion.—[By Mr. Howard.] Referred, 98; reported adversely, 3671. S. R. No. 74– In relation to consular appointments.-[By Mr. Grimes.] Referred, 99; reported, 518; discussed, 519, 553, 627. S. R. No. 75– Limiting contracts for stationery and other supplies in the Executiye Departments to one year.—[By Mr. Patterson, of New Hampshire.] Reported and passed, 145; passed House with amendment, 652; concurred in, 674; enrolled, 703, 720; approved, 922. In House: Received from Senate, 154; referred, 862; reported and passed with amendment, 665; concurred in by Senate, 694; enrolled, 692. S. R. No. 76– Authorizing the several Executive Departments of the Government to purchase paper and envelopes of the Treasury Department.— [By Mr. Ramsey.] *** * * Referred, 196; reported, 404; called up, 499. ‘8, R. No. 77– * - Declaratory of the meaning of the act of March 3, 1817, entitled “An act to provide for the prompt settlement of public accounts.”—[By Mr. Fessenden.] Referred, 218; committee discharged, 1117. $. R. No. 78– Authorizing and directing the Second Auditor of the Treasury to allow certain credits in the adjustment and settlement of the accounts of a mustering and disbursing officer therein named.— u, v . . [By Mr. Morton.] - Referred, 219. S. R. No. 79– To amend an act, entitled “An act to expedite and regulate the printing of public documents,” approved June 25, 1864.—[By Mr. Anthony.] Referred, 242. S. "i". - " - - n relation to the erection of a jail in the District of ia.— [By Mr. Patterson, of No. Hampshire.] Columbia Reported, 242; discussed, 296; passed, 299; passed House I *; o o 404; approved, 472. y n House : Received from Senate, 818: di 363; enrolled, 388. “”, iscussed, 362; passed, S.R. No. 81– Placing certain troops in Missouri on an R as to o Wilson.] eporte ; passed, 922: ---. ap o §§4. ; passed House, 3954; enrolled, n House: Received from Senate, 936; ** * and passed, 8944; enrolled, 3973. ; referred, 991; reported S. R. No, 82– ofor o of frauds upon the internal revenue.—[By Mr. ** - Read, 318. s: R. No, soFor form. of the Smithsonian Institution.— Ro 830; passed. 343; passed House, 846; enrolled, 884,

equal footing with others

S. R. No. 84– - Z
To provide for adjusting the accounts of acting collectors of
internal revenue.—[By Mr. Williams.] .
Referred, 348.

S. R. No. 85–
Appropriating money to defray the expenses of the
Committee on Ordnance.—[By Mr. Howard.]
Referred, 434.

S. R. No. 86—
Declaring the adoption of the amendment to the Constitution
known as article fourteen.—[By Mr. Summer.]
Referred, 453. -

joint select

To provide for the gradual reduction of the Army.—[By Mr.
Referred, 471; reported, 491; called up, 565.

S. R. No. 88– • *

* For the publication of the reports of the commissioner to the Paris

- Exposition.—[By Mr. Anthony.]
Referred, 472; reported and passed, 1621.

S. R. No. 89– o
Providing for the representation of the United States at the Inter-
national Maritime Exhibition at Havre.—[By Mr. Anthony.]
Reported, 518; motion to take up, 677; diseussed, 731, 767,
848, 1008; passed, 1011; of House with amendments,
1782; concurred in, 1782; enrolled, 1789; approved, 1843.
In House : Received from Senate, 1045; discussed, 1771; passed
* * * with amendments, 1772; agreed to by Senate, 1797; enrolled,
* 1806. ---->
S. R. No. 90– -
To provide for the proceeds of the Spanish steamer Nnestra
Señora de La Regla.--LBy Mr. Sumner.] ... .
* - Reported, 518; passed, 519. -- -
In House: Referred, 991. o
S. R. No. 91– * .
For the relief of Moses F. Shinn.—[By Mr. Thayer.]... . . "
Referred, 625. . . . . or. --- -
S. R. No. 92– ** * * ---
For the relief of Israel S. Diehl.—[By Mr. Pomeroy.]
Referred, 625; reported, 1095; passed, 1095; passed House,
1782; enrolled, 1789; approved, 1843. ... ."
** Received from Senate, i.107; passed, 1772; enrolled,
- - * *
S. R. No. 93–
Granting permission to officers and soldiers to wear the badge of
the corps in which they served during the war.—[By Mr.
#. '' .2
is Referred, 765; reported, 2958; passed, 3051; passed House,
4400; enrolled, 4403; approve o, o

