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BI. R. No. 12

H. R. No. 17–

In Senate; Received from House, 3748; referred, 3748 ; reported,
To authorize the issue of a patent on land warrant No. 46318, for
Reported, 2388; report read, 2389; discussed, 2471, 2475; // A. R. No. 103
In Senate: Received from House, 2505; reference discussed,

2306; referred, 2507; reported adversely, 3566 ; indefinitely To amend the act of April 10, 1806, to establish rules and articles

for the government of the armies of the United States.--[By For the relief of William Townsend. [By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.]. Committee discharged, tabled, 607.





H. R. No. 78To repeal an act entitled "An act to retrocede the county of To amend an act entitled 'An act to regulate the fees and costs to Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of

be allowed clerks, marshals, and attorneys of the circuit and Virginia."--[By Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania.]

district courts of the United States," approved February 26, Indefinitely postponed by Senate, 4175.

1853.- [By Mr. Kelley. In Senate: Committee discharged, and indefinitely postponed, Committee discharged, 668, 669. 4093.

H. R. No. 81H. R. No. 6

III In regard to the meeting of Congress.—[By Mr. Hooper, of Further to provide for the acknowledgment of deeds in the District Massachusetts.] of Columbia.--[ By Mr. Woodbridge.]

d. Called up, 3765; laid aside, 3884. Reported adversely, 3616.

H. R. No. 83–

To provide for relief of the Orphan Asylum'and orphans sustained To equalize the bounties of soldiers, sailors, and marines who (, thereby in Charleston, South Carolina.--[By Mr. Butler, of served in the late war for the Union.-[By Mr. Schenck.)

Massachusetts.] Referred, 1860.

.. Committee discharged, 230; referred anew, 230.

H. R. No. 84For the relief of Major James B. Thompson, of Perrysville, Juniată For the relief of W. H. Weaver, late captain company D, twelfth county, Pennsylvania.-(By Mr. Miller. ] -, ,

regiment Pennsylvania Reserve corps.-[By Mr. Miller.] li Reported adversely, 4091.

Reported adversely, 2688.

H. R. No. 86-To

protect the rights of actual settlers upon the public lands of the To provide a temporary government for the Territory of Lincoln.United States.--(By Mr. Donnelly:):

[By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.] Reported and passed, 2830; enrolled,"4484; approved, 4498.

Reported adversely, 4431. In Senate: Received from House, 2857 ; referred, 2860; reported, || H. R. No. 87– 2022 ; passed, 4396 ; enrolled, 4448.

To repeal part of an act therein named.—[By Mr. Lawrence, of

Ohio.] Relative to damages done to loyal-men. [By Mr. Stevens, of

Laid aside, 3885. 13.6

"T I. R. No. 89Discassed, 108, 112; postponed to January 21, 117.

Relative to reduction of the currency. [By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.)

Laid aside, 3885.
To regulate the practice and define the powers of the Supreme | H. R. No. 90–
Court of the United States in certain cases arising under the To require the administration of oaths in certain cases,

and to Constitution and laws thereof.—(By Mr. Wiliams, of Penn kivi punish perjury in connection therewith.-[By Mr. Kerr.]

Reported and passed, 3616; indefinitely postponed by Senate, 668.

34704 In Senate; Received from House, 3607; referred, 3608 ; Authorizing the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to adjust the reported and indefinitely postponed, 3814. accounts of Mark Howard.--[By Mr. Perham.)

IH Committee discharged, 97; referred anew, 97 ; substitate reported,

H. R. No. 918761 ; passed, 3182, enrolled, 4434 ; approved, 4498.

Concerning the property of married women in the District of

Columbia.-By Mr. Niblack. ]

Reported and recommitted, 2162.
H. R. No. 96"

To authorize the Southern Minnesota Railroad Company to con one hundred and sixty acres, under the act of 1847.- (By Mr.

struct and maintain a bridge across the Mississippi river, and

to establish a post route.--[By Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin.] I!