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Directing the Secretary of the Treasury, whenever any State shall have been in default for the t of interest or principa or investments in its stocks o by the United States in trust, to retain moneys due to such State from the United States.[By Mr. Morgan.] - -Reported, 786; called up, 1695; discussed, 3566; passed, 3570. In House : Received from Senate, 3594; discussed, 4475; referred, 4476.


S.R.No. 85— ; ' ' ' '
Authorizing, the Light-House Board to place warnings over
obstructions at the entrance of harbors or in the fair-way of
., bays and sounds.-[By Mr. Morgan.] ..., -- * * --
Referred, 789; reported and passed, 1142; passed House with
amendments, 1464; concurred in, 1486; enrolled, 1497;
... approved, 1646. ! -->
"In House : Received from Senate, 1160; referred, 1451; reported
and passed with amendments, 1470; concurred in by Senate,
1501; enrolled, 1512. --
S. R. No. 96– ... .
For the relief of certainWinnebago Indians residing in Minnesota.-
[By Mr. Ramsey.]
Referred, 816; reported, 2067. * *
**...* he pub -- ----- - -
o provide for the publication of the mé
of the ...i. and §§§
Marshal General's Bureau.-[By Mr. A
Referred, 816; reported, 1236;
discharged, referred anew, 43%;
S. R. No. 98–
For the promotion of certain commodores on the retired list.”
rear admirals on the retiredlist of the Navy-[By Mr. Cattell.]

of .e. ical and surgical history stics, of the Provost hony.]" discussed, 25 reported and a

i committee opted, 4452.

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S R No. 39– - . . " " || S To authorize the Secretary of War to employ counsel in certain o Mr. Howard.] Read, 981; discussed, 981; ". 984; passed House, 984; enrolled, 999; not returned, become a law, 1882. In House: Received from Senate, 990; read, 990, 991; passed, 992; enrolled, 997. ortherelief of certain contractors for the construction of vessels of war and steam machinery.—[By Mr. Drake. Referred, 981; reported, 1515; discussed, 1911, 8115, 3147; passed, 3150. In House; Received from Senate, 8202; called up, 4396; discussed, 4418; referred, 4415. o &R.No. 101– " . ," * . to the Court of Claims—[By Mr. Howe.] * . Reported, 1026; passed, 1143. In House: Received from Senate, 1160; referred, 1772. § R. No. 102– - Inosting the superintendent of the Asylum for the Insane in the District of Columbia to admit James McIntosh on the same § as indigent insane persons of the District.—[By Mr.

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S. R. No. 105– -
Authorizing the Secretary of War to cause surplus or condemned
obe issued to the Indians.—[By Mr. Henderson.]

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Directing that the Government of Great Britain be supplied with certain volumes of the Narrative of the Exploring Expedi

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To authorize the erection of a warehouse at Fort Monroe, Vir-
ginia.-[By Mr. Wilson.]
Referred, it;44; reported and passed, 1669; passed House, 1848;
enrolled, 1843; approved, 1887.
In House: Received from Senate, 1698; passed, 1848; enrolled,
1859. 1. -

R. No. 118– - -
For the appointment of a commission to select suitable locations

for powder magazines.—[By Mr. Frelinghuysen.] Reported and passed, 1670; passed House, 2329; enrolled, 2488; approved, 2544. Io: Received from Senate, 1693; referred, 2028; reported and passed, 2321; enrolled, 2475. R. No. 119— Authorizing the Secretary of War to take char and Antietam national cemeteries.—[By Referred, 1694; reported, 2789. R. No. 120– For the relief of Major A. L. Brewer, late a paymaster in the United States Army.-[By Mr. Wade.] Referred, 1717. R. No. 121— To carry into effect the resolution approved March 2, ‘ī; providing for the exchange of certain public documents.-sby }. Morgan.] Referred, 1864; reported and passed, 3074; passed House, 4400; enrolled, 4408; approved, 4450. In House: Received from Senate, 3107; discussed, 4391; passed, 4892; enrolled, 4422. R. No. 122– For the relief of the heirs of Major A. L. Brewer, late a paymaster in the United States Army.—[By Mr. Wilson.] Reported and passed, 1911; passed House, 2040; enrolled, 2068; approved, 2234. In House : Received from Senate, 1927; passed, 2020; enrolled, 2070. IR. No. 123– Authorizing the Secretary of State to adjust certain claims, and directing the payment thereof—[By Mr. Jessenden.] Reported, 1910; called up, 2008; discussed, 2241; passed, 2242. In House : Received from Senate, 2286; referred, 2544. . . . .

R. No. 124— -
For the distribution of certain public documents abroad.-[By
Mr. Anthony.] - -
Referred, 1911.
R. No. 125– *
Authorizing the issue of a new register to the American-built
schooner Milton Badger.—[By Mr. Conness.]
Referred, 1940.
R. No. 126–
For the relief of George W. Doty, a commander in the United
States Navy on the retired list.—[By Mr. Nye.]
Reported, 1977; passed, 1977; passed House, 2329; enrolled,
2488; approved, 2544. ! .
In House: Received from Senate, 1998; referred, 2029; reporte
and passed, 2321; enrolled, 2475.
R. No. 127–
Expressive of the thanks of Congress to Dr. Isaac I. Hays, [By

Mr. Wilson.]
Referred, 2030; committee discharged, 4264.

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3535. S. R. No. 130– - - For the relief of certain officers, non-commissioned officers, and f soldiers of the Army.—[By Mr. Conkling.] Referred, 2144. S. R. No. 131–

. . To authorize the settlement of the accounts of Robert L. Stockton, late Indian agent.—[By Mr. Conness.] Referred, 2217; reported adversely, 4450. S. R. No. 132— Authorizing the Secretary of War to furnish supplies to an ... of exploring expedition.—[By Mr. Trumbull.] Read, 2240; referred, 2241; reported, 2275. S. R. No. 133— Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.— -- * [By Mr Sumner.] Referred, 2275. S. R. No. 134– Authorizing a change of mail service between Fort Abercrombie and Helena.-[By Mr. Ramsey.] Referred, 2436; reported and passed, 2556; passed House, 3316; enrolled, 3348; approved, 3714. In House: Received from Senate, 2.570; discussed, 3811 ; passed, 3326; enrolled, 3365; approved, 3761. S. R. No. 135– To restore Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida to representation in Congress.-[By Mr. Wilson.] Referred, 2436; indefinitely postponed, 2759. S. R. No. 136– For the relief of Jacob P. Leese.—[By Mr. Cole.] Referred, 2556. S R. No. 137– ... - Extending the time for the completion of the Northern Pacific railroad.—[By Mr. IRamsey. ] Roo. 2624; reported, 2653; discussed, 2653, 2689; passed, 2590. . In House: Received from Senate, 2712; tabled, 4342. S.R. No. 138– To appoint a board of examiners for claimants against the United States in the State of Nevada.-[By Mr. Stewart.] Referred, 2653; committee discharged, 3240. S. R. No. 139— Excluding from the Electoral College the votes of States lately in rebellion which shall not have been reorganized.—[By Mr. Edmunds.] Referred, 2760; reported, 3566; discussed, 3630, 3688, 3870, 3874, 3877, 3904, 3917; passed, 3926: passed House with amendments, 8966; concurred in, 3066; enrolled, 3938; .s. yetoed, 4235; passed over veto, 4236; presentation to Secretary of State directed, 4236. In House: Received from Senate, 3967; referred, 3967; reported, 3974; discussed, 3974; passed with amendments, 3381; agreed to by Senate, 4002; enrolled, 4002; vetoed 4258; passed over veto, 4259. * S. R. No. 140– Relating to traveling expenses - volunteers.-[By Mr. Cole.] * Referred, 2789. S. R. No. 141– Requiring the Special Commissioner of the Revenue to act as superintendent of the Bureau of Statistics in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury.—[By Mr. Williams.] Reported and referred anew, 2922, 8176; committee discharged, indefinitely postponed, 4093. S. R. No. 142– To o: the o $o. o under a former act of ongress for his relief, to the Court of Claims.--s By Mr. N. Referred, 2959; reported adversely, 3213. [By Mr. Nye.] S. “F. 143– or the relief of George W. Doty, a commander i R . . o: retired ... orj. Mr. §. the United ead and passed, 2059; passe 521 : Not . o, 3770. ; passed House, 3521; enrolled, 8521 y