Reported and passed, 666 ; passed Senate, 1054; enrolled,

1084; approved, 1319. For the relief of William McGarrahan.—[By Mr. Wilson, of Torca.]

In Senate : Received from House, 674; read, 699; discussed,

1037; passed, 1038; enrolled, 1071. passed, 2479 ; indefnitely postponed by Senate, 4489.

Constituting eight hours a day's'work for all laborers, workmen, 1993 of the United States.--[By Mr. Banks. ]

and mechanics employed by or on behalf of the Government

In Senate: Committee discharged, 4197.
H. R. No, 1054
To regulate the selection of juries for the several courts of the

District of Columbia.--[By Mr. Ingersoll.]

In Senate: Indefinitely postponed, 242.
H. R. No. 111-

Relating to the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States.-
1 [By Mr. Poland.]
Committee discharged, 280; referred anew, 280,

H, R. No. 23

H. R. No. 29


H. R. No. 30

sylvania.) Reported and referred anew,

H. R. No. 39—


4093 ; passed, 4361; enrolled, 4443.

H. R. No. 41


Reported, 312. H. R. No. 65

H. R. No. 66

postponed, 4453.

Mr. Dodge.]
Reported adversely, 132.

H. R No. 76


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In Senate: Received from House, 6741h amendments, 2998 ; ||*&)29145; discussed, 164, 197, 220,0 244 299, 346 ; passed with


H. R. No. 184– H. R. No. 122– To facilitate the occupation of public lands by freedmen under the To incorporate the Puget Sound and Columbia River Railroad homestead act.-[By Mr. Paine.]

Company.-[By Mr. Flanders.] Reported and tabled, 538; (see bill H. R. No. 267.)

Reported, 2441; discussed, 2441; referred, 2445. H. R. No. 125—

H. R. No. 186–

To extend an act entitled “ An act for the relief of certain drafted To provide for the granting of honorable discharges to certain soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy.-[By Mr.

men," approved February 28, 1867.-[By Mr. Covode.] Schenck.]

Reported and tabled, 4083, Reported and tabled, 257; new bill (H. R. No. 319) substituted, H. R. No. 190257.

To provide for juries in certain cases in the District of Columbia.

[By Mr. Welker. ] H. R. No. 126To guarantee to the several States of the Union a republican form Reported, 229. of government.--[By Mr. Broomall.]

H. R. No. 196— Motion to reconsider called up, 1939; discussed, 1954, 1961, Concerning the promotion of officers who have been restored to 1968, 1973.

the active list in the United States Navy.-[By Mr. Niblack.] H. R. No. 127

Reported adversely, 2321. A bill in relation to additional bounty.- [By Mr. Holman.) H. R. No. 197— Passed Senate with amendments, 172; referred, 232 ; reported, To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to place the name of 694; discussed, 712; amendments concurred in with amend

Edward Kindred, of Peoria, Illinois, on the pension-rolls.ment, 713; agreed to by Senate, 1229; approved, 1319.

[By Mr. Ingersoll.] In Senate: Reported, 79; discussed and passed with amendment Committee discharged, referred anew, 152. 164; agreed to by House with amendments, 703, 721; House

H. R. No. 1984 amendments concurred in, 1210; enrolled, 1211.

To reëstablish the boundaries and to change the names of certain H. R. No. 133–

collection districts in the State of Michigan.--[By Mr. Ferry: For the relief of Mrs. Helen L. Gass.-[By Mr. Pile.]

Reported, 2012; passed, 2613; passed Senate with amendment, Reported adversely, 361.

3271 ; concurred in, 3311; approyed, 8732. H. R. No. 143—

In Senate: Received from House, 2600; referred, 2622 ; reported, To regulate the selection of officers in the city of Washington. ||

.mp3818; enrolled, 3321.

2856; passed with amendment, 3241; concurred in by House, [By Mr. Ingersoll.] In Senate: Reported, 242; motion to take up, 889.