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of California and Nevada

S. R. No. 144– - -
in relation to the erection of a custom-house at Nashville,

Tennessee.—[By Mr. Fowler.] Referred, 3116. S. R. No. 145– in relation to the coast defense.-IBy Mr. Nye.] Referred, 3146. S. R. No. 146– Authorizing the sale of certain bonds belonging to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians, and the adjustment and payment of certain claims against them.—[By Mr. Morrill, of Maine.] Referred, 3176. S. R. No. 147– For the relief of Jonathan S. Turner.—[By Mr. *...] Referred, 3176; reported and passed, 8239; passed House, 4442; enrolled, 4451; approved, 4506. In House : Received from Senate, 3271; passed, 4431, 4432; enrolled, 4479. S. R. No. 148– To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to remit the duties on certain religious books donated to the people of the United States.—[By Mr. Wilson.] Referred, 3218. S. R. No. 149—" Authorizing the sale of damaged or unserviceable arms, ordnance, or ordnance stores.—[By Mr. Wilson.] Referred, 3213; reported, 3347. S. R. No. 150– Relative to the payment of certain claims to loyal citizens of the United States.—[By Mr. Chandler.] Referred, 3240. S. R. No. 151— To drop from the rolls of the Army certain officers absent without authority from their commands.-[By Mr. Wilson.] Referred, 3275; reported, 8347; passed, 3860; passed House, 4454; enrolled, 4501; approved, 4517. In House: Received from Senate, 3885; passed, 4490; enrolled, 4496. S. R. No. 152– • To extend the time for the completion of the West Wisconsin rail. road.—[By Mr. Pomeroy.] Reported, 3566; passed, 3672. In House: Received from Senate, 3705; tabled, 4478. S. R. No. 153— Authorizing the sale at public auction of certain surplus books and documen's now in the custody of the Secretary of the Interior.—[By Mr. Morgan.] Reported, 3607. S. R. No. 154– * To *mit o persons to the Naval Academy.-[By Mr. Frelinguysen. Reported and passed, 3671; passed House, 4451; enrolled, 4459; approved, 4506. Received from Senate, 3705; passed, 4479; enrolled, 492. S. R. No. 155— Regulating representation in the Electoral College.—[By Mr. o Read, 3767. S. R. No. 156– Authorizing the appointment of commissioners to examine the claims of citizens of Douglas, Johnson, and Miami counties, Kansas, for spoliations committed in what is known as the Quantrell raid in August, 1863.-[By Mr. Ross.] Referred, 3857. S. R. No. 157– In relation to the Union Pacific railway, eastern division.—[By Mr. Drake.] Reported, 3900. S. R. No. 158– To extend the act establishing the Court of Claims to the claims nrising under the act of the 2d of March, 1861, providing for the payment of the expenses of the Washington and Oregon

Indian war of 1855–56.-[Bye Mr. Williams.] 2

Referred, 3901.
S. R. No. 159–
Authorizing the Commissioner of the Bureau of Refugees, Freed:
men, and Abandoned Lands to sell certain portions of public
lands within the corporate limits of the city of Pensacola,
Florida, for educational purposes.—[By Mr. Osborn.]
Referred, 3984.
S. R. No. 160 —
Relating to the Territorial Central Pacific Railway Company."
[By Mr. Cole.]

Referred, 4071.


S. R. No. 161– -
Providing that a certain part of the act making appropriations for

sundry civil expenses of the Governument for the year ending June 30, 1869, shall not take effect until the 1st day of March, 1860–(By Mr. Willey.] Reported, 4070. S. R. No. 162– To regulate the carriage of passengers in steamships and other vessels.-[By Mr. Morgan.] -* p Reported, 4093; discussed, 4397; passed, 4399. In House: Received from Senate, 4422. S. R. No. 163– For the relief of Benjamin Cooley and James W. Boswell.—[By Mr. Frelinghuysen.] Reported, 4146. S. R. No. 164– Fortherestoration of Commander Aaron K. Hughes, United States Navy, to the active list from the retired list.—[By Mr. Nye.] Reported and passed, 4197; passed House, 4267; enrolled, 4375; o 4403. ho Received from Senate, 4216; passed, 4293; enrolled, - 5. - S. R. No. 165– Authorizing the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to appoint guardiaus or trustees for minor Indian children who may be entitled to pensions or bounties under the existing laws.-[By Mr. Pomeroy.] - Referred, 4107. S R No. 155– --, ... Declaring the ratification of the fourteenth article of amendment of the Constitution of the United States.—s By Mr. Sherman.] Referred, 4197; committee discharged, 4230; called up, 4266; concurrent resolution substituted, 4266, $. o 167– *!he relief of a certain United States Coast S fficer.— [By Mr. Morgan.] * * es Uoast Survey officer Reported, 4264. S. o 168– *** relief of John Montgomery.—s By Mr. Pomer Referred, 4266; . . [By Mr. Pomeroy.] S. o: 169– *Posing to the Turkish Government in behalf of the people of loss. o people o 0tted an ed, 4283 : RA - on 1 . approved, o: 7 ; passed House, 4454; enrolled, 4501;

S. It. No. 170— -
In relation to the library of the Department of Agriculture.-[By

. . . Mr. Cameron.] ' ' ' Read and passed, 4321. S. R. No. 171— In relation to coast defense.—[By Mr. Howard.] Reported and passed, 4346. In House : Received from Senate, 4375. S. R. No. 172– To construe an act entitled “An act to authorize the accounting officers of the Treasury to settle the accounts of Andrew S. Core.”—s By Mr. Williams.] Reported and passed, 4301; passed House, 4431; enrolled, 4459; approved, 4506. In House : Received from Senate, 4395; passed, 4474, 4475; enrolled, 4492. S. R. No. 173– Respecting the provisional governments of Virginia and Texas.[By Mr. Wilson.] Read and passed, 4396. In House : Received from Senate, 4305.

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Referred, 4396.
S. R. No. 175–
Relative to the recent contracts for stationery for the Department
of the Interior.—[By Mr. Patterson, of New Hampshire.]

Reported, 4403; passed, 4448. In House : Received from Senate, 4474 ; motion to take up, 4477, 4494. S. R. No. 176— Extending the benefits of an act donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, approved July 2, 1862, as amended by act of July 23, 1866, to States lately in rebellion.—[By Mr. Sawyer.] Read, 4446; passed, 4447. In House: Received from Senate, 4474; motion to take up, 4477. S. R. No. 177— To extend the provisions of the act of July 4, 1864, limiting the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims to loyal citizens of the State of Louisiana.—[By Mr. Kellogg.]