H. R. No. 201— H. R. No. 145–

Declaratory of the law in regard to officers cashiered or dismissed In relation to the district court of the United States for the northern

from the Army by the sentence of a general court-martial. district of Ohio.-[By Mr. Ashley, of Ohio.]

[By Mr. Garfield.] Indefinitely postponed by Senate, 4175.

Reported, 132; discussed, 132; recommitted, 134; reported and In Senate: Reported adversely and indefinitely postponed, 4093.

passed with title amended, 232; passed Senate, 3974; enrolled, H. R. No. 147

4002; approved, 4255. To prohibit the further reduction of the currency.-[By Mr.

In Senate: Received from House, 244; referred, 256; reported, 'Ingersoll.]

470; discussed, 1498 ; passed, 3956; enrolled, 3986, Committee discharged, 53.

H. R. No. 202H. R: No. 152

To create the office of surveyor general for the Territory of Utah, For the relief of the widow and children of Henry E. Morse.-[By

and establish a land office in said Territory, and extend the Mr. Poland.]

homestead and preëmption laws over the same.-{By Mr. Reported and passed, 733; passed Senate, 8836; enrolled, 8375;

: Hooper, of Utah.] approved, 3731.

Referred, 6, 11; reported, 2813; passed, 2814; passed Senate In Senate: Received from House, 731; referred, 764; reported,

with amendments, 3928; concurred in, 4090; enrolled, 4131; 1311; passed, 3316; enrolled, 3359.

approved, 4217. H. R. No. 1554

In Senate : Received from House, 2857; referred, 2860 ; referred

anew, 3629; reported, 3733 ; passed with amendments, 3874; Granting a certain right of way to the Hudson River West Shore

agreed to by House, 4095; enrolled, 4096.
Railroad Company:-[By Mr. Robinson.]
Reported and passed, 182, passed Senate, 152; enrolled, 155.

H. R. No. 203-
In Senate: Received from House and referred, 128; reported,

For the admission of Deseret into the Union.--[By Mr. Hooper, 145; passed, 145; enrolled, 151.

of Utah.]

Referred, 6.
E. R. No. 161-
To incorporate the congregation of the First Presbyterian church

H. B. No. 204–
of Washington.-[By Mr. Moorhead.)

* To extend the joint resolution giving additional compensation to Reported and passed, 131; passed Senate, 309; enrolled, 315.

certain employés in the civil service at Washington, approved In Senate: Received from House, 150; referred, 151; reported

February 28, 1867.- [By Mr. Logan.] and passed, 296, enrolled, 309.

Referred, 9. H. R. No. 170—

H. R. No. 2057 2. For the relief of Lucas and Diekinsoņ counties, in the State of I-- To provide for the payment of D. B. Allen & Co. for services Ohio.- [ By Mr. Dodge.]

in carrying the United States, mail.-[By Mr. Farnsworth.] Substitute reported and passed, 1703.

á 10 Referred, 9. In Senate: Received from House, 1702; referred, 1702.

H. R. No. 206H.R. No. 171

To establish a system of common schools for the District of is to amend an act passed April 10, 1866, for establishing rules Columbia -[By Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania.] and articles for the government of the armies of the United

4. Referred, 11.
States. [By Mr. Dodge.]

H. R. 2074
Reported adversely and tabled, 182.
H. R. No. 176

To provide for the exemption of cotton from internal tai. [By

Mr. Schenck.)
To amend an act entitled "An act to provide for carrying the

(10) Reported, 13; discussed, 18,
mails from the United States to foreign ports," approved

8, 27 passed, 36, passed March 25, 1864.-By Mr. Chilcott.

with amendments,

384; referred, 889; reported, 505; discussed, beenpsait 305 ; non-concurred in, 506 ; conference, 638, 648; conference