*:::::: Received from Senate, 4834; passed, 4488; enrolled,

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Referred, 4450.


B; Mr. Anthony—
o the joint Committee on Ordnance.—[December 3,
Adopted, 9.

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By Mr. Conness—Continued.
In o o citizens imprisoned by Great Britain.—[January
21, 1868.
Read and printed, 650.
By Mr. Drake—
In relation to annual message of the President.—[December 4, 1867.]
IRead, 19; discussed, 63, 100, 151.
By Mr. Edmunds— +:
Tendering the thanks of Congress to Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, late
Secretary of War.—[May 28, 1868.]
Laid over, 2624; discussed, 2727; adopted, 2736; concurred in
by House, 3316.
In House: Received from Senate, 2753; concurred in, 3311.
By Mr. Fessenden— - -
Authorizing the select Committee to Revise and Equalize the Pay
of the Employés of each House to report such regulations as may
be necessary for rearranging the duties and reducing the number
of employés, and for securing a reduction of expenditures.—
[December 11, 1867.]
Agreed to, 120.
In House: Received from Senate, 134; concurred in, 232.
By Mr. Sherman— - -
Declaring the ratification of the fourteenth article of amendment
of the Constitution of the United States.—[July 21, 1868.]
Adopted, 4266; concurred in by House, 4270. -
In House : Received from Senate, 4295; concurred in, 4295, 4296.
By Mr. Wilson—
For the suspension of the sixteenth and seventeenth joint rules.-
July 25, 1868. J
Adopted, 4442; resolution of House on, 4451.
In House: Received from Senate. 4434; non-concurred in, 4472.

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By Mr. AbbottIn reference to an appro Cape Fear river in Agreed to, 4462. by Mr. AnthonyNotifying House of the organization of the Senate.-[December 3, 1867.] Adopted, 1. To wait on the President.—[December 2, 1867.] Adopted, 1. For printing three thousand additional copies of the message of to posident, with the reports of heads of Departments.T [December 3, 1867.] Referred, 10; reported, 203 discussed, 20; agreed 19, 38. For printing five hoodred' extra copies of the Navy Register for 1868.-L.January 10, 1868.] Reported and agreed to: 434. For printing two ousand additional copies of the President's message of the 17th of December, 1897; relating to the international monetary conference * Paris in June and July last.—[January 23, 1868.] Referred 703; reported and agreed to, For printing four thousand copies of the 1866.-[January 29, 1868.] Reported and agreed to $1. For printing extra copies of the report of the " ..." ii. Alta Vēla claim of Patterson [March 17, 1808.] Referred, 1911; reported and agreed to, 1976. For printing three hundred copies of the edition of the report of the impeachment trial published at the Congressional Printing office, and five thousand copies of the entire work, with an index.-[March 21, 1868.] Referred, 3045; reported and agreed to, 2008. Authorizing the Presiding Officer to admit to a seat on the floor the reporter of the New York Associated Press during the jai of the impeachment.--|March 23, 1868.] Laid over, 2084; discussed; 2234. For printing extra copies of the report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey for 1867.-[May 18, 1868.] Adopted, 2505. Calling for correspondence, with person. in the diplomatic service relating to the act of March 27, 1867, prohibiting them from wearing any uniform not previously authorized by Congress.[May 28, 1858.]

channel of the

riation for deepening th9 1868.]

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787. Patent Office

Report of

Secretary of State & Murginendo.

By Mr. Cameron

Agreed to, 2624.
For printing the report of the Commissioner of Education.-
(June 2, 1868.]
Referred, 2758; reported and adopted, 4501. o
Ronding so much of the resolution passed March 19, 1868, as
suspends the printing of the report of the commissioner to
the Paris Exposition.—[June 13, 1808.] * -
Reported, 31.1%; adopted, 3116. -
For pos additional copies of House bill No. 605.-[June 18,
Agreed to, 3243.
For printing Navy Register for 1868.-[June 19, 1868.]
Referred, 3275; reported and agreed to, 8608.
For printing Army Register for 1868.-[June 19, 1868.]
Referred, 3275; reported and agreed to 3903.

instructing the Committee on Contingent Expenses of the Senate to investigate the accounts of the Secretary of the SenateApril 15, 1868.] Adopted, 2803; report, 2365. For printing extra copies of the last agricultural report.—[July 14, 1808.] Referreà, 4070; reported and adopted, 4280. By Mr. Cole– • * : * : Inquiring what further legislation is necessary to o, to immigrants from foreign countries a greater degree of safety, comfort, &c.—[February 8, 1868.] - Agreed to, 921. - - - - - Calling for information asso the amount of distilled spirits shipped foom Atlantic ports of the Uij states to California during the year 1867, and also What amount of distilled spirits from one States was landed in San Francisco during that year-T [February 24, 1868. ) Agreed to, 1871. - - Directing Committee on Finance to inquire into the expediency of repealing all laws imposing taxes on incom. and all laws imposing taxes on manufactures.—[March 3, 1868.] Agreed to, 1621. For printing the report of J. Ross Browne, on the mineral resour” of the States and Territories west of the Rocky mountains.- [May 25, 1868.] Referred, 2569; reported and discussed, 2687; adopted, 2688. By Mr. Conkling- instructing the Committee on the District of Columbia to inquire what legislation is necessary to see". safety and convenience to those who ride in the street o of the Metropolitan Rail: road Company.—[February 5, 1868.] Agreed to, 981. Inquiring as to the condition of the appropriation for the medical and surgical history of the war.—i.July 3, 1868.] Agreed to, 3710. By Mr. Conness— Calling for copies of any reports in the War Department concerning i.e. odotion of the military reservation of Point San José.[December 4, 1867.] Agreed to, 19. Calling for the proceedings and findings of the board appointed to investigate the circumstanoes §f the "robbery of Major George E. Glenn, paymaster at Fort Boisé, Idaho Territory:T [December 5, 1867.] Agreed to, 38. Making inquiries relative to the appointment of the American or at Pekin, Hon. Anson Burlingame: to a mission in joir of the Chinese Government by the emperor of China.-i [January 13, 1868.] . * Agreed to, 471. - - | Directing Committee on Private Land Claims to inquire into the propriety of restoring to the body of the public domain the ract of land in California known as the Gabillan grant.T [February 7, 1868.] Agreed to, 1026. Calling for information in regard to applications for pivolo in connection with the fisheries in Alaska,-[April 14, 1868.] Adopted, 22.97. Discharging Committee on Foreig" Relations from the furth". joration of the bill (H. R. No. 768) concerning the right"

For printing Land Office Report.-L.July 1, 1868.]
Referred 3628; reported, 4024; called up, 4147; adopted,

of American citizens in foreign States.—[June 22, 1868.] Laid over, 3347; withdrawn, 3389. ,

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In relation to the promulgation of the law recently enacted limiting the hours of labor.—[July 1, 1868.] Agreed to; 8%29. Inquiring whether a commission has been issued to James Coey, nominated and confirmed as collego,” the first internal revenue district of California.-[July 11, 1868.] Agreed to, 3954. By Mr. Corbett— Instructing Committee on Finance to inquire into the expediency of a new loan and issue of five per ceno bonds for the purpoo.” redeeming five-twenties as they nature.ot December 6, 18 7. Agreed to, 63. - * Calling for a statement of the amount of money paid on account of the new jail in the District of Columbia, and to whom paid.—[January 14, 1868.] Agreed to, 491. In reference to the ex pediency of securing to Indians the right"; testify in cases .# murder, rape, &c., as between whites an Indians.—[June 28, 1868.] Adopted, 3382. For printing tax bill.—[July 18, : Referred. 4197; reported and agreed to: 4199.

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