673 ; new conference, 694; report, approved,

agreed by
: , 674; , eleitetne

third conference, 742, 830; report, 895; agreed to by Senate
895; agreed to by House, 898, enrolled,

899; approved

987. ;

Senate: Received from House and referred, 38, concurred in by House, 3316; enrolled, 3321. H. R. No. 182

amendments, 358; non-concurred in by House, 500; called Extending the provisions of the act entitled "An act fixing the compensation for bailiffs and criers of the courts of the District #XO concurred in by Senate, 708 ; non-concárred in by House,

to by House, 674; new conference, 674, 677 ; report, 703 ; of Columbia." (By Mr. Randall 1: Reported adversely, 3818.

764; third conferenee, 7983 report, 8614 concurred in by Senate, 861; concurred in by House, 886, enrolled, 886.


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Dubigg, of Lyndon, Vermont, father of late First Lieutenant
Dennis Dubigg, of company M, first regiment Vermont
enrolled, 1434, approved, 4498.
In Senate: Received from House, 2925; referred, 2935; || 1. R. No. 287–
reported, 3814; passed, 4362; enrolled, 4442.

H. R. No. 208–

A. R. No. 220-
Extending the time for the completion of the Dubuque and Sioux ci. To perpetuate testimony iö the courts of the United Statese+[By

City railroad.-[By Mr. Hubbard, of Iowa.)
Referred, 51; reported, 540; printed, 641; discussed, 566 ;

--- Mr. Ferriss.)

Referred, 89. passed, 671 ; passed' Senate with amendments, 1280 şi called

H. R. No. 221-

up, 1427; passed, 1449; enrolled, 1458; approved, 1648.
In Senate: Received from House, 565, referred, 565; reported,

To establish certain post routes.-[By Mr. Churchill.]
721; referred anew, 5883 reported, 1070; discussed, 1257 ;

Referred, 89. passed with amendments, 1200; concurred in by House,

H. R. No. 2221442; enrolled, 1448

To amend the several acts relating to pensions. [By Mr. Welker.]

Referred, 89.
H. R. No. 209–
For the relief of Robert V. Keller, of Neosho, Missouri. – [By

H. R. No. 223–
Mr. Gravely.]

In relation to islands in the Great Miami river.-[By Mr. Laro:
Refered, 51.

17. st!

rence, of Ohio.] I to

Referred, 89; reported, 508; discussed, 508 ; passed, 509 ; passed ...] H. R. No, 210

Senate with amendment, 1045; concurred in, 1427; enrolled, To fund the interest-bearing debt of the United States and to

1455; approved, 1643. provide for a national tax thereon and the distribution of the In Senate: Received from House, 500; referred, 504 ; reported,

taxes collected to the several States, in lieu of State or local el

: : 721 ; passed with amendments, 1026 ; concurred in by House, taxation, and to provide a sinking fund for the payment of

1431; enrolled, 1443.
the public debt.[By Mr. Williams, of Indiana:]

H. R. No. 224
Referred, 61.

To charter the Washington and Cincinnati National Railroad H. R. No. 2114

Company.-[By Mr. Eggleston.]
To increase and fix the subsistence department of the Army. # [By Mr. Myers.)

tax Referred, 89;, reported and recommitted, 861.

H. R. No. 225--
Referred, 61.

Te establish a post route from Copley to New Portage, in Summit H. R. No. 212

county, Ohio.-[By Afr. Spalding.]
To amend an act entitled "An act to provide for the more efficient Referred, 89.
government of the rebel States," passed March 2, 1867, and

H. R. No: 226–
the several aets amendatory thereto. [By Mr. Paine.]
Referred, 61; committee discharged, referred apew, 1321

For the relief of Samuel McBride, a soldier of the war of 1812.

[By Mr. Arnell.) H. R. No. 213—

Referred, 89.
To sospend the farther reduction of the currency.--{By Mr. H. R. No: 227–

7. Schencki]

To exempt from taxation all manufactured goods where the product Reported, printed, and recommitted, 53; reported back, 69; discassed, 69; passed, 70; passed 'Senate with amendment,

produced or manufactured shall not exceed $5,000 per annum,

except certain manufactured articles specified.--[By Mr. 566; referred, 571 ; reported and non-concurred in: 593;

Williams, of Indiana.] conference, 642, 648; conference report, 671; agreed to by -- Referred, 89.

T 1
House, 671 ; agreed to by Senate, 690; enrolled, 691; not
returned, become a law, 986.

H. R. No. 228-
In Senate : Received from House and referred, 79; reported,

For the relief of Robert McCreary.--[By Mr. Kerr.)"
219; called up, 384; discussed, 407, 435, 472, 500, 504, 520 Referred, 89.
passed witā amendments, 687; 'disagreed to by House, 627 H. R. No. 229–
conference, 632, 652 ; report, 674; agreed to by House, 674; To regulate the compensation of assistant: assessors and assistant
agreed to by Senate, 674; enrolled, 678, 699.

collectors of internal revenue in certain cases.--[By Mr.

399 Kerr. 7 To facilitate the restoration of the late rebel States, and for other

Referred, 89. purposes. --[By Mr. Ashley, of Ohio.)

H. R. No. 230-
Referred, 58; motion to reconsider, 67; caned up, 264; discussed, i Granting a pension to Amelia Parsons, widow of Captain Nathan
264 ; passed, 267; title amended as below, 267.

Parsons, deceased. -[By Mr. Cook.].
Referred, 89.

To amend the act passeđ March 23, 1867, entitled "An act H. R. No. 231-

: SI? supplementary to an act to provide for the more efficient To establish certain post routes.--[By Mr. Cook.]

Referred, 89.
to facilitate the restoration thereof.--[By Mr. Stevens, of H. R. No. 232-

Passed Šenate with amendment, 1448; motion to take up, 1451 ;

To incorporate the Georgetown and Washington Canal and Sewer
Senate amendment concurred in, 1453; enrolled, 1460 ; not

Company.-[By Mr. Ingersoll.]
returned, &c., become a law, 1861.

Referred, 89; reported and recommitted, 688.
In Senate : Received
from House, 268; referred, 268 ; reported,

H. R. No. 2334
1204 ; discussed, 1288, 1311, 1410; passed with amendments,

To provide for the record of deeds in the clerk's office of district 1417; concurred in by House, 1442; enrolled, 1443.

and circuit courts, United States.--[By Mr. Washburne, of

Illinois. ] To fix the time for the election of Representatives and Delegates H. R. No. 234—,

Referred, 90. to the Congress of the United States. [By Mr. Ashley, of

To prevent the payment of certain clainas.--[By Mr. Washburne,

1 of Illinois. ]

Referred, 90; reported, postponed to January 24, and printed, Allowing pensions to soldiers or the widows of soldiers of the war

507; motion to reconsider, 540; discussed, 736, 782; passed,

783. Referred, 53, committee discharged, referred anew, 152.

246:51. In Senate: Received from House, 468 ; referted, 77884?

11. R. 'No, 235 To provide bounty for dames C. Hewett and six others, members

For the relief of Marie and Apollonia Hasendabel, of St. Louis, of company F, thirty-fifth New York volunteers.

-[By Mr.

Missouri.– [By Mr. Pile.]

Referred, 90; reported adversely, 312.
H. R. No. 236-

! Granting a pension to John A. Keck, late private in the third a pension of seventeen dollars per month to David

Missouri cavalry. [By Mr. Benjamin.] Referred, 90; substitute reported and passed, 785, passed - Senate with amendments, 3386; concurred in, 84773 enrolled,

.-1.,3484; approved, 8800, 389; reported and passed, 2908; passed Senate, 4394 ;

In Senate: Received from House, 781; referred, 764 - reported,

1311 ; passed with amendments, 8317, concurred in by House, 3466; enrolled, 3521.

i 11

erit 10 Quieting doubts in relation to the validity of the titles to four tracts

of land in the State of Missouri. - [By Ar. Newcomb.} 1.1994 Referred, 90 ;-substitute reported and passed, 2409

In Senate: Received from House, 2505; referred, 2506.

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H, R. No. 214

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H. R. No. 214

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H. R. No. 215–


Referred, 58; motion to reconsider, 67. H. R. No. 216–

of 1812. --[By Mr. Logan.)

H. R. No. 217–


Referred, 63. H. R, No. 218–


artillery.-[By Mr. Poland. Ja

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Referred, 89;

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H. R. No. 256% H. R. No. 238–

Granting a pension to George Troax, late a private in company H, To abolish the office of Assistant Treasurer of the United States, authorized by act of Congress, approved March 3, 1863.

first regiment Virginia volunteers.—[ By Mr. Hubbard, of

West Virginia.] [By Mr. Newcomb.]

Referred, 90; substitute reported and passed, 2909; passed Referred, 90.

Senate, 4394 ; enrolled, 4484; approved, 4498. H. R. No. 239—

In Senate: Received from House, 2925; referred, 2935; reported, Defining the acts granting lands to the State of Michigan to aid in

3814; passed, 4363; enrolled, 4442.
building a harbor and ship-canal at Portage Lake, Keweenaw

H. R. No. 257—
Point, Lake Superior, approved March 3, 1865, and July 3,

For the relief of James L. Dickerson.-[By Mr. Hubbard, of West 1866.-[By Mr. Driggs.]

Virginia.) Referred, 90.

Referred, 90; substitute reported, 733 ; passed, 784 ; passed H. R. No. 240—

Senate, 3336; enrolled, 3375; approved, 3731. To provide for the resumption of specie payment. [By Mr. In Senate: Received from House, 731 ; referred, 764; reported, Lynch.)

1311; passed, 3316, 3317; enrolled, 3359. Referred, 90; question of order, 91.

H. R. No. 258

For the relief of Mary B. Craig.-[By Mr. Hubbard, of West H. R. No. 241

Virginia.] To provide against undue expansions and contractions of the

Referred, 90 ; substitute reported and passed, 735; passed Senate, currency.-[By Mr. Lynch.] Referred, 90; motion to discharge committee, 216 ; disagreed

3336 ; enrolled, 3875; approved, 3781.

In Senate: Received from House, 731 ; referred, 764; reported, to, 217.

1311; passed, 3317; enrolled, 3359. H. R. No. 242

H. R. No. 259To amend the twelfth and thirteenth sections of an act making

To establish an additional land district in the Territory of appropriations for gundry civil expenses of the Government

Colorado.-[By Mr. Chilcott.] for the year ending June 30, 1867.--[By Mr. Buckland. ]

Referred, 90. Referred, 90.

H. R. No. 260_ H. R. No. 243

To furnish certain soldiers and sailors therein designated with To establish a post route from Greensburgh Cross Roads to West

honorable discharges.-[By Mr. Dodge.] Mill Grove, Ohio.-[By Mr. Buckland.]

Referred, 90; reported and tabled, 257; new bill (H. R. No. Referred, 90.

319) substituted, 257. H. R. No. 244

H. R. No. 261To authorize State authorities to tax non-interest-bearing United To establish post routes in the Territory of Idaho. -[By Mr. States notes.-[By Mr. Wilson, of Ohio.]

Holbrook.] Referred, 90; committee discharged, referred anew, 668.

Referred, 90. H. R. No. 245—

H. R. No. 262-
To grant a pension to Adam Carrell, of Gallipolis, Ohio.—[By Authorizing a survey of the southern boundary line of the
Mr. Wilson, of Ohio.]

Territory of Idabo.--[By Mr. Holbrook.]
Referred, 90.

Referred, 90.
H. R. No. 246—

H, R. No. 263– To grant a pension to Milton Anderson.-[By Mr. Loughridge.]

Amendatory of the organic aet of Idaho Territory by extending Referred, 90; reported and passed, 735; passed Senate, 3336;

the jurisdiction of justices of the peace.-[By Mr. Holbrook. enrolled, 3375; approved, 3731.

Referred, 90 ; reported, printed, and recommitted, 692; reported, In Senate: Received from House, 731 ; referred, 764; reported,

3618; passed, 3619.

In Senate : Received from House, 3630; referred, 3632. 1311; passed, 3316; enrolled, 3359.

H. R. No. 264H. R. No. 247–

To locate and establish an assay office in the Territory of Idabo.To prohibit the sale of the Cherokee lands in a body, and providing

[By Mr. Holbrook.]
for the sale thereof.-[By Mr. Loughridge.]
Referred, 90.

Referred, 90; reported, 1768; passed, 1769.

In Senate : Received from House,' 1782; referred, 1782; H. R. No. 248

reported, 1910. To grant land for the aid of common schools in the District of || H. R. No. 265—. Columbia.-[By Mr. Loughridge.]

To reimburse the people of the Territory of Idaho for losses Referred, 90; reported adversely, 2812.

sustained by Indian depredations and for moneys expended H. R. No. 249–

in protecting their property against hostile Indians.-[By Mr. To amend an aot entitled "An act to establish a uniform system of

Holbrook.] bankruptcy throughout the United States," approved March

Referred, 91.
2, 1867.- [By Mr. Paine.]

H. R. No. 266
Referred, 90.

To reimburse the citizens of Wasco, Umatilla, Union, Grant, and H. R. No. 250–

Baker counties for losses sustained by Indian depredations. — To amend the bankrupt act. - [By Mr. Paine. ]

[By Mr. Holbrook.] Referred, 90.

Referred, 91; reported, 361.

H. R. No. 267-
H. R. No. 251–
For the relief of John Gestiger.—[By Mr. Sawyer.]

To declare forfeited to the United States certain lands granted to
Referred, 90.

aid in the construction of railroads in the States of Alabama,

Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.—[By Mr. Julian.] H. R. NO. 252–

Reported and recommitted, 95; motion to reconsider, 117; To amend an act entitled "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act

discussed, 310; postponed to January 14, 312; called up, to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from

673; discussed, 694; called up,784; discussed, 806, 833, 834, the Missouri river to the Pacific ocean.'"-[By Mr. Washburn,

836, 837, 838, 844, 870; notice, 967; discussed, 970, 979, of Wisconsin. )

984; passed, 985. Referred, 90.

In Senate : Received from House, 984; referred, 267; reported H. R. No. 2534

and recommitted, 3146.
Granting a pension to Ellen M. Stansbury.-[By Mr. Donnelly.]

H. R. No. 2684
Referred, 90.

To provide for the distribution of the reward offered by the H. R. No. 254—

President for the capture of Jefferson Davis.-[By Mr. To amend an act entitled "An act to provide for the more efficient

Paine.] government of the rebel States, and to facilitate restoration,

Referred, 97.
passed March 2, 1867.-[By Mr. Windom.]

H. R. No. 269
Referred, 90; reported and referred anew, 668.

For the relief of Charles Pitcher.-[By Mr. Cook.]
H. R. No. 255–

Referred, 105; reported and passed, 1503.
For the relief of the heirs of James S. Porter, late of Hancock

In Senate : Received from House, 1497; referred, 1498. county, West Virginia.--[By Mr. Hubbard, of West Virginia.]

H. R. No. 270—
Referred, 90; reported and passed, 3762.

To provide for the sealing of scales, weights, and balances used
In Senate:- Received from House, 8770; referred, 3771; referred

by national banks, pavy-yards, and custom-houses.-[By Mr. Anew, 3988.

Hooper, of Massachusetts. ]
Referred, 105.

